Ingalls roasts VTDigger former leader

The following “open letter” to former VT Journalism Trust (non-profit owner of VT Digger) chair Bill Schubart was written this weekend by Sen. Russ Ingalls (R-Essex/Orleans), after VT Digger Friday published Schubart’s most recent op-ed, “The Sad Remnants of Vermont’s Republican Leadership.”

“I’m glad for you that Digger was able to get you published. Fiction writers are in abundance today and when you don’t have any of your own material, it’s always nice to have an affinity space where old political hacks can gather.”

– Sen. Russ Ingalls to op-ed author Bill Schubart

by Russ Ingalls

It’s great to see you are back to writing fiction. The Republican Party is alive and well, much to your chagrin.

I think it’s an odd writing style, but purposely written – how you compliment old Republicans that you admired, but then make broad opinions and assumptions to tear them down. To be so wise must be a gift passed down through generations of liberalism told by elders around the table at Starbucks.

You lost me thoroughly when you sang the praises of Ms. [former Gov. Madeline] Kunin. You’d have better luck finding Bigfoot than to finding someone who would admit they actually voted for her.

About the same odds of finding someone who voted for Biden. You must be very proud of him, aren’t you? Did you and Hunter exchange laptop files as you were growing up as kids? It seems like you were intimate with everyone else in world politics in your younger years, so I just assumed that you made your way to the Maryland shore while Rome burned.

And the way you threw in how racist Republicans are, and how much they love Trump. Just a master of creative writing you are!

I’m glad for you that Digger was able to get you published. Fiction writers are in abundance today and when you don’t have any of your own material, it’s always nice to have an affinity space where old political hacks can gather.

Don’t forget to mail in your ballot next November. And those of your friends that have passed. It’s legal in liberal land for the dead to vote. The live ones can vote twice.

The author represents Essex and Orleans counties in the Vermont Senate.

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  1. Thank you Mr. Ingalls for calling this article out for the trashy piece of propaganda it is, as I also took offense.

  2. Great article, as always. Thank you for always being so vocal….so many of our Republican leaders refuse to be….still playing the silent routine for fear they will be “ostracized”. When I read the same article, I immediately saw through the hypocrisy as well.

    Hope you all liked my own letter to the editor that was published yesterday in VTDigger re: “Right-Wing Flag Waving”. (Yes, even being patriotic is now, sadly, offensive.)

    Folks: Send letters to these publications, and when they won’t print them, call & ask why. That’s how it has to work – I generally need to do that no matter where my letter gets sent.

  3. Mr. Ingalls, you might have avoided the bombast and sarcasm. Such is more worthy of children at play or bullying than serious politics.
    Also, some of your statements are absurd.
    Donald Trump’s policies were ruinous. So were those of Clinton. Obama was crucial in putting Islamic fundamentalists into control of Libya.
    What ever happened to old fashioned honesty?
    We should all remember that Lincoln and Eisenhower belonged to the Republican Party.

    • Well Phantom, We all know that you are a recovering liberal and hang out here because you have nowhere else to express your new found perspective on conservative values. We have listened to people like Schubert run their mouths about how horrible, racist republicans are for years. We ignored them and they beat us and stole our state. We are done with that whether you like it or not.

      Now if you would be so kind as to list all of those ruinous policies that Trump caused to back up your assumption. Do you mean energy independence from foreign countries, a booming economy, highest black employment numbers ever, the destruction of the ISIS caliphate, the strongest military, tax cuts for working people, no inflation to name just a few.

      Then you could list the Build Back Better policies of sleepy Joe to compare where we are after 8 months of his destruction that’s ongoing with no end in sight. While you admit to your former years as a lefty and probably a hippie era liberal you have not recovered nearly enough to understand conservatives. And as I stated before we are sick of the never ending false narrative from the likes of Schubert et al.

      • You are one of many liars who have libeled me here. If you want to know about my background, liar, you might simply ask.
        Trump cut back taxes on ultra-wealth. Homelessness in this country burgeoned. It is now in the 1,000,000’s, including countless aging veterans. He increased tariffs on the import of components for solar energy, thus putting 1,000’s of U.S. workers out of jobs. He lowered tariffs on imports from Mexico, eliminating the jobs of thousands of U.S. workers, many of whom had voted for him.
        The borders remained porous as his boondoggle wall kept out very few. It also creates a horrible problem for U.S. citizens living in the U.S. territory south of the wall. ISIS and other radical Islamic groups are alive and well, despite Trump’s betrayal of the Kurds, the only people in the region who actually fought alongside U.S. troops. The U.S. still imports petroleum from other countries. The solar power industry which Trump gutted was a big step along the road to energy independence for our country.
        Mr. Dano, where did I mention “Truth and Politics”? You are one of those on here who simply attacks anyone who offers any criticism. Your arguing over my criticism of Obama and Clinton seems pointless, except as a means of you venting. Likewise criticizing my praise of Lincoln and Eisenhower. Nor did I say a single word to defend Biden.

    • Mr. Phantom, Mr. Dano refers to the fact that you are a recovering Liberal. Who ever or where ever you are being sponsored is doing a pathetic job. True Clinton and Obama were questionable. But Biden is downright dangerous. And if you struggle to find positive results with programs of President Trump you must have been visiting on another planet. I believe every comparable, measurable statistic indicates considerable favorable improvement. On other matters he supported factors like protecting women’s sports, protecting our borders, encouraging law enforcement, strengthening illegal drug protection, eliminating fraud in welfare programs, strengthening our armed forces, strength in relations with adversaries such as Russia and China, Controlling foreign aid programs, encouraging Industries to return to homeland production, putting the citizens of the United States as first in consideration of national and international issues. Fair trade policies. And there is more, a very long list, that is available from the N.R.C.. Now what has Biden contributed? Zero! Zap! Nothing positive. Truthfully, can think of absolutely nothing,,,,,, but ,of course, one disaster after another, too numerous to mention. Financially, as a nation we will be ruined. Welfare will consume our families. Inflation will be ruinous. He has done nothing but confuse the pandemic. He admits to making decisions based on emotional basis rather than national good. To close, it matters not that Lincoln and Eisenhower were Republican, That was long ago. Times and challenges have changed. at one time I had no fear when a Democrat was elected president. I was confident he would protect us even if opinions could differ. No More! You mention “Truth and Politics”. Biden either lies about most everything or he is out of touch with reality and common sense. Perhaps all of that! And I fear for our safety world wide!
      We, as a Nation, are in drastic circumstances, from the rural communities, to large cities, to the Halls Of Government! This is really serious, no matter our political inclination. We must not continue down this road of self-destruction!

      • Well said Mr Lloyd. When you take out the liberal talking points that they all gather around, and instead use just plain fact, there is no argument left. Liberals hate the truth as much as they hate the constitution. It’s kryptonite to their agendas.

      • I may not like very much of what Phantom has to say but we really should be fair to him. He is not a liberal. He has clearly stated that he is some sort of socialist.

  4. My goodness is it sobering to see a politician with common sense and iron courage to speak their mind! The rest of you fearful republicans need to wake up and stop being fearful of rumors! If you can’t speak for your voters, don’t run in 2022!

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