Just Now: Gov Scott hints at drive-in churches

Gov. Phil Scott just hinted that Vermont may soon allow drive-in church services. Moments ago at his press conference today, he noted that as the State “reopens the spigot a quarter turn at a time,” drive-in movies might be making a comeback. Then he said many states in the southern part of the country “have drive-in religious services….who knows what will happen in the future?”

Also, Dept. of Labor acting commissioner Michael Harrington said the unemployment call-center lines receive up to 600,000 “pings” a day, and that some Vermonters have reported calling 200-300 times a day trying to get unemployment insurance.

Under questioning from Mike Donoghue of the Islander, Harrington said he himself has not taken any call center calls, nor has he taken up any legislators on their offers to answer calls. Call center work requires extensive training, he said. When the pandemic started DOL employed 15 call center workers, there are now over 70. 100 other employees are at working trying to clear the backlog.

Gov. Scott said that any qualified recipient who doesn’t receive payment in the next few days will receive a $1200 check from the State of Vermont – in addition to any federal payment.

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  1. Where is the money to fund this coming from? Vermont can’t print it like the Fed’s!

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