Ingalls: Don’t restrict hunting with dogs

Dear Honorable Senator Sanders, Leahy and Representative Welch:

I’m writing today to ask for your help. The help that I need is to stop the restrictive actions from the Federal Government concerning the usage of the nearly 30,000 acre plus preserve known as the Silvio O. Conte Nulhegan Basin Division for hunting and recreation purposes in Essex County.

When the Preserve was formed in 1997, all types of promises were made to Vermonters that their input would be vital before any restrictive plans were made regarding their hunting and recreation needs. This just doesn’t happen. It is nearly impossible to even get a phone call returned to ask a question and when there is a returned phone call, the action that’s being called upon has already been decided with no recourse allowed.

Recently, it was decided by the powers that be that running hunting dogs on this vast area of mostly uninhabited area would be restricted to almost nothing. With the pressures of the anti hunting movement coming from outside of our state, this group of people who dictate what policies are best for the preserve and Vermonters have forgotten or just don’t care of the long traditions of Vermont sports women and men.

I can’t think of any area that is better for this type of action. Hunters are very conscious of concerns from private land owners of hounds people and dogs crossing their properties and see this large parcel of land as an alternative from creating negative feelings within their communities.

I ask humbly for your help to rid this policy made by people who either don’t understand the rights and needs of the Vermont Sports Women or Men or simply don’t care who they affect when these decisions are made.

Senator Russ Ingalls
Essex/Orleans District

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  1. Same old same old. The animal rights groups are attacking the traditions of Vermont Sportsmen and women. To some these new restrictions on the Conte may seem insignificant, but the camel’s nose just poked a little further under the tent. Their agenda is clear, hunting coyotes with dogs is next, will Beagles chasing rabbits be far behind? How about pointers, and retrievers ? Never happen ? Until trapping, and hunting have been outlawed, these promoters of Disney in real life will not be happy.

  2. Here’s what one person said back in the day.

    “We’ve already got more land that we CANT use than we can use.”

    Bird hunting, coon hunting, retrieving a duck from a beaver pond. These are traditional Vermont uses of land that you don’t take away when land becomes public land.

    Hunting, fishing, trapping. This is what Vermont is all about. Setting land aside is in great part to assure that in a world where wilderness is continually broken up into smaller and smaller parcels, people will always have a place they hunt and gather from the fat of the land.

    And finally, were Pitman Robertson funds used in establishing this piece of public property?

    Bet they were.

    In that case, hands off.

    Vermont Sportsman paid the piper….so they will call the tune.

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