Juvenile semi-auto ban removed from Senate bill

by Guy Page and Tim Page

The Senate Judiciary Committee this morning removed from a controversial gun control bill a clause that would have prohibited semi-automatic firearms possession under age 21. 

The committee vote was unanimous to remove the juvenile gun ban in S4, “reducing crimes of violence associated with juveniles and dangerous weapons.” Gun rights advocates presented an argument that the law – or at least that part of it – would be struck down in federal court. 

“To proceed with forward motion….will be moving in the direction that is or should be known to be in direct conflict with the ruling of the highest court in this country, and will unquestionably be in conflict with the oath of office that every legislator takes,” said a statement submitted to Senate Judiciary by the Vermont Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs. 

Other bills in committees this week include:

H40 – faking contraception, would prohibit the nonconsensual removal or tampering of a sexually protective device,  establishing the offense as a criminal misdemeanor” and liable for civil damages.  

h148 – banning 16-17 year old marriage (see news story in today’s edition.)

H259 – requires every school district adding two students to every school board as non-voting members. 

H165 – universal free school meals.

H92 – collection of unemployment after quitting job

H126 – 50% conservation of total land area by 2050

H66 – paid family and medical leave 

H89 – shield law for abortion, transgender service providers

H158 – expand Bottle Bill

S32 – ranked choice voting in presidential primary 

S. 36 – Arrest without warrant for health care worker assault

 S. 3 – Prohibits paramilitary training camps

S. 4 – Juvenile gun control

S. 37 – Protections for abortion and gender-reassignment

S. 56 – Public preschool and other childcare, education changes

Schedule for All Vermont Legislature Committees this week: Click on Committee name for Zoom links. Agenda listings top-line only, not inclusive. Click here to see the complete weekly schedule of all committees on one page. Click here for list of all committees and links to their bills, members and contact information. 

House Agriculture, Food Resiliency, and Forestry

H. 165 – Requires public schools to serve free meals

Future of Agriculture

FY24 Budget

House Appropriations

FY24 Budget

House Commerce and Economic Development

H. 10 – Create VEGI oversight board

H. 121 – Affords data privacy protections

H. 217 – Sets the contribution rate for Workers’ Compensation fund

H. 55 – Unemployment insurance amendments

House Corrections and Institutions

Governor’s FY24 – FY25 Capital Budget Proposal

H. 102 – Amends the Art in State Buildings Program

Chittenden Regional Correctional Facility

State House Expansion

House Education

H. 209 – Expands choice of public elementary schools in supervisory union

H. 259 – Requires select school boards to add student members

H. 245 – Provides tuition assistance for foster-care, kinship-care youth

H. 258 – Requires school districts to designate public high school, elementary school, special ed facilities

23-0927 – Establishes strategic goals and reporting requirements for the Vermont State Colleges

House Environment and Energy


H. 126 – 50% of all Vermont land in conservation by 2050

H. 158 – Expands the beverage container redemption system

House General and Housing

H. 276 – Creates a rental housing registry

H. 196 – Wages on State construction projects

H. 218 – Requires good cause for termination of employment

H. 114 – Restricts electronic monitoring of employees and automated HR decisions

H. 111 – Amends housing investment and regulation

H. 157 – Vermont basic needs budget

House Government Operations and Military Affairs

H. 270 – Further deregulates and legalizes cannabis

23-0705 – Miscellaneous changes to election laws

H. 140 – Database of state grants to municipalities

H. 105 – Create $3 mil disaster fund

23-0907 – Miscellaneous changes to law enforcement officer training laws

House Health Care

23-0859 – Extends COVID-19 health care regulatory flexibility

H. 230 – Reduce suicide by reducing “access to lethal means”

Governor’s Proposed FY2024 Budget

House Human Services

Governor’s Proposed FY2024 Budget

H. 112 – Ensures coverage for opiate abuse treatment

H. 241 – Defines policies for recovery residences

H. 222 – Expands legal med-assisted treatment for opioid addiction

H. 94 – Reach Up

H. 171 – Amends adult protective services

House Judiciary

H. 40 – Makes contraceptive tampering a crime

H. 288 – Requires financial literacy as part of a High School Diploma

H. 148 – Raises the marriageable age to 18

H. 227 – Enacts the Vermont Uniform Power of Attorney Act

H. 27 – Coercive controlling behavior basis for abuse order

H. 41 – Domestic-/sex-assault cases referred to community justice centers

House Natural Resources, Fish & Wildlife

Not yet published

House Transportation

Governor’s Proposed FY2024 Budget

Vermont State Standards Update (Act 184 of 2022, Section 19)

23-0157 – Transportation Program and miscellaneous changes to laws related to transportation

House Ways and Means

H. 87 – Access to wages before payday

H. 67 – Manufacturers pay for household hazardous products collection

H. 127 – Legalize sports betting

H. 76 – Regulating captive insurance companies

H. 66 – Mandated family and medical leave insurance

H. 238 – Defines Renter Credit program, Landlord Certificate requirements

Senate Agriculture

23-0138 – Protection from nuisance suits against farming

23-0760 – An act relating to miscellaneous agricultural subjects

Small Farms Day

Organic Dairy Farm Crisis

Senate Appropriations

This agenda has not yet been published

Senate Economic Development, Housing, and General Affairs

Omnibus Housing Bill

S. 19 – Tobacco prohibitions

S. 49 – Enhances genetic and consumer health information privacy

S. 23 – Prohibits certain forms of discrimination

Senate Education

S. 56 – Public preschool and other childcare, education changes

SNAP Program

Universal School Meals

School Safety Policy Initiative

23-0909 – Miscellaneous changes to education law

Senate Finance

S. 83 – Allows State education property tax to be used for infrastructure

S. 35 – Hartford’s infrastructure financing

S. 45 – Establishes elective income tax on pass-through businesses

S. 60 – Authorizes municipal adoption of local option taxes

S. 69 – Creates property tax surcharge on second homes

S. 68 – Expands tax deduction for student loan payments

Senate Government Operations

S. 9 – State Auditor examining State contractor records

S. 75 – Enpowers towns to create civilian oversight of law enforcement

S. 88 – Allows South Hero to adopt a local option tax

S. 32 – Ranked-choice voting for presidential primary elections

Senate Health and Welfare

S. 37 – Protections for abortion and gender-reassignment

S. 56 – Public preschool and other childcare, education changes

 S. 18 – Flavored-tobacco ban

S. 36 – Permits arrest without a warrant

Senate Institutions

Governor’s FY24 – FY25 Capital Budget Proposal

Senate Judiciary

S. 27 – Reducing usage of cash bails 

S. 33 – Miscellaneous judiciary procedures

S. 16 – Exceptions for clergy

S. 72 – Lifts the potency limits on cannabis products

S. 89 – Establishes a forensic facility, allows involuntary psych treatment

Senate Natural Resources and Energy

S. 80 – Various environmental, conservation law changes

S. 81 – Creates program to reduce Chloride water contamination

S. 82 – Studies the impacts of PFAS leaching from landfills

Senate Transportation

S. 64 – Regulates loud exhaust, idling, child restraints. Bike lanes required

S. 48 – Regulating sale of catalytic converters

S. 77 – Charges GPS navigation providers for drivers violating Smugglers’ Notch winter closure

23-0178 – An act relating to miscellaneous changes to laws related to vehicles

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  1. Interesting. H.259 will create an unelected position on school boards for under 18’s with all the privileges of elected members including pay; but who will be prohibited from marrying (H. 48), or voting until age 18; who can legally have abortions and gender reassignment surgery by providers who are protected from lawsuits by detransitioners (H.89) and (S.37); who can serve in the military as young as 17 with parental permission; but can’t purchase a gun until reaching age 21 depending on how Baruth and others monkey with S.4. Tends to make one’s head spin. Can’t help but wonder when they’ll propose a bill eliminating parental authority.

  2. Still waiting for H-71 to come to committee – – Veteran discharged disable but not allow a Veteran disability plate in Vermont because Vermont doesn’t recognize the person as being a Veteran but the government does. The law has to be tweaked and that’s what H-71 does. Dems are on a roll for everything they want but I see hardly any lot of bills put up by Republicans getting any work done on them

  3. This is all by design…. a warning shot that will reappear at a future time, assuming the same crowd prevails at calling the shots in the Legislature down the road a ways. When reappearance is made, it will be for real, no more warning. With a few more critical changes in some offices in State Government, such as Governor, executive orders would save a lot of time in accomplishing what the loons of the left are really up to. Just think about that for a minute or two. Unconstitutional?? So What!! It will take a long time for the courts to do their thing, if certain cases are ever heard at all!! Meanwhile………..
    This is all for real folks, count your Blessings now!! It may be now or never.

  4. How on Earth is H40 going to be enforced? Her word against his? Is the “removal or tampering of a sexually protective device,” some huge problem I’ve never heard about? I dare say that women lying about their fertility in order to “get that man to commit,” is a much more common occurrence, if Oprah is anything to go by, and comes with a side order of indentured servitude for 18-22 years. Also, ladies, stop sleeping with guys you hardly know and stuff like this won’t happen, if it really even does. Sheesh. This Congress is giddy with dumb laws!

    • Maybe males ought to be giving your same advice to their SONS??? Again, last I heard, it still takes two to create life. Perhaps if dudes would come to the realization (if Christian) – that Jesus directed every MAN (and woman) to be sexually moral at all times & to NEVER be promiscuous – unwanted pregnancies wouldn’t occur. If fathers therefore taught their SONS to keep their own drawers up, and to stop believing the man-made fairytale that it’s only a women’s job to refuse to engage in sexual activity prior to being physically/mentally/spiritually/financially mature and responsible, circumstances might be different.

      Further, in most cases within divorce proceedings, estates are largely split 50/50 and in some cases over the decades, women have been ordered to pay alimony, split retirement plans & funds, and pay child support. Though you or others you know who are men may have personally been considered the “advantaged party” by the courts, females today are admitted, as but one example, into colleges, and thereafter medical and veterinary schools (professions often associated with higher paying opportunities) at higher rates than are their male counterparts, so perhaps assuming that men are always at the losing end of a divorce is simply incorrect.

      And btw, just as it takes two to create life, it almost always takes two to destroy a marriage. That is unless of course unless one considers oneself to be ever so utterly perfect and flawless, and that’s in and of itself is very unbecoming. Maybe even “divorce worthy”?

    • Didn’t your own mother and/or father provide you with some 18 to 22 years of “indentured servitude”? Or as many parents I know consider it: love, imparting morals. ethics, & knowledge, teaching respect & charity, being a gateway for imbuing faith, learning responsibility and developing maturity, etc. And if any male is so intent upon not wishing to accept responsibility for his OWN actions and never wants to father a baby: try some method of birth control yourselves – or just keep your hands – and other parts – out of trouble and other unmentionables – at all times.

      • You’re flat out wrong that divorce is a 50/50 proposition and I invite you to investigate on your own. Men pay alimony 97% of the time, and get custody 15% of the time. Of that 15%, 7% of the time the wife is in jail or a no show. Of that small remaining percent, men still get child support at a vastly lower rate. Women file 80-90% of all divorces and the single most common reason is simple dissatisfaction. They are financially incentivized by the payouts & lack of consequences, and also by pop culture find-yourself-girl divorce porn. The plain fact is that the family courts are greatly stacked against men, mostly because the state gets a cut of the payments. I know tons of guys who’ve been financially wrecked by divorce and not a single woman.

        And regardless, you missed my point entirely. I’m saying that women lie about their fertility quite commonly, and that this law is hypocritical on that point. As for indentured servitude, of course that is not how I view parenthood. But that is how I view what happens to men, and men only, when women lie about their fertility to entrap a man or worse, as the NBA famously had to warn players, steal used condoms or even cheek oral deposits in order to cash in on some guy’s wealth. There have been multiple cases of 13 & 14 year old boys, statutorily raped by women, (usually teachers, and this is also disturbingly common,) who were forced to pay child support, including for previous years, upon turning 18. All of these things are more common than “condom stealthing.” By far. And I don’t know why you think I wouldn’t warn my sons about it, because you’re right. It certainly takes two.