Kiddie vax benefits youth AND adults, Scott admin doctors say

Pediatrician Dr. Rebecca Bell

By Guy Page

Given the non-lethality of Covid-19 among children, critics of the vaccine say it is unnecessary and dangerous. They are asking why it’s been approved for ‘Emergency Use Authorization’ for children ages 5-11. Is it for their benefit , or to prevent transmission to more vulnerable adults?

Vermont has had zero Covid-19 fatalities under the age of 20, and only one under 30. Also, According to data published by the CDC, 99.99815% of children who contract COVID-19 survive. Children are not a significant threat to the elderly and vulnerable as most COVID cases are spread from adults to children

“Accumulating evidence and collective experience argue that children, particularly school-aged children, are far less important drivers of SARSCoV-2 transmission than adults,” Dr. William Razcka of the UVM College of Medicine said in an August, 2020 paper in the American Academy of Pediatrics (AA) journal. 

As for being dangerous, according to the data available from the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) as of Oct. 8, there have been a total of 21,652 reports of adverse events, including 1,304 serious reactions and 24 deaths in the 12- to 17-year-old age group, according to data collected by Health Choice Vermont.

With these facts in mind, the Chronicle asked Gov. Phil Scott and his medical experts at the Nov. 2 press conference whether the push to vaccinate young children is for their benefit, or for others’. The discussion begins at about the two hour, nine-minute mark.

Chronicle: “Polls say that more than a third of parents won’t let their children age 5-11 get vaccinated, and Vermont has zero childhood fatalities from Covid 19. I understand what Dr. [and president of VT AAP Rebecca] Bell said about vaccination being beneficial absent any public health benefit all on its own, but is it also fair to say that reducing potential transmission to adults is the most important reason for the state’s aggressive push to vaccinate young children?”

“I’d say it’s a combination,” Scott said. He then asked Health Dept. Commissioner Dr. Mark Levine and Bell to weigh in. 

Levine: “There are multiple reasons, and I think we both cited reasons why it would be good for the kids themselves, why it would be good for the parents of the kids and the family unit, and yes additionally there are public health benefits in reducing transmission which is often from an asymptomatic young kid about 40 or 50 percent of the time – from some literature –  to adults and keeping the virus from spreading throughout our communities.

“I would not want anyone to get the impression that there’s one reason, and that’s it, and one reason trumps another reason, because these are all important reasons and I’ll let Dr. Bell pipe in.” 

Pipe in, she did.  

Bell: “I would say the important thing about this is that they are really complementary. So there are great public health reasons to vaccinate and there are great individual reasons to vaccinate and for sure we pediatricians have really worried about some of the other harmful effects on children that the pandemic has brought – loss of a parent or another caregiver to Covid-19 illness, the disruptions in in-person learning, the isolation that has occurred, all of that is hugely problematic and affects children’s health and well-being.

“But what parents want to know, is my child who lives in Vermont who’s between 5 and 11 years of age, should they get the vaccine? And I want to be very clear that they should, that the benefits of vaccination outweigh any risk and that although the severity of Covid illness in children is lower when you compare it to adults, it still exists and we want to prevent it. We don’t tolerate serious illness or death in children when we can prevent it.  

“From a pediatrician’s standpoint we give very personalized and individualized recommendations, and this would be my recommendation for each child in this age group in Vermont. In addition Dr. Levine can talk about all of the other great public health benefits that vaccination has as well. So they complement each other.”

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  1. That conversation between Bell and Levine was devoid of all science…Medical that is…Certainly no political.

    • I wish you could edit your own comments here for spelling corrections and grammatical errors once posted.

      • Ralph, I compose in MS Word and paste the finished comment after edits and spell checks.

  2. Giving your children this mRNA gene therapy drug will destroy their natural immune system. Making your child into a GMO organism is not wise. They need to develop their own immunities…let them get dirty and eat boogers… let them play outside. Do not listen to the so called experts… they are dancing with the devil.

  3. So three people were asked a question and three people didn’t answer the question. “Just do it bc I say so” is their answer.

  4. One question, never answered… Long term risks to those 5-11 year olds?
    The Scott and Levine show is strong on data about children’s risk to SARS-CoV-2,
    a little too quiet on long term risk.
    You decide what risk is worth taking- on behalf of your child. Scott and Levine shouldn’t.
    Your right to choose- carefully- is more important that any ‘right’ government or society has to force you into a bad decision. It’s that ‘personal responsibility’ thing Scott keeps
    talking about. Goes two ways, Phil.

  5. I appreciate VT Daily pushing questions on this issue. But the hour is getting late and the questions need to be more pointed. For inspiration, just look at Children’s Health Defense’s ten-point take-down of the rationale for vaccinating children:

    Or reference the growing list of world-class athletes who are falling by the wayside because of the shots. These are out canaries in the coal mine. Remind public health officials of that:

  6. Why does she keep referring to herself as “we”? Does she speak for ALL “pediatricians” or have a mouse in her pocket?

  7. tHIS IS SO SCARY. My Children are adults now 30-40ish and back then there were not a boatload of vaccines like now…..and I must admit I was choosy as I felt strongly natural immunity important to allow and I was mostly at home; with other mom helpers who babysat as needed. Now the vaccines so early, so many..Scare me. Giving children this Covid Vac is even more scary…… an experiment ..or so it seems to me…..wish I could just hide out till its all over..

  8. They will mandate this in the public schools. For this, and so many other reasons, if you can, get your kids out of the public schools!
    At what point are they going to walk this back and say, “Sorry we were wrong. Trump’s vaccine is killing and crippling people. If you haven’t taken it, dont. If you have, follow this new plan to help with your vaccine related health aliments. It was wrong to bribe, shame and liberty punish those that were opposed. Its going to be almost impossible to ever regain public trust but this is our first step in that process.” They know theyve gone too far and will never, never do this no matter how many people the gene therapy shots kill. They will just continue to hide and manipulate data with the help of most of the media outlets and our country will quietly turn into a giant snowball headed to hell.

  9. Crimes against humanity. Anyone with a heart or soul should feel and see who wrong this is – how wrong it has been, and how wrong it will be. No other way to describe these people – they are Satan’s Army. The level of demonic influence that has inflitrated so many segments of society is staggering. High time to put on that armor of God and pray, pray, pray He will deliver justice to these demonic forces.