IT glitch causes Health Dept. dashboard ‘false positive’

The Agency of Human Services and the Agency of Digital Services determined on Friday that an outside vendor’s IT issue delayed the delivery of test results, artificially inflating Thursday’s report of 314 new cases of Covid-19 by 109. The IT glitch has been resolved and the state has identified the number of cases affected. State officials, however, emphasized that although the glitch impacted the one-day total, the cumulative number of cases over these days is accurate.

The agencies met with the Broad Institute and Ellkay (Broad’s IT vendor) September 17. After further analysis, it was determined that a total of 237 positive case reports were delayed by the data glitch. The Agency also found that 11,297 Vermonters experienced delays in receiving their test results.

Date positive result reportedNumber of cases that would have been reported earlier without glitch
September 100
September 118
September 123
September 1380
September 1437
September 15109
September 160

Ellkay provides services for Broad to approximately 12 states. Ellkay indicated this morning that the slowdown impacted Vermont, Massachusetts, Maine and Rhode Island. It is unclear which other states were affected.

Human Services Secretary Mike Smith said that following correction of the problem, Ellkay performed an analysis. That review identified that Ellkay added a column to their software program that caused the slowdown in reporting, which went unnoticed because the higher volumes of tests masked the slowdown. Tests were still being transmitted through the IT system but at much slower speeds and thus results were delayed starting with the samples that were submitted on 9/9. Ellkay is implementing new monitoring tools to help avoid these issues going forward.

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  1. Do any thinking, reasoning, common sense people trust or believe any information reported by the government anymore from State or Federal Agencies?

    We know the Covid numbers have been inflated. Also, independent reports say the way Covid tests are processed is seriously flawed in many cases.

  2. Vermont’s Coronavirus dashboard and the reporting on cases is but a way to keep fear foremost in some peoples minds. It is a propaganda method to continue the fear factor and resulting government control. Yes, there is some useful information in it, but there are glaring omissions as well. It takes a moment or two to determine exactly how may people are currently test positive for SARS CoV-2, but completely omits how many are ill from the virus. We are told how many hospitalizations with coronavirus, but not the number because of SARS CoV-2 illness.
    The use of the dashboard as propaganda to push the vaccine narrative seems obvious and even the Vaccine Dashboard is misleading, unless one reads the fine print- It seems 5700 Vermont residents received the vaccine in New Hampshire, but were not counted on the VT dashboard totals. So, are 480,500 residents vaccinated or is it 486,100? Is that 87.2% of the “eligible” or a number closer to 90%? All things considered, either number is a considerable achievement.
    If the vaccine worked as we were told, Vermont would be all set, as we were told. But with all things Coronavirus, the constant is a changing narrative. The recent comments by Balint, Krowinski and Gray (the Lt. Gov.) all use fear to supposedly coerce more to take the jab, mask and stay scared.
    We will never see the day where those currently employed as politicians will ever admit mistakes made, information manipulated or “they” just guessed wrong about this man- made virus.
    We voters need to remember what was done to our State and Nation at the polls in just over 13 months from now.

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