Inmate in critical condition after brutal assault

The Vermont State Police is investigating an incident involving two inmates at the Northwest State Correctional Facility in St. Albans that left one of the individuals with life-threatening injuries.

Mbyayenge Mafuta

The Department of Corrections notified state police on Thursday, Dec. 22, that at about 2 p.m., an altercation was believed to have occurred in a cell occupied by Jeffrey Hall, 55, and Mbyayenge “Robbie” Mafuta, 21, of South Burlington. Hall, who has no fixed address, suffered serious injuries and was transported to the hospital for treatment. Mafuta was uninjured.

According to a Rutland Herald news story by crime reporter Mike Donoghue, the two were cellmates. Hall was being held for operating without owner’s consent, supplying false information to police and petty larceny in Burlington. No known weapon was involved in the assault.

Mafuta in 2021 was arrested on charges of unlawful restraint, aggravated operation without the owner’s consent, grand larceny, larceny from a person, petit larceny and interference with emergency services, in connection with a carjacking at an Olive Garden in South Burlington.

The circumstances of the incident remain under investigation. Following completion of the Vermont State Police investigation, the case will be forwarded for review by the Franklin County State’s Attorney’s Office, which will decide whether to file any criminal charges.

As of Thursday, Jan. 5 Hall remains in critical condition at the University of Vermont Medical Center in Burlington.

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  1. Sounds like a simple “cultural misunderstanding”. Maybe the groups and individuals who spend so much collective human energy welcoming New Americans to our land should spend some time explaining to them how we civilized-types settle our disputes without bloodshed.

  2. Mbyayenge Mafuta is yet another diversity embraced name…check their deeds out before giving them the benefits of the doubt…

  3. Switch the people and itd be considered a hate crime guaranteed. Funny how that only goes one way.

  4. Sounds like another fine example of how our refugee program has benefitted Vermont society. Why leave off his “resume” of priors?