Juveniles who stole gun of man arrested for negligent firearms storage were “just visiting”

Not a home break-in, police say

By Guy Page

Many Vermont Daily Chronicle readers have wondered what the two youths were doing inside Joshua Kruml’s Fair Haven home when they took the firearm that resulted in Kruml’s arrest for negligent firearms storage. Several commenters said they thought that a locked door constitutes safe gun storage.

VDC contacted investigating officer Corporal Edward Hunter today and asked if they had broken into the house, or if they lived in the house. His answer: neither. The two juveniles were “just visiting,” he said.

Kruml could face up to a year in jail if convicted of negligent firearms storage, the crime for which he was arrested November 2. Fair Haven police say that on October 1, a firearm was reported stolen from the home of Kruml, age 46. A few days later, the firearm was recovered and two juveniles were charged. 

Kruml was arrested after police determined he had failed to properly store the weapon as required by state law. “Police learned Kruml allegedly left the firearm on a shelf with open access to the juveniles, which allowed them to steal the weapon,” Cpl. Edward Hunter, the investigating officer, wrote in a police report. 

Kruml was arrested and issued a citation to appear in Rutland District court to answer the charge. 

The law states that “a person who stores or keeps a firearm within any premises that are under the person’s custody or control, and who knows or reasonably should know that a child or prohibited person is likely to gain access to the firearm, shall be imprisoned not more than one year or fined not more than $1,000.00, or both, if a child or prohibited person gains access to the firearm and uses it in the commission of a crime or displays it in a threatening manner.”

Had the gun been used to injure or kill someone, Kruml would have been liable to up to five years and/or a $5,000 fine, which could lead to being “imprisoned not more than five years or fined not more than $5,000.00, or both, if a child or prohibited person gains access to the firearm and uses it to cause death or serious bodily injury to any person.”

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  1. I have a t-shirt with an AR-15 on it that says, This Is A Tool – I Am The Weapon. Since any tool can be used as a weapon it is the person that uses the tool that really is the weapon. So, if Mr. Krumel is to be charged with “improper storing of a weapon” and we really know that the human is the weapon then shouldn’t this judge be charged with the “improper storing of a weapon.

    This judge acted the same way Mr. Krumel did, he failed to properly store a “human weapon”.

    And what about the VT State Trooper who did not properly secure his firearm?

    Libtard Logic 101: Inanimate items cause crime or How To BS People To Take Away Their Rights

    • I’ll never forget when that guy massacred those school kids with a hammer from 60 feet away lol

      • I guess I’ve forgotten about this massacre…was it really that funny?! LOL!

  2. Even with the further discription of the incident, I still at the very least see a miscarriage of justice, where the victim of a robbery is transformeed into an accomplice or the perpetrator in the crime. If these “kids” stole anything but a firearm they would have been charged accordingly, and the victim would have been seen as just that, the victim. How long will it be before the victim of a carjacking is arrested because the carjacker ran over a pedestrian while fleeinging in his stolen car ? Where does this legislating by fear end ? The disengenuous legislators who write, and pass peice of crap legislation such as this need to face consequences for their actions . When their legislation is ruled unconstitutional, with the reasonable knowledge that the legislation was known to be unconstitutional when introduced, they should be immediately censured, and an investigation into the overreach conducted. If found guilty of overreach, the guilty legislator should be relieved of his/her position, and forbidden from running for or holding public office again. JMO

  3. This the increasing direction Vermont is headed when the Republican Committee will not recruit electable candidates! Is a universally rejected, party platform worth sending innocent citizens to jail?

  4. It’s not just Vermont that is heading in this BizzaroWorld direction….the entire planet is off their rockers! But in reality, that isn’t so. It just feels like it is. A vast majority of citizens of the US are center/right of center. They live in the flyover states, the rural areas and work hard for a living, pay their taxes, try to raise a family and care for their parents when the time comes.
    Now, we Vermonters do live in BizzaroWorld because we are surrounded by trust fund aging hippies and flatlanders who brought their politics with them when the left “the city”. It is a Tyranny of the Minority in the rest of the world. We are led to believe that small portion of brainwashed individuals run the place. Well, because we have no clear leadership and one who might be considered a leader is busy facing a lot of court time, we are adrift. We need a Giorgia Meloni type. A Dominik Tarczynski type.
    If people want to get things done, you have to hire a blue-collar worker and put him/her in office. Otherwise, the politician is there to flap their gums, make nice with the constituents and get re-elected. The blue-collar worker wants to do the job and move on.
    We need a real leader, not a politician. Just my humble opine.

    • “A vast majority of citizens of the US are center/right of center. They live in the flyover states”

      Pam, this couldn’t be further from the truth. More people live in Los Angeles county than in 40 states. I agree with you that no one works harder than an American, but to stereotype that person as a rural person from flyover country is a tad dated. I worked 68 hours this week IN VERMONT and fun fact, the highest percentages of people on disability not working come from, you guessed it, red states. So maybe don’t disparage your fellow Vermonters so much because its getting old and your bias is showing.

      • Dear Chris,
        Let me share an important piece of vital information with you.
        Not everything is about you Chris.
        And I have the data, copious amounts of it to prove my statement…. otherwise, I wouldn’t have made it. Nice try. Now run along, go back to work. Thank you so much for sharing your two cents.

      • Wow – 68 hours of labor in a week? Isn’t living in Vermont affordable and great! So much leisure time to attend to your health and wellness. Vermont where a balanced home/work lifestyle is the goal! The Master most appreciates your indebted servitude. Carry on!

      • Melissa, I’m my own master who made $125k last year, someone in this state has to pay for the people all the elderly and unemployed in this state that have time to post all day. How much did you make last year? No one as concerned about the New World Order such as myself has to worry about my mental health. Thanks, tho

      • I will pass on boasting or lamenting publically about my personal status because no one cares and it doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. I do find it interesting you work to care for the elderly? Did they not work 40-50 years to ensure they could care for themselves? Did you just expose the giant ponzi scheme by accident? Condemning the unemployed is painting with a wide brush – considering the number of people receiving pink slips due to the imploding economy…hope you don’t suffer the same misfortunate rug pull. Carry on!

  5. The only thing this stupid law successfully accomplishes is to discourage anyone from reporting a stolen personal firearm from now on. And, once this becomes common knowledge, the break-ins and thefts of guns will increase with the bad guys knowing full well the owners will never report them. Stolen guns will flow through the streets, unreported. Way to go Montpelier.

    • Yup. And then they can say we have a gun problem, and need to get rid of the right to self defense. It’s classic communist anarcho-tyranny.

      • They will do it step by step. They will then argue a need to identify the used and unreported firearm by pushing for registration. To track the serial numbers right back to the citizen who had the firearm stolen.

        And, registration is the gateway to eventual mass confiscation.

  6. I could understand the responsibility of keeping guns out of the reach of young children, but juveniles? Come on. This is the stuff you need to wash off your boots when walking in the bull yard.