Kaigle behind bars

Matthew Kaigle of Burlington, who police say has been involved in multiple incidents this year, and who fled police trying to arrest him Sept. 1, has been arrested, arraigned, and is now being held pending trial, police say.

On 8 pm September 2, Burlington Police Department officers were investigating a suspicious event at 165 Shelburne Road when they saw Kaigle in the area. Kaigle was arrested without incident and charged with Aggravated Assault, Simple Assault, Resisting Arrest, and Escape. He was transported to Northwest State Correctional Facility (NWSCF). Kaigle was arraigned on September 3 and was ordered held without bail pending further court proceedings.

Kaigle was being sought by BPD for allegedly assaulting a construction flagger near Flynn Avenue on September 1. According to witnesses, during the same incident Kaigle brandished a large hunting knife and threatened to stab other employees. Burlington police on September 1 decided to not pursue Kaigle “due to his unpredictable violent history,” police said.

Police say Kaigle assaulted a black man in Battery Park July 31, the latest in a string of assaults. Despite having four open charges against him, he has not been incarcerated. With him on the street, “unfortunately the victims did not want to cooperate with Police due to fear of retaliation from Kaigle,” police said.

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  1. So he was allowed to escape because someone has decided that apprehending the perpetrator of a crime at the scene of said crime is more dangerous than allowing him to remain at large for a couple of more days ? What if ??? Who would have been held responsible ? The Police Officer, the City Council ? You know it would not have been the perpetrator because, mom, dad, his school, the gun…….

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