Kayaker charged as coke dealer

The alleged kayaking coke dealer faces federal charges that could land him a minimum of five years in jail.

Freddy Rodriguez, 38, of West Warwick, Rhode Island, has been charged by criminal complaint with possession with intent to distribute cocaine. Rodriguez initially appeared in federal court September 20, and a detention hearing was delayed until September 25. Rodriguez was released on conditions of pretrial supervision at the conclusion of the hearing on September 25.

According to court documents, federal agents encountered Rodriguez behind a rented camp in Highgate, Vermont the night of September 18 into September 19. Agents observed Rodriguez walking to the shore of Lake Champlain at 12:05 am carrying a bag. 

After agents received notice that a vessel had entered the United States on the lake traveling south near the camp’s location, they saw Rodriguez transfer objects from his bag into a kayak, and began to drag the kayak into the water. When agents confronted him, Rodriguez unsuccessfully tried to flee. 

The objects Rodriguez had loaded into the kayak were brick-like objects wrapped in black cellophane-style packaging containing a white powder that tested presumptively positive for the presence of cocaine. The packages and their contents weighed 12.2 kilograms (approximately 26.4 pounds).

Rodriguez faces a five year minimum sentence if convicted. 

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  1. Let’s see who he rats out! The guy he bought it from or the person on the ship! Either way I hope he is a dead man walking!

  2. Sounds like some great police work done here. More of such will help reestablish the trust that has been lost in federal law enforcement as the result of the weaponization of the DOJ and FBI against political opponents of the Biden dictatorship.

    Speaks poorly of the judiciary, however, and their revolving door policy of catch and release. The good police work catches them, and some lenient judge releases them. This guy tried to flee from those officers and there was a foreign vessel involved in his scheme. What more did this judge need to hold this villain pending trial and punishment?

    Suggestion to the writer of the article. Put the name of the judge on ill-considered decision to release before trial and punishment. I am sure this drug dealer will be a good boy from now on, and won’t prey on the addicted from now on? Sure!