Insight into Vaccine Hesitancy, Part 3: Personal Struggle

Part Three in a Three Part Series

Part One, Tuesday Sept. 21: No approval, no protection

Part Two, Wednesday Sept. 22: Big Pharma corruption

By Alison Despathy

For many justified and legitimate reasons, not all Vermonters have raced out to get vaccinated. They struggle with this personal, private and many-layered decision. 

So many factors influence this personal choice. Medical history and health concerns. The impact and role of personal health responsibility. Religious and/or philosophical convictions. Concern about synthetic biology. A brand new vaccine technology being deployed on a massive scale.

And there is this: the current CDC Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) shows the absolute, hands-down highest numbers ever reported for adverse events, including deaths, related to a vaccine. As of August 20, the number of adverse events reported to VAERS is 623,341 and the number of deaths reported is 13,627.

Has The U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services actually had enough time to really work through all of the VAERS reports? Has it determined what true risks come with the new technology found within these experimental injections? We are currently trying to determine the true effects and impacts of these ‘vaccines.’ This takes time. It cannot be rushed.

Self preservation is innately embedded in humans. It is an instinctual quality that is arguably one of the major reasons we are still on this planet. All of these questions are important. We need answers. Individuals’ personal and private decisions regarding their health must be respected. No one size fits all – never has been, never will be. And there are no clear answers at this point. There is a tremendous amount of current research and data collection and analysis but it is all in the early stages. We simply do not know the safety and efficacy of these ‘vaccines’

Some of the most recent research and raw data from around the world, including Israel, one of the early forerunners in high population vaccine rates, is shedding light on both the high level of transmissibility and breakthrough Covid infections among the vaccinated. There are risks taken in either regard. A clear bottom line is that a person should be able to choose what happens to their body. This is intimately tied to self preservation and self determination. There have been horrible and hideous instances throughout history that have taught us this valuable lesson about the individual’s right of body autonomy.
Health choice, body autonomy, informed consent, health privacy and medical freedom are critical rights of the individual and they impact everything that stems from individuals including healthy communities, society, culture, local economies and government.

We are composed of I’s – unique, individual I’s. What I believe may be different than what you believe. And that is OK.

What repeatedly gets missed by the mainstream media and social media is that there are treatment and prevention options These prescriptions and supplements hold actual safety records for decades. They show as highly effective. Doctors in clinical practice as well as research and clinical trials trying to share this information have been censored, smeared or deplatformed because their information interferes with the vaccine campaign and narrative. 

Yes, there are options available besides the experimental ‘vaccine’. American Frontline Doctors and the doctors and scientists who have signed on to the Great Barrington Declaration are two of the larger groups committed to offering guidance, options and the other side of the ‘vaccine’ narrative story. They are worth looking into in order to attempt to grasp another perspective.

Right now so much is fear-driven and impulsive. Other options for treatment and prevention of Covid have much higher levels of safety and effectiveness than the ‘vaccine.’ Maybe this will offer a level of comfort and a chance to take a breath and consider that there is actually another path being presented and it is worth research and consideration. Is a vaccine, an experimental, synthetic genetic material ‘vaccine’, with a rushed approval process, truly our answer and our only way through? As is evident both the scientific community and humanity feel differently about this solution. Remaining open to respectful conversations with each other about these differences is vital for the future of humanity and to navigate the best path forward. 

In addition to the historical and current factors that influence Covid ‘vaccine’ hesitancy, there are also a tremendous amount of both documented and preliminary research findings and evidence accumulating in the scientific community regarding questions and concerns related to both the safety and efficacy of these experimental injections. The majority of the research in this area relates to questions involving the cytotoxicity of the spike protein itself and its potential involvement in mitochondrial damage, blood clots and inflammatory pathways. Also there are questions regarding the ‘vaccine’s’ potential role in driving “immune escape” variants, the question of antibody dependent enhancement, risks of autoimmune conditions due to vaccines, the narrow design focus of the clinical trial including the emphasis on relative risk reduction versus absolute risk reduction and the question regarding the unknown, long term effects of these injections.

These valid observations and critical questions are a major player for many in the vaccine hesitancy and concern conversation. More time is required for this information to be accurately assessed and understood. I have included multiple sources for further insight and research into the safety and efficacy questions regarding these current injections. Please see the sources listed below, under the specific topics of concern mentioned.

There is a tremendous amount of raw data relating to the issue surrounding vaccinated individuals both contracting and transmitting Covid. This is not rare, it is quite common and this situation heavily focuses the question of effectiveness and what these ‘vaccines’ are actual offering in terms of immunity or protection. There is not clarity or certainty in any of these areas of the science. These are some of the many fundamental concerns of the current experimental injections developed for covid. This again is why the precautionary principle and health choice and body autonomy become critical in guiding decisions regarding any policy related to ‘vaccines’ at this time. 

I felt that it was important to voice some of these concerns to try and convey the depth of hesitation that many are struggling with and why. This is not “antivaxxer sentiment,” this is highly concerned, informed, well-researched, legitimate  and necessary questioning regarding the safety, effectiveness and future of covid ‘vaccines’ and the search for the best path forward.

Especially since we are dealing with new vaccine technology involving synthetic genetic material, a rushed FDA approval process, a serial felon-Pfizer, and a questionable and disturbing FDA approval of a liability-free and currently unavailable Covid ‘vaccine’ – Comirnaty. 

Self determination and self preservation both exist at the core of freedom and survival and should be respected at all times, especially given the legitimate, fundamental questions raised here. We do not have all the answers at this point. This is very difficult and scary for some people to hear and acknowledge but we must face the truth and be cautious in our approach and allow more time for the safety and effectiveness of these experimental ‘vaccines’ to be assessed properly. 

Taking the precautionary principle in our decisions and respecting health choice, versus demanding and placing undeserved faith in a potentially false solution that promises protection and security and comes with unknown results and risks, is justified in our current situation.

The philosopher William James stated, “Our science is a drop, our ignorance a sea.” There is so much we do not understand and know in the world of science and covid, acknowledging this fact is crucial to prevent unnecessary destruction and damage by acting in haste and impulsivity regarding experimental injections and health policy. People are landing in different places with regards to perspective, safety and questions surrounding the current data and research. 

When we stand for health choice and medical freedom we are working towards the preservation and fortification of human rights and civil liberties intrinsic in each of us, as unique individuals, traveling on this journey together. Our right to choose and our right to refuse must be respected at all times in order to secure the future of health choice, body autonomy, medical freedom and quite possibly humanity. 

The author is a mother, clinical nutritionist, and teacher living in Danville, VT.  She has had a clinical nutrition practice in St. Johnsbury and has taught nutrition for over twenty years. 

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  1. I have chemical sensitivities. I had a bad reaction.
    I took the covid vaccine, mostly in order to protect others.
    I have bizarre neuro-metabolic problems. However, my immune system seems to be strong. I had grave doubts, but I took the vaccine.
    I experience chronic fatigue and have developed a symptom similar to stroke.

  2. Excellent essay; thoughtful and well researched. I wish others understood that deciding against taking this vax was for many of us the result of significant research and thought. Being derided by our government, both state and federal, MSM and much of the general public over what should be a personal health decision is unconscionable.

  3. Thank you again Alison!

    All three of your articles are filled with information, questions and an overall point of view that resonates with many hearts and minds. Thank you for your time and efforts. Please know you are appreciated.

  4. Anyone who said it is safe and effective was lying to you.

    This includes the government.

    You should ask yourself: “To what END?”

  5. I’ve had covid twice now. Once, before it was named in December 2019 (after I was on a cross-country flight with an airplane full of chinese tourists). Then I got it again, I’m assuming the Delta variant, in August 2021. I’m still dealing with a lingering cough and have lost all sense of taste and smell 4 weeks later. The cough is starting to go away but my sense of smell and taste are seemingly gone. Now for some background. I’m 60, have chronic asthma and am about 30 pounds overweight. Was covid fun? Nope. But I survived … and neither time did I go to the doctor so I’m not included in the government’s 24/7 case/death counts. How many more stubborn old veterans like me are there out there? What are the TRUE counts and survival? My son had to get tested for work. Three tests. Three positives. So is he counted once or three times? My guess is three so that the counters can maximize fear. And even though he was positive and saw a dr three times, he wasn’t given any prescription. He was told to isolate and rest. Isn’t that interesting. A virus so deadly those who are really sick are just told to go home. It is our choice NOT to put an untested, unproven, rushed, syringe full of chemicals into our bodies. I have one final question, how come you never hear of anyone dying at home from covid??????

  6. There is another reason not to be vaccinated that no one talks about. And this is it. Moderna and Pfiser use cell lines from babies aborted in the 70’s to test their vaccines. And probably they continue to do so because quality control requires continual testing. Johnson and Johnson and AstraZeneca do likewise plus thay use these cell lines in the actual manufacturing of their vaccines.
    This is so abhorent to some of us that we refuse to have such vaccines injected into our own bodies.
    Check out Live Action News or National Catholic Bioethical Center

  7. Remember just 15 years ago when the doctors offices were clogged with rep.’s from the Pharma Co.’s? All those folks in biz suits were NOT patients but sales/pushers offering free “samples”, trips, “conferences” in the Caribbean, etc. And just for kicks search “Pfizer criminal history” and “FDA recalled drugs”, be prepared to spend some time reading it all..Cell lines from fetus’s, AIDs and Hep-C parts, funky testing data, the rush to market, minimal VAERS reporting, lack of (real) liability, and above all the PUSH for “compliance” promotes skepticism from even the most trusting among us. Don’t even mention the FACT that WE PAID for this “gain of function” (sounds innocuous, no?) mutation “research” when it was BANNED in the western world, that ALONE should cost “St. Anthony” his $430,000/yr. job along w/any “credibility” he has left yet the push & fear is “news” daily. Nothing spreads like fear and yet most (healthy) folks are willing to take the chance of a 99.5% survival rate vs. this…”leaky” (look it up) vaccine that some refuse no matter the effect with their jobs and careers being at stake.

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