Jummai Nache not part of mainstream media coverage of Covid-19

Jummai Nache – photos from gofundme page

By Guy Page

A Minneapolis black woman has suffered a double below-the-knee amputation, and now faces the certain amputation of her hands as well. She and her husband, both missionaries from Nigeria, suspect her bloodclots and cardiomyopathy were precipitated by a Covid-19 shot – required by the clinic employing her as a medical assistant. 

Vermont news media are quick to cover national stories about vaccine skeptics dead or dying of Covid. Just yesterday News5 carried a photo of a young Oklahoma City man on a ventilator, with her wife pleading with readers to set aside the skepticism and get the shot. “When the shots came out, my husband, and even myself, were like dead-set, like, no, we don’t need the shot,” she said. 

However, the plight of Jummai Nache has not appeared in any U.S. or international media, except the U.K.’s Daily Mail  and a string of “conservative” online news sites, such as the Western Journal. A news search on the websites of major Minnesota media – the Star Tribune, the Twin Cities Pioneer Press, Minnesota Public Radio – yielded plenty of coverage on the governor agreeing with Pres. Biden to incentivize vaccine shots. 

Not a word about Jummai Nache, though. As far as those media outlets are concerned, she doesn’t exist.

Instead, the source of this information is a gofundme page sponsored by the Minnesota-Wisconsin Baptist Convention. The woman, Jummai Nache, is a native of Nigeria brought to Minneapolis with her husband, Philip, to minister to the large African population in the Twin Cities. 

On the gofundme page, her husband says she was instructed to take the Covid-19 vaccine by one of the clinics where she worked as a medical assistant. Two days after receiving her second Pfizer shot on Feb. 1, she began experiencing chest pains. Three days later she went to the local Urgent Care. 

“She took a covid-19 test and the next day was confirmed positive,” Philip said. “Jummai and I were shocked when we received the result that she was covid-19 positive because she had not manifested any symptom before taking the shot. But we later accepted that perhaps, the virus and the vaccine together contributed to the adverse reaction on her body based on the report of the Infectious Disease physician that Jummai was asymptomatic.”

A nightmarish medical experience followed: Arterial blood clot, Respiratory distress—ventilator, Cardiomyopathy, Anemia, Damage to fingers of both hands and toes of both feet, ischemia, and MIS-Multiple Inflammatory Syndrome.

At the request of the hospital’s infectious disease doctor, the CDC studied her case in depth and then sent the couple a letter saying “they cannot conclude whether the covid-19 vaccine contributed for now.”

“I have also appreciated God’s grace of healing her from the life-threatening impact of the vaccine/Covid-19 destruction, but it has required high risk surgeries for amputation of both legs (below the knees),” Philip said. “When those are healed, she is yet to undergo amputations at both hands.” 

“My experience on this journey has been so difficult but I can’t imagine the excruciating pain mentally, physically and emotionally that my wife is going through,” her husband continued. “I can only equate her experience and challenge with Job’s experience and trial in the sense that the challenges have come in degrees, one after another.”

You can read more about it at the fundraising page published by Minnesota-Wisconsin Baptist Convention’s page, “Fundraiser for Jummai Nache’s Medical Expenses.”

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  1. That is just so sad. So avoidable as well. I’m not sure of her age but she looks young; highly unlikely to have had a bad time with Covid. So what now? She’s disabled for life and the pharmaceutical companies get to waltz away.

  2. These are experimental death shots! They are NOT vaccines! This poor woman. I pray for her and so many, many others who are so blind they cannot see the Truth and are caught-up in this terrible, diabolical scheme to kill millions of Americans in the most tragic, terrible ways! There is NO liability for the manufacturers or the Pharmaceutical Companies under the PREP Act of 2005. But, businesses, schools, colleges, municipalities, local governments, can all be SUED! All the Main Stream Media (WPTZ, MyChamplainValley, etc.) are complicit in this LIE by not reporting the Truth, and so are the local Governments of every State that are pushing these experimental death shots and NOT reporting the Truth to the American People in their local Updates throughout the past year and now.

    Liberty is from God not men.

  3. Wake up, America! We now live under Fascism. Government serving Big Business, in bed together with no accountability. In VT, 260+/- died out of 25,000 positives. That is 1%, just about the same as a normal flue season. Oh, and no one died of flu last year.
    What is in this jab? Does anyone ask? Only a few know and are not telling. Our federal and state governments should be serving and protecting we, the people. Instead, they are protecting the pharmaceutical industry, and boosting their own stock portfolios, by granting the drug companies total protection from liability, and denying us the right to know what they, the government, wants to inject in our bodies. All I can say is shame on us, Wheeeee the people, for being so passive. George Orwell was 38 years too early in his prediction of where modern society was heading, don’t you think?
    Why are Vermonters not standing up to say ‘Enough!” Lets stop the media platforms (which should be considered a public resource because there are no newspapers anymore) from censoring all those who question the official line out of the CDC. The official line is parroted over and over on National Propaganda Radio, but never a word about cases like Ms. Nache or my own mother who, at 93, got the jab which was promoted to protect the residents in her assisted living center, but collapsed 48 hours later and then died.
    By all means, prevent businesses, schools, institutions from demanding ‘vaccination’ as a condition of employment or attendance. This is legal slavery, or worse.

    Please do not publish my real name or email. I might loose my job.

    • @ Concerned American

      I am sorry to hear about your mother. And of course I’m sure they deny any culpability as 93 year olds do die; but if she was in that rough a shape, why would she have been given the vax? I’m sure you know the truth.

      I really feel for those who are being coerced/forced to get the jab by employers or schools. It’s just so wrong on so many levels.

  4. this is a tragic story! we need as Americans to together unite and say no, no to vaccines with no long term safety records, no to lockdowns, no to mandates, NO! to government ordered healthcare, What happened to my body, my choice?

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