Johnson: Congress a rigged, uniparty dictatorship

by Neil Johnson

This week the American public is seeing in full colors how our country has been taken over. It’s quoted that this hasn’t happened since the last civil war, which could be a foreshadowing of things to come. 

The press has us focused on the two sides battling and the 20 “insurrectionists” or “terrorists”. They have our countrymen fighting each other because when they are enemies, they are easy to control. Yet we see people who are supposedly mortal enemies on the floor talking with each other in jovial, business, friendly manners. See – they all have the same boss, the uniparty, which goes by many names. 

Neil Johnson

The people of the United States elected 432 people to represent them in Congress, yet even before they start their first day at work they are completely controlled, unable to vote their conscience or the for the people who voted them into office. They must vote the party line. 

Now a husband and wife going out to dinner may discuss where they go for several minutes, and this is two people who live together and know what each other like. Get a small condo association of 4 people and you’ll likely have trouble getting everyone to agree. If you’re president of a 30 unit condo association and you are going to paint the building, the only thing you know is somebody isn’t going to be happy. Now we look at known hostile completely controlled dictatorships and what do we see? Voting with 93% to 98% of public approval. Yet here we are in America, home of the free, land of the brave and look what’s happened in the peoples’ house. 

11 Times…..11 Times the representatives voted exactly how their handlers told them too. 100%!

Even the 2o “troublemakers”, have changed their votes, as would happen with anyone looking for a sane solution, not controlled by their slave master and realizing they are democratically elected to defend our republic. 

Our two choices given make us think we have a choice in our future. This is also a tactic used by second grade teachers with their students. They give the student two choice, both of which they want. We get stuck with the lesser of two evils once again. In Vermont we are a bit more sophisticated. We’ll have planners offer the town to vote on 3 proposals, on doesn’t work, the other is too expensive and the one they want makes the most sense, but nobody really wanted that in the first place, it was the free money, the free grant money that paved the way for a stupid idea that nobody asked for or wanted, nor would any sane person spend their own money on it!….Yet it gets passed and the administrators, elected officials, crony capitalists all fill their pockets. The same Is going on in Washington D.C. on a grand scale. 

We have been given by the Uniparty, two choices for speaker of the house, both of which don’t work fo the people, and most certainly are under the complete control of their handlers, just like the 412 people we elected in congress that keep voting the exact same way, 100%, 11 times in a row!

Sadly what this shows today is we don’t have a democracy or a republic, cept for 20 people sent to congress. No this is plain for all to see, our elections are rigged, our government in Washington D.C. is clearly rigged. This is pretty major, do we need a civil war? Most definitely NOT!

We the people only need to change our direction. When we all love our neighbor as ourselves things come into harmony. When we realize we are all flawed, all terribly broken, that we are not right, that pride has not taken over all our senses, we won’t fall. Pride is the route of 99% of all fighting. When we make power, money and fame our God, we lose track of our work, our direction in life and our souls. When we go against the natural laws, God’s laws and God’s supernatural laws we find ourselves……doing what we are doing on January 5th, 2023.

When the people of the United States submit themselves to a higher power, when they realize they are not in control, that we don’t know everything, when ask for help and assistance, from where and whom everything is controlled, only then by his Grace will we see a change. We are not in control and God does not need anyone of us to help him run the world he created. 

Until then, let us hope our necks are not stiffened and our hearts aren’t so hardened that we can’t change our direction, see our mistakes, and repent. There is parable, Luke 6:43-45:

“For a good tree does not bear bad fruit, nor does a bad tree bear good fruit. For every tree is known by its own fruit. For men do not gather figs from thorns, nor do they gather grapes from a bramble bush. A good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth good; and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart brings forth evil. For out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks.”

By their actions we have some very bad fruit in Washington D.C. By their actions they have shown the world and our country they are a rigged, uniparty dictatorship. Lord please forgive us, we know not what we are doing, might you show grace and mercy on your people in this country. I ask in Jesus’ name, Amen.  

The author is a central Vermont businessman and former candidate for the Vermont House of Representatives.

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  1. It’s politics man…… same game they were playing back in CW times. D’s are holding out for more concessions from the R’s before they take over the house…..they aren’t terrorists, they are speaking their mind… But remember, we vote these people in to make a case for our side of things….sometimes they win, sometimes they get cheated out it, but no loosing!

    • You know if you say it’s just politics that could be fine except politics now run our lives (I used to think this was an absurd statement but then we got locked in our houses for months on end). That’s the Crux of the problem and the problem that the forefathers were trying to solve by keeping the politics local to you.
      You effectively limit the effects of politics on you.

      The answer is and always has been smaller government, it’s more freedom to choose.

      (Also I don’t personally believe that we are voting them in, they are selected, just like every other dictatorship in the world)

    • Or………you could simply go back onto your preferred leftist, socialist sites such as VT Digger, Ben Ban, etc. Oh wait…..I keep forgetting – they disallowed freedom of speech via commentary years ago.


  2. In the meantime; Congress cannot do any work or take any actions planned….my humble opinion is this is the PLAN…..prevent work/action to take place while the current admin “shows” interest in a problem THEY created……

  3. Frankly, this looks like a case of the tyranny of the minority holding the nation hostage. How can you possibly take someone like Boebert, Gaetz, etc seriously? They are just grandstanding for their own pathetic self importance. Politics as theatre of the absurd.

    • Yeah! They should try to emulate democRat AOC who “bragged” on network (lamestream) TV that this type of voting process for Speaker would NEVER happen with democrats as they would all immediately “unify” behind the person nominated by the “majority”.

      You know, just like a good Nazi! What she described is called “lockstep” and the democrat-socialists have got it down. Never decent or express an opposing position, right!!??

      Oh wait……. What about our whole “democratic process” thingee?

    • Thank God Lauren and Matt stood their ground…it was for the American taxpayers..It was for the rule of law..

      20 congressmen had guts enough to stand up and be counted and because of it favorable concessions were made.

      I watched every vote and I was pleased to see what our forefathers envisioned for future leaders in America….

      A vigorous debate without shutting down freedom of speech..

      Anyone that steals your constitutional rights is TYRANT.

      Lauren and Matt have been outspoken since elected to office and I only wish we had the same activity in our republican party in the state of Vermont.

      If you dare speak the truth you are banned..

      Why is it our republican leadership can violate party rules and nothing is done but when you are brave enough to speak out you are banned from posting the truth and questions on republican Facebook pages.


      I am a lifelong Vermonter and the invasion of out of staters has not only affected the democrat party it happening to the republican party as well.

      We need to stop voting for The lesser of two evils…

      We are all puppets to the puppet master.

      One politicians receive your vote they forget about you until the next primary.

      We need to return Vermont to WE THE PEOPLE and remove any politician that violates the rules.

      Until that happens I don’t expect people to show up and vote.

      We need change in our beautiful state or we are going to lose it.

    • Well, look at it somewhat like the synonyms you use for republicans: Insurrectionists, Terrorists, Maga’s, Ultra-Maga’s, Racists, Deplorables, and Semi-fascists. I list in turn some of your party’s imbecilic & inflammatory descriptions “just to be clear”.

  4. Why are the newest posters SO obviously frantic about the new majority in the US House?

    The comments today are just as disjointed & bizarre as were the comments on here just a couple of days ago by an obviously young socialist (waiting in the wings for his “free” house from the government) who believed that “socialist” fire departments paid to rebuild homeowner’s houses after they were destroyed by fire.

    Didn’t school reconvene this week – or am I wrong about that?

  5. Most people cannot distinguish between Common Law (Natural or Universal Law) & Admiralty Law, also known as Corporate Law.

    The frustration is largely because our government operates as a Corporation, this means decisions are made at the top and handed down, yet we continue to believe we have a government, of, for and by the people, as Common Law would suggest.

    But this notion of self governance was only true until we gave our Common Law rights over to the Corporation.
    We did this by our vote to have someone represent us as stock holders of said Corporate entity.

    I used to think voting was a responsibility, but now I understand, voting is how I give my sovereignty and power of self governing away to a political party, and in the end,
    it matters little which party I give it to!

    • I believe it all started when a bullet was shot into President Lincoln’s head. The “deep state” then sold us back to Britian (aka Rothchilds.) Everything thereafter is the fine workings of the Federal Reserve, foreign banks, and the puppet masters who control the banks.

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