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Interstate compact bills signed

May help ease health care provider shortage

Gov. Phil Scott June 1 signed a slew of Interstate compact bills for health care providers.

Interstate compacts are agreements between states allowing credentialed health providers (doctors, nurses, etc.) in one state to work in other states without taking qualification exams. It is hoped an expansion of Interstate compacts will reduce the health care worker shortage in key fields.

On June 1, Governor Scott signed into law the following bills:

  • H.62, interstate Counseling Compact
  • H.7, Vermont’s adoption of the Physical Therapy Licensure Compact
  • H.86, Vermont’s adoption of the Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology Interstate Compact
  • H.282, Psychology Interjurisdictional Compact
  • H.473, An act relating to radiologist assistants
  • H.517, An act relating to approval of the dissolution of Duxbury-Moretown Fire District No. 1 and to deputy State’s Attorneys
  • S.14, An act relating to a report on criminal justice-related investments and trends
  • S.99, An act relating to miscellaneous changes to laws related to vehicles
  • S.115, An act relating to miscellaneous agricultural subjects
  • S.135, An act relating to the establishment of VT Saves
  • S.137, An act relating to energy efficiency modernization.

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  1. Will not necessarily make it easier because I’d a prescription is written by an out of state medical provider, the pharmacist in his “wisdom” feels authorized to not fill the prescription. I actually had this occur in Middlebury. The pharmacist said that the script wouldn’t help me, so he refused to fill it.