Judd: complaint filed about voting machine malfunction

To the editor:

On March 2, I cast my ballot and the machine rejected it. I was outside campaigning for 12 hours. Over 30 people who voted for me told me they had their ballots rejected one to three times. Polls closed and candidates were allowed inside the auditorium where voting took place. 

This friend who worked the polls said both machines rejected ballots all day long. 

My friend has held office and been involved in politics for 15 years. My friend told me they’ve had these same problems with these machines since they got them 12 or 13 years ago. Twelve or 13 years with these machines rejecting ballots multiple times and I’m the first one to bring this problem to the public’s attention? This is not right. 

I called and told an employee of the Secretary of State everything I typed above and this person said they thought I had a legitimate complaint. This person told me: the State of Vermont purchased these machines in 2008 from a company in Salem, New Hampshire; the company, LHS, supplies all the voting machines in the Northeast; this person said these voting machines were made and or previously owned by Dominion. 

There are operating problems with  these voting machines and I seem to be the only one with enough courage to bring this to the public’s attention. There are lots and lots and lots of people who think there’s something wrong, I’m just the only one speaking up. 

On March 17, I filed a complaint in Superior Court. On March 26, Barre City was served with this complaint. On April 9, Barre City asked the court to dismiss this complaint. Every Barre City citizen should ask Barre City, why? 

Brian Judd 

Barre City 

The writer was a candidate in Ward 2.

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  1. Paper Ballots OR Certifyable Tracing of ALL VOTES.PLUS TRUE ID of ALL voters. SHOULD be a necessity for ALL elections.

    • Thank you all for your comments and your support. I am taking this all the way ! If you would like to talk to me about this, please email me. Take care all.

      • We all have our windmills to battle – mine being to protect each Vermonter’s right to use School Choice tuition vouchers. All I can do at this time is voice my encouragement to you and ask that you keep us informed of your progress. As I said below:

        If the people who were elected are truly interested in legitimizing our government, they’ll address this issue with clear and concise steps to verify our votes. If they don’t, there’s no point in discussing this further.

      • You go! I’m a plaintiff in the federal lawsuit. Our first hearing is on May 10th!

    • Paper hand marked ballots are the only way to go.
      Keep it simple as designed originally. No way to cheat this way
      Also voting should be in person for the mass majority….mail in for those in prison….the military….and long term care facilities only.
      The way things are now you politicians will get no new votes from the young people. That is what you need the most….young voters

  2. Hey Barre City, transparency much?
    Objective people who have researched the issue already know about the compromised Dominion machines and Smartmatic software and, if it actually happens, the Maricopa County (AZ) recount should be a revealing wake-up call to everyone else but the inherently dishonest.

  3. Other than Burlington and maybe Rutland, there is no town that has enough ballots cast to justify not counting by hand. If you have 400 to 800 voters on a normal election, there is no reason why we would have to rely upon tabulators (which nobody seems to know who “calibrates” them).
    Montpelier needs to listen to the people and work really hard to regain the confidence of the majority.

  4. ALL Vermonters should write to the VT Secretary of State and advocate for going back to the citizen, hand counting of paper ballots in Vermont Elections. There are MANY challenges on voting tabulators/machines happening ALL over the United States, including Hew Hampshire. You have to look on alternative news sources about this subject, because the “Corporate Media” is NOT reporting on it and we all know why. If We The People loose our access to Free and Fair Voting, what will this Country look like? Watch Arizona. A forensic audit of the November 2020 Election is scheduled to start this Friday, 4/23/21.

    • Agree with you. The problem is the VT Secretary of State is the enemy and not for truth. He was with the crooked governor meeting with the Chinese for the so called “meet and greet” in 2019. One item which is out there in print. This should be broadcasted throughout the State of Vermont. These people operating our state are like an octopus with tentacles in every branch of government from local level to the capitol in Montpelier. There are so many crooked politicians that it’s sickening. The swamp in Vermont needs to be drained. American Patriots in Vermont need to band together. Let’s learn from the states that are banning together and do it. It has to start from somewhere. We need a platform to all come together and I think it can start with Sexton’s “Let Vermont be Free and Normal” gatherings that will be coming up. We need speakers to get involved and we need a grassroots campaign, as in the America First rallies. There has to be many people so willing to jump in that want to keep Vermont Free, Keep America Free, Stand up for Our God given rights, Stand up for the Constitution. We know better, We cannot let the enemy take control of our great Country, State by State. We may need to ban together with neighboring New Hampshire since we are a small state. Two States fighting for Freedom together, no more complacency.

      • Thank you! It seems we do have many in Vermont who question our voting system overall and our tabulators. The Vermont Secretary of State needs to be held accountable. He is supposed to serve the will of We The People and what’s best for the Sate of Vermont. Too many Vermonters are silent!
        There are some like-minded established groups in VT. The GOP Town, County and State Committees are a good place to start getting involved. They are not perfect, but we should work with them to organize people on this important subject. If we lose our ability to vote in free and fair elections, what do we have? You would be surprised what can be accomplished from the ground up. If your Town Committee is not organized, get it organized and bring other people along. It only takes three people minimum to officially organize. Another option is to join your County GOP Committee. We ALL need to get involved and take our Constitutional place of making our elected officials accountable.

    • Fair voting in Vermont?? Surely you jest. Condos will never give up the mail-in ballots, how else will the left win.. Cheating is the only way to win for Democrats and Condos is right up there at the top of the list on cheating.

      • What you have said about the current Vermont SOS may be true. What facts do you have to draw that conclusion? Having incompetent and/or dishonest elected officials doesn’t eliminate our job as citizens and taxpayers. Constitutionally, we are supposed to hold them legally accountable. Freedom doesn’t have a chance if we give up.

        There are many actions where you can have influence. Get involved with your Town Committee or County Committee. Run for an office. Get a few like-minded friends/relatives to join you. Look up what is being worked on in the Legislature, share the information and write to the sponsoring Lawmakers giving your input. If you think an elected official is dishonest, work on replacing him/her.

        It’s not easy and any conservative gains in Vermont will require hard work and perseverance. Freedom does not just happen. Free people have to TAKE A STAND WITH ACTION and SPEAK OUT with COURAGE.

        REMEMBER, Elected Officials are in their positions to serve WE THE PEOPLE!

  5. I agree totally vtbeliever and you are right on target! Posted about this since May 2020 starting at True North Reports after being alerted by a VT election official that our historical absentee ballot process was of little use to the powers that be who found (funny how this was nation wide) that a “virus” would intimidate voters so we must have a ‘vote by mail” scheme to “protect” us all from casting our votes in a highly frightening situation. Interesting how the masses fell for this, but time reveals many things. The concern also was that these vote by mail ballots were sent out of state – hmmm and to the very company that New Hampshire uses (along with others), purchased the machines from, programs the card inserts that match the ballot, on and on.

    New Hampshire has made great strides to challenge the operations of these machines and public pressure just got Windham SB to do their bidding in choosing audit authorities in a PUBLIC forum after they claimed they were going to handle this process in private session. Hmmmm again!!

    Begin here and then learn the chain of ownership going back to Diebold. I certainly recall Diebold under fire years back for concerns with their voting/counting machines:

    Next is a quick link to all the best on that Windham NH voter fraud issue – audit underway:

  6. The exact same thing happened to me with my ballot. At 7:15am the pollster watching the box stated “that has been happening all day”.

  7. EVERY voting machine should be set up to Print out a copy of EVERY Ballot to VERIFY the TRUE VOTE.

    • Your idea would be confirmation for each voter as they vote, but this would not solve the issue of knowing the “True Totals” of all votes once the voting has ended. The machines/tabulators print out a receipt with totals at the end of voting. We don’t know if the paper ballot totals and the machine receipt totals match, unless we do an audit paper ballot by paper ballot.

      If you follow the election happenings throughout the United States, even in New Hampshire, it has been proven the machine/tabulator totals don’t match the paper totals. We need to get rid of ALL machines/tabulators which can be rigged and/or accessed to cheat. We need to go back to manually counting the paper ballots like we did for many, many years. Ballot counting was a great community event in many Vermont Towns. We The People participated, saw the process and had confidence in the outcome.

      • If you want facts that you asked Donna B for, ask me ! I have Evidence. First you see something wrong, then you make a complaint, then you present evidence, then when a City refuses to investigate your evidence you use the Legal System. That’s what I did. Thank God I live in the United States of America. I’d be out of luck if I lived in China or Russia or Iran or North Korea. Thank God I live in the United States of America. Some time this week I and Barre City will learn one of two things: 1) The Court accepts Barre City’s request to have my case dismissed and then I appeal the Courts decision and then file an injunction so Barre City doesn’t throw out the Ballots, or 2) The Court supports the document I filed with evidence and does not dismiss my case and then I file an injunction so Barre City doesn’t throw out the Ballots. Please contact me anytime you want. Thank you. Brian

  8. I have heard of ppl checking on their votes only to find there was no record of them having voted. It’s amazing to myself that this problem hasn’t been addressed until now. I am a Waterbury resident. Please let me know what I can do to help.

  9. For the record…. my ballot, cast on town meeting day at the Westminster Town Hall, was also rejected the 1st time it was inserted in the voting tabulator. The machine accepted it on the 2nd try. I have not taken any steps to verify that my votes were counted – I’m not sure what those steps would be in any case.

    For the record, then, because I can no longer trust that our voting system is legitimate, I can’t trust that our government is legitimate. If the people who were elected are truly interested in legitimizing our government, they’ll address this issue with clear and concise steps to verify our votes. If they don’t, there’s no point in discussing this further.

  10. I guess it’s time to demand an audit by SOS Jimbo. Why has he waited so long?
    I’m going to send him an email right now and back it up with a snail-mail copy.

  11. Well Barre City should be included in Sec of States recent announcement of an “audit” don’t you think – Brian might want to find out why not! I do agree the entire state should be included!

  12. Forensic Audits should be held in every state by independent auditors, Jovan Pulitzer, for instance. Vermont has been compromised for a long time since the early 90’s if not earlier. If the people do not rise up and take action, nothing will happen. The ones in power like it the way it is for many reasons. They don’t want to look into any fraud because it suits them. They like their gravy train from our tax dollars, the kick-backs, the easy money, the power trip. The people who believe in the Constitution and the rule of law have to take action within the Republican party to start this change, as in being a Precinct Committeeman is one way – you can see the information here –

    Brian Judd, what can we do to help – Is there a forum, committee of concerned citizens that can be formed. Arizona is leading the way and so are other states, Texas, Florida, even New Hampshire. Vermont should join in too.

    • Thank you. I contacted Dan and he got back to me. All the GOPer’s contact me, talk a good game and that’s it. Brian

  13. The accuracy of these voting machines is a big concern. As a voter I want to be certain that my vote is delivered, recorded and reported correctly. As a lab scientist I have to perform quality system audits on my procedures and validate my equipment using standards to ensure that the data generated is accurate, precise and reproducible. I would be interested to have validation procedures performed on these ballot counting machines and the results be accessible for public viewing.

  14. Long overdue, I am now weighing in and joining the many people still concerned about the Barre voting machine fiasco affecting Brian Judd. Please, no eye rolling by residents who want to “move on”. Frankly, all Barre residents have the right to know that our election process is run legitimately and transparently. I believe in Brian and support his theory, evidenced by voters’ concerns in March, that voting machines rejected ballots throughout the day leaving questions about the final results. As a Barre voter, I have witnessed this myself for many years, and never considered – until recent National attention – that this may have occurred because of deficient voting machines. I am very disappointed that Barre officials asked the Court to dismiss the case, regardless of the law that 5% or less differential in votes is required for a recount. If ever there was a time for transparency, this last election was the time. Brian offered to pay for the hand recount, so there would have been no cost to the City, only a few hours for the Board of Civil Authority to perform the recount. This request should have been honored for any candidate, a simple courtesy after a hard-fought campaign. This certainly would have dismissed any controversy, and it’s possible the recount would have confirmed the Ward 2 results unchanged, yet questions about the March election results will always remain. There’s way too much to consider questionable and illegitimate in our world today, and not allowing the recount was a real misstep by Barre officials.

    Rosemary Lynn Averill
    Barre City

  15. Bert Saldi Barre City Voter
    Accuracy of Voting Machines has been Concerning for Years.
    I have doubts With Voting Machines to.
    Personally I believe That Mr.Brian Judd of Barre City Ward 2 is doing The Right Thing.
    When in doubt we Need Factual Answers.

    On April 9-2021
    Barre City Asked The Court To dismiss This Complaint.

    Barre City: Why do you want This Complaint dismissed ?? WHAT ARE YOU HIDING??

    Barre City: All That’s being Asked For is a Simple Hand Count of The 456 Ward 2 Barre City Voting Ballots, From Town meeting March 2nd 2021.

    Thank you
    The Vermonter
    Bert Saldi

    • I have to agree that unless we have Positive Voter ID certification requirements We The People can never again trust elections.

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