Iselin: The snare of the COVID vaccine

by Jay Iselin

People still dance and tiptoe around, while the FDA has announced that the most disastrous vaccine in history is now “emergency-approved” for children, ages 5-11, who don’t need it in any way. This is beyond twisted. The mandates are lawless, imposed through attached strings (money). Such strings are, by the very definition, fascism. Germany in the 1930’s. Fraudulent eugenic health-eliminating medicine on a large scale. It can’t happen here? Think again. The gulag is almost complete.

Dr. Michael Yeadon former V.P. and chief scientist at Pfizer, says the Covid vaccine agenda is ”evil”. Dr. Robert Malone, the actual discoverer of mRna technology, advises people not to take the vaccines. The Taiwan Dept. of Health reports that more people have died this year from the vaccines than from covid-19 disease.

Did you know “the total number of deaths [already] associated with the COVID-19 vaccines is greater than the number of deaths associated with all other vaccines combined since the year 1990,” according to the official info from VAERS (CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) Summary for Covid-19 Vaccines.

A recent whitewash piece in the Caledonian entitled “Primary Care Providers” was false, as follows: “the severity of myocarditis from the [Covid] illness is worse [than from the vaccine].” Wow! The direct, extreme opposite is the truth! “No serious adverse outcomes were seen.” Wow! This is essentially a cover-up! (Such trials should not even be allowed at all, because people that young cannot make the risky decision.)

What about Maddie de Garay? It’s as if she never existed. From the earlier adolescent group trial she took part in, Maddie, in resplendent health before the vaccine, is now paralyzed from the waist down. She has great difficulty swallowing food and water. Even when she is able to swallow food, it typically comes right back up. Maddie needs a wheelchair or walker to get around, and a feeding tube for nourishment. But here’s the clincher: Maddie was never even mentioned in the results from her study, except as having had some (presumably temporary) stomach pain! Now you know the real truth about how these so-called “studies” or “trials” about masks or vaccines or other aspects, are done!

Did you know that greatly detailed covid-pandemic despotism plans (but not real medical preparedness) were rehearsed (in Event 201), during Oct. 2019?

Children, ages 5-11, have just about zero risk of dying from covid-19. So why vaccinate them? To protect Grandma? Fauci’s waffling lies that vaccines might prevent transmission, or his fantasy that masks work, are laughable (the microviruses pass right through masks). What about scenarios like New Outbreak of Covid-19 in Care Home Where 82% of Residents were Already Vaccinated? Fauci, from the beginning, brutally lied and suppressed the miraculously effective cures he knew were the solution, such as Ivermectin-Zinc, which Dr Kory proved to Congress to no avail (early 12/8/20), and which unlike the vaccines, genuinely wipe out Covid and are safe! Real dark: If you want to know why the US, with 4% of the world’s population has 25% of the Covid deaths, and why Fauci (of Wuhan bio-weapon lab connections) can quite accurately be called a Dr Mengele, look into Dr Ardis. DON’T dismiss this.

Listen to Dr Ardis. He thoroughly explains, from his investigation of Fauci’s fraudulent, scam-style treatment protocol, how Fauci set up death for hundreds of thousands using deadly Remdesivir and the ventilators while fooling even the doctors. The “Covid” deaths have mostly been from these quack rigidly mandated treatments. The water in lungs was from Remdesivir’s kidney and liver failure, not from the touted viral pneumonia. The many deaths were needed to “sell” the vaccines to the public. (Regarding Fauci’s corrupt NIH, even mouthpiece CNBC is compelled to report: “the agency intends to defend its claim as co-owner of patents on the shot”) Fauci committed a bald-faced lie when he claimed Remdesivir was the top cure for Ebola. In the very same study Fauci cites as proving this, Remdesivir actually had to be dropped out prematurely because 51% of the patients died, and the conclusion was: Remdesivir was the worst drug one could use.  The truth needs to prevail not only about Fauci, but also about the wild genocidal frauds advanced as authoritative and “safe” on a wide front, being swallowed by doctors today as being “science”, while the real world-experts on Covid are getting crushed by a censorship society that would make Stalin turn yellow with envy.

What if Grandma is at home? She may die from the spike protein now transmitted from the child, spread by the vaccine. The mRNA from the vaccine enters cells and causes them to create spike proteins, a “kind of a ‘loaded weapon,’ if you will. … It’s now known that the spike protein itself is independently pathogenic” states Dr Peter McCullough, the most published expert on cardio-renal medicine in history and author of the first and only peer-reviewed treatment protocol for Covid-19 disease. ““I’m not fooling around when I say our governments owed it to us from the beginning to have a Data Safety Monitor Board (DSM). Where’s the DSM?  … How in the world can we take the sponsors of the program, the FDA, the CDC, Pfizer, Moderna, and let them be in charge of safety?” continues McCullough. “I have a lot of interaction with doctors, I don’t know a single doctor who can look me in the eye and support what’s being done to pregnant women. What I see in their eyes is fear, shame, guilt. They know they’re wrong, but they’re confused.” According to McCullough, many doctors and medical personnel are currently “in a trance.”  “They’re in a mass psychosis, and it’s worldwide,” he concludes. 

There have been many assaults already on our nation’s young but this situation is unprecedented. The only forces that can now protect the defenseless children are: (1) God, if prayed and repented to sincerely, and (2) their parents.

So, parents: The vaccine companies just happen to be exempt from all liability. Why? Ask yourselves: Is ANYONE ELSE EXEMPT FROM LIABILITY? Er- No… In light of that fact, then: Is the huge claimed harmlessness of the vaccines likely to be true? Is the shrilly tooted, dictatorially mandated narrative claiming an absence of corruption in medicine, media and in government today true, especially when all who say otherwise just happen to be almost totally censored? Just a question. It’s a question you should very, very seriously ask at this juncture. You are being flat-out lied to at every turn. And that is not a new thing.

Due to spike protein, these vaccines can’t be called protection from diddly-squat. “Fully vaccinated” people accounted for the vast majority of COVID-19 deaths in Sweden and the U.K. in September. It’s like how vaccines, to put it mildly, never protected your child from risk of being a victim of the permanent super-pandemic of autism from dangerous adjuvants in vaccines! Ask around. The Covid vaccines are creating mayhem, ruining people’s health-lives right and left. A Rabbinical court in New York City has ruled that “it is absolutely forbidden to administer or even to promote this (COVID-19) injection to children, adolescents, young men or women.” Taking your kids right out of the schools and above all, off-line, would be a wise choice.

The FDA hired a guy named Hong Yang to frame scenarios justifying that agency’s already set-in-stone planned approval of vaccines for kids. Yang’s scenarios all predicted that over a six-month period 106 children per million would develop myocarditis (inflamed heart with threat of stroke or heart attack) due to the vaccine (and 90% of such cases have to be immediately hospitalized according to Dr McCullough). The Yang scenarios said zero to one covid-19 death would be prevented per million doses. What Yang entirely left out was: How many VACCINE-DEATHS would the vaccine itself CAUSE? The FDA certainly didn’t want to ask THAT. Because the VAERS system death figure is already known for the population generally. It is 18.71 deaths caused by the Covid vaccine per million doses. That means the FDA wants zero to one Covid-19 deaths to be prevented by the vaccine (children almost never die of Covid), yet turns a blind eye to a probable 18 deaths per million, or more, to be CAUSED by the vaccine. The word “insane” is not strong enough. It really means the FDA consciously wants to increase your child’s broadly Covid-related death risk by at least that same factor of 18.

The VAERS-reported number of deaths so far from Covid-19 vaccinations as of Oct 1st, only a 9-month period, was 16,310. While, the VAERS number of deaths from all other vaccines combined, during the entire 31-year period Jan. 1990 ’till Oct 1st 2021, is 9,155. With time elapse considered, this means Covid vaccines are currently 75.5 times as death-causing as the effects from all other vaccines combined. The VAERS Summary organization, which simply spits out the already existing VAERS data, shows that deaths-per-million-doses from influenza vaccine has historically been merely a third of one person, while deaths per million covid-19 vaccine doses is currently 18.71, which is 53 times greater.

These shocking death figure comparisons are not even the real point. Bill Gates, the soulless, godless eugenic Microsoft geek, practically crafted the vaccine agenda and has openly stated vaccines should be used to reduce the world population. In a Covid vaccine pregnancy study which came out in June, called “Preliminary Findings of mRNA Covid-19 Vaccine Safety in Pregnant Persons” , Fauci’s presiding NIH made sure the outrageously shocking results were falsified by using the wrong divisor and were claimed to be normal, but in the actual study, over eight out of every ten women participating in the trial who could have a miscarriage had one. This is where we get to looming outcomes: miscarriages for women, sterility for the young, and general immune system collapse, opening doors to other ailments, for a great many.  Dr. Michael Yeadon, the former VP and Chief Scientist of Pfizer mentioned above, leading expert in viral infections, sums it up:

“It’s become absolutely clear to me, even when I talk to intelligent people, friends, acquaintances …they can tell I’m telling them something important, but they get to the point where I say your government is lying to you in a way that could lead to your death and that of your children,’ and they can’t begin to engage with it. And I think maybe 10% of them understand what I said, and 90% of those blank their understanding of it because it is too difficult. And my concern is, we are going to lose this, because people will not deal with the possibility that anyone is so evil… But I remind you of what happened in Russia in the 20th Century, what happened in 1933 to 1945, what happened in, you know, Southeast Asia in some of the most awful times in the post-war era. and, what happened in China with Mao and so on… We’ve only got to look back two or three generations. All around us, there are people who are as bad as the people doing this. They’re all around us. So, I say to folks, the only thing that really marks this one out, is its scale.”

The author is a Lyndonville resident. This commentary was originally published in the Caledonian-Record.

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  1. It’s great that a Vermont Media outlet is covering this.

    Covid is the biggest scam ever perpetuated on the human race. It’s not that it’s not a real flu. It’s just not ‘the Killer’ flu the media has cleverly deceived us into thinking it is.

    So what’s really in this Vaxx? Why do they all want to inject it into us so bad? Why won’t PFizer release all it’s data until 2070.

    I wish Vermonters would wake up and ask these questions. Nope. Bahhh……

    • Paragraph 3 has already been debunked, that quote is not official –

      Looks like this author also failed to read the disclaimer on the VAERS data:

      ”VAERS accepts reports of adverse events and reactions that occur following vaccination. Healthcare providers, vaccine manufacturers, and the public can submit reports to the system. While very important in monitoring vaccine safety, VAERS reports alone cannot be used to determine if a vaccine caused or contributed to an adverse event or illness. The reports may contain information that is incomplete, inaccurate, coincidental, or unverifiable. In large part, reports to VAERS are voluntary, which means they are subject to biases. This creates specific limitations on how the data can be used scientifically. Data from VAERS reports should always be interpreted with these limitations in mind.”

      If the author put less time into their own sensational opinions they might be able to at least fact check their own commentary.

      • Christian,
        Please do not rely on fact checkers because there really weren’t fact checkers before all this started. If you spend a little time checking the fact checkers you’ll find out who pays their salary. Once you figure that out you won’t believe them either because they have an agenda.

        As for the Vaers data…. You are correct that anyone can submit data there. That is not in dispute. However you are incorrect that the data is not checked. According to the cdc’s own paperwork everything since February that included a death or a serious adverse reaction (of which they defined) was followed up on and confirmed or removed, or details were added. (I don’t have the PDF for that right on hand here but if you reply back I will get it to you).

        Now let’s go look at Vermont’s own data. If you look through the various data and put Vermont as the state and look for deaths from the covid-19 vaccine last I looked there would be 11. Now once I go read those I would immediately dismiss two of them. Not because there’s anything wrong but because of the sheer number of comorbidities and age. That would bring it down to nine. Now I looked at the nine entries and could remove three of them based strictly upon age meaning that they were 87 years old probably passed away naturally. Keep in mind here that may or may not be the case, but it could be so we’ll discount those three as well. The other six nope those were from the covid shot. Now six out of the entire state is little more than one out of 100,000. I guess that’s fine if you’re into playing Russian roulette. Now if you actually take the time to look and see what your chances of survival are from covid per your age group and your comorbidities (don’t forget only 5% of the deaths in those tables on the CDC site are strictly from covid, all others had five or more comorbidities) you’ll find that if you are under the age of 40 you have a much higher chance of dying from that shot. Somewhere between the ages of 40 and 60 the numbers go up and anyone over 60 probably has a higher chance of dying from covid than the shot but it’s close.

        What that doesn’t tell you is all the potential issues and adverse reactions that you can have. When you start to look at that data in the Vaers data you’ll find that if your chance of dying is not significantly greater with covid than it is with the shot you should stay away from the shot. This is because the adverse reactions are through the roof.

        If you were to cut all of the deaths in half that were reported this story would still be true.

        Brought to you by a real fact checker someone who actually takes the time to read and isn’t paid.

      • Love how those promoting the shots tell us to ignore VAERS, when it is in fact the nation’s primary safety system. Don’t believe me? This is taken from Shimabukuro et al. (2015) – Safety monitoring in the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) accessed 11/30/2021 at: (written by FDA and CDC employees):

        “VAERS has been used to monitor adverse events since 1990 and continues to ably serve as the nation’s frontline post-licensure vaccine safety monitoring system. VAERS has successfully detected safety signals that required further evaluation [36,52–59] and has also provided reassurance on the safety of vaccines [60–63]. One of the earliest successes in signal detection and assessment in VAERS involved the first rotavirus vaccine, RotaShield®. Within nine months of its licensure in the United States in August 1998, reports to VAERS raised suspicion of a possible safety problem with intussusception, a type of bowel obstruction, in infants [52]. Further evaluation of the signal, which combined estimated RotaShield® doses administered with known background rates of infant intus- susception, indicated that the observed number of intussusception reports to VAERS within one week of receipt of RotaShield® was approaching what would be expected by chance alone. Given the known underreporting of adverse events to VAERS, these findings were concerning enough for CDC to suspend its recommendation for RotaShield® vaccination and initiate further investigation [64]; shortly thereafter the vaccine was withdrawn from the market by the manufacturer [65]. More recently, VAERS detected dispropor- tional reporting for febrile seizures in young children following an inactivated influenza vaccine during the 2010–2011 influenza season [58,59]. Clinical review of the VAERS reports indicated the cases were typical of uncomplicated febrile seizures and all chil- dren fully recovered. A related finding was later detected using sequential monitoring methods in a separate CDC surveillance sys- tem that uses large-linked electronic health record databases, and the increased risk was assessed and quantified in an epidemio- logic study [66]. The information was quickly communicated to the public along with reassurances on the benefit-risk balance of vaccinating children against influenza [67].”…

        “…VAERS will continue to remain a foundation of the U.S. vaccine safety mon- itoring infrastructure. Understanding the purpose, strengths, and limitations of VAERS is essential when interpreting VAERS data and when responding to concerns from patients, parents, and others about adverse event reports to VAERS and vaccine safety in general. Healthcare professionals reporting to VAERS is arguably the most broad-based, cost-effective, and timely way to obtain real world feedback on vaccine safety. Often healthcare professionals, relying on experience and intuition, are the first to suspect a medical product problem and bring it to the attention of public health and regulatory officials… CDC and FDA encourage reporting of clinically important or unexpected adverse events to VAERS following any U.S. licensed vaccines.”

        [36] Bakare N, Menschik D, Tiernan R, Hua W, Martin D. Severe combined immu- nodeficiency (SCID) and rotavirus vaccination: reports to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS). Vaccine 2010;28(40):6609–12.
        [52] Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Intussusception among recipients of rotavirus vaccine – United States, 1998–1999. MMWR Morb Mortal Wkly Rep 1999;48(27):577–81.
        [53] Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Guillain-Barré syndrome among recipients of Menactra meningococcal conjugate vaccine – United States, June–July 2005. MMWR Morb Mortal Wkly Rep 2005;54(October (40)):1023–5.
        [54] Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Update: Guillain-Barré syn- drome among recipients of Menactra meningococcal conjugate vaccine – United States, October 2005–February 2006. MMWR Morb Mortal Wkly Rep 2006;55(April (13)):364–6.
        [55] Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Update: Guillain-Barré syn- drome among recipients of Menactra meningococcal conjugate vaccine – United States, June 2005–September 2006. MMWR Morb Mortal Wkly Rep 2006;55(October (41)):1120–4.
        [56] Braun MM, Patriarca PA, Ellenberg SS. Syncope after immunization. Arch Pedi- atr Adolesc Med 1997;151(March (3)):255–9.
        [57] Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Syncope after vaccination – United States, January 2005–July 2007. MMWR Morb Mortal Wkly Rep 2008;57(May (17)):457–60.
        [58] Leroy Z, Broder K, Menschik D, Shimabukuro T, Martin D. Febrile seizures after 2010–2011 influenza vaccine in young children, United States: a vac- cine safety signal from the vaccine adverse event reporting system. Vaccine 2012;30(11):2020–3.
        [59] Martin D, Menschik D, Bryant-Genevier M, Ball R. Data mining for prospective early detection of safety signals in the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS): a case study of febrile seizures after a 2010–2011 seasonal influenza virus vaccine. Drug Saf 2013;36(7):547–56.

  2. Meanwhile in Australia, the test tube for global fascism, Covid-positive citizens are being forcibly removed from their homes and transported by the military to quarantine camps.

    Right from the mouth of government:

    And from the mouth of a citizen in the crosshairs (the rage is contagious)

    Funny thing about “conspiracy theories.” They just keep coming true.

  3. W.H.O. is already saying we (As in the world govt’s) should begin the discussion of “Mandatory Vaccines)..and my reply for here in the U.S. is, we should begin talks about the mandatory use of the 2nd Amendment in that case, because I will defend to the death my and my wife’s right not to be vaccinated…Period!

  4. This article speaks Truth. Unsuspecting, non-thinking, un-watchful People are blind, they are following the mockingbird Media and are being led by Evil People in high places who are connected together, and whose only aim is Power and Money by any means possible. Their Evil means at this stage, is the “shot”, they want your destruction. Prepare and be Watchful, for they other plans up their sleeves besides this one.

    Wake Up People! Listen to the Truth!

    2 Chronicles 7:14 NKJV

    “if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”

  5. I urge people to purchase the new book by Robert Kennedy JR, “The Real Anthony Fauci”. The kindle edition is only $3 so it’s within reach of everyone to read. I just purchased it yesterday and started reading it; absolutely damning in the travesty that it exposes.

  6. Vt-Indy’s right about RFK Jr.’s book & I would add Dr. Scott Atlas’s too, RFK’s book is now the #1 bestseller DESPITE the media “blackout”..For the naive folks who think the “truth” will eventually come out remember that JFK’s assassination files are still sealed to this day, and we still are fed the fairy tales about “Lone Gunmen” taking out RFK & MLK, the “frayed wires” of TWA Flight 800, Building #7 on 9/11, etc. etc. These same forces have us being ruled, not governed or led, by Dementia Joe Brandon who disregards court orders (Rent Moratorium, Vax Mandates) after an election where Big Tech & Social Media STIFLED stories about son Hunter & dad’s crime syndicate & election “irregularities” in 4+ states that outnumbered his “victory margin”. Then, when the certification was going to be legally delayed (see Peter Navarro’s book “In Trump Time”) for recounts & investigations a small group created the “insurrection” & stopped it cold, see the story & video at & Tucker Carlson’s 3 part series at The only salvation being these inept fools WILL sink this economy with their insanity that (might) will finally shake apathetic voters to their (economic) core & relegate their “Green” (Red) agenda back to a slow rollout vs. throwing the entire USA in reverse at 65 MPH. Can we stop pollution & go full “green”? Surely. Just not in 4 years while shoving worthless vaccines & non-working “policies” down our throats. Masks, lockdowns, & ever-increasing “boosters”, over & over, regardless of the non-efficacy only shows just how insane “they” really are. Only rampant inflation, gas & oil shortages & insane prices along w/a semi-dictatorship of a shuffling brain-dead answer-no-questions super-senior Cadaver-In-Chief show people how good things were w/the prior administration and party & show the insanity of the “modern” Democrats on crime, energy, mandates, everything. Iselin’s right, here, if THIS isn’t evil I don’t know what IS..

  7. Take the 20 minutes to watch this. This explains how they were able to fool the entire public. As a matter of fact I can say that I headed down the path in this video myself.

    Just for the record I agree with every statement made in the article above. My own research has led to the same information.

    So do not give this injection to your children no matter what they say you can and can’t do.

    • Thank you for referencing this video/lecture on the nature of mass psychosis. This video is, in itself, an example of a ‘parallel structure’ that offsets Totalitarianism. And I would be remiss if I didn’t take the opportunity to point out that one of the most significant ‘parallel structures’ we can create is that of School Choice – allowing parents to choose the educational programs they believe best meet the needs of their children while avoiding the mass psychosis currently being perpetrated in the public-school monopoly.

      • Post script: Understanding the propensity of human nature (of which we are all part) to act and react, as this video/lecture describes, must also give us pause to consider our own psychotic tendencies. Any reliably certain position or ‘Archimedean Point’ that serves as the basis for argument or reasoning – can digress into a totalitarian psychosis if followed blindly. The key to preventing this psychosis rests with autonomous self-determination. As I’ve mentioned several times in previous posts, consider Nietzsche’s admonishment: “Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster… for when you gaze long into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.”

      • That’s why I posted it. While others got themselves into a mass psychosis of fear of the virus I had figured out that this was no pandemic before the election. However the massive psyop after the election caught me off guard and took a while to decompress from. I would be willing to bet that this has happened many times in our lives, just not to this scale and with this massive programming arm of propaganda thrown at us from every direction.

  8. “The simple step of a courageous individual is not to take part in the lie.” – Solzhenitsyn