Indictment: FTX $1 million contribution to gay congressional candidate “a lot of woke – – – – ”

Closely resembles big primary donation to Balint campaign

By Guy Page

The $1.1 million Super PAC campaign contribution from an FTX executive that helped Becca Balint win the 2022 Democratic primary appears to be mentioned in a new federal indictment against crypto currency firm FTX owner Samuel Bankman-Fried.

The indictment, filed Feb. 23, claims that Bankman-Fried stole FTX customer deposits, and used billions of dollars in stolen funds to “support the operations and investments of FTX and Alameda; to fund speculative venture investments; to make charitable contributions; to enrich himself; and to try to purchase influence over cryptocurrency regulation in Washington, D.C. by steering tens of millions of dollars of illegal campaign contributions to both Democrats and Republicans.”

The indictment says Bankman-Fried used other FTX to make contributions, to keep his name from being publicly connected to the contributions: “To avoid certain contributions being publicly reported in his name, Bankman-Fried conspired to and did have certain political contributions made in the names of two other FTX executives (“CC-1” and “CC-2”). Those contributions were made directly to candidates in the names of those FTX executives, but with FTX and Alameda funds.”

For instance, Bankman-Fried directed an initially reluctant employee to give about $1 million to a super PAC to support an LGBTQ congressional candidate, the indictment said. 

Here’s the exact wording (see Pg. 15):

“In or around 2022, Samuel Bankman-Fried, a/k/a ‘SBF,’ thedefendant, and others agreed that he and his co-conspirators should contribute at least a million dollars to a super PAC that was supporting a candidate running for a United States Congressional seat and appeared to be affiliated with pro-LGBTQ issues, and selected [unnamed SBF business associate] CC-1 to be the contributor. A political consultant working for ‘SBF’ asked CC-1 to make the contribution and told CC-1, ‘in general, you being the center left face of our spending will mean you giving to a lot of woke s–t for transactional purposes.’ CC-1 expressed discomfort with making the contribution in his name, but agreed there was not anyone ‘trusted at FTX [who was] bi/gay’ in a position to make the contribution. At the direction of Samuel Bankman-Fried and individuals working for him, CC-1 nonetheless contributed to the PAC.”

As reported last year, On July 7, FTX software engineering exec Nishad Singh donated $1.1 million to the LGBTQ Victory Fund. The next biggest donor gave $10,000. The PAC then spent $991,000 on the Balint campaign. Simple arithmetic shows that the LGBTQ Victory Fund was just a pass-through from Singh to Balint’s benefit. In the final month before the August 9 primary, a plethora of mailers and advertising helped a surging Balint pummel Lt. Gov. Molly Gray.

The new indictment does not name Balint, nor does it expressly find fault with the gay congresssional candidate who received the FTX funds via Victory Fund passthrough. 

At mid-morning today, VDC emailed Balint spokesperson for comment. It will be published as soon as it is received. A Balint spokesperson told VTDigger she is cooperating with federal authorities on the matter. 

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  1. We need to get rid of Pac monies and lobbies who are buying campaigns for future personal gains. This has gone on for far to long and undermines our elections. There should be a certain amount for campaigns set aside for people to run on and no more. In this country I would think that TV stations could afford to do a certain amount of ads for each candidate for free or by taking it as a tax credit, same for newspapers and radio! Talk about buying elections, I wonder how much was given by the EPA and big pharma!

  2. If you are telling us that you had no idea at all that these people had given your campaign money, Becca, then I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell. Not telling the full story, is not much different from lying. You are a disgrace and its awful that we are stuck with you for at least two years.

  3. What a second, lest I forget, Becca made a claim -at the time she did not know where near 90% of her campaign war chest – well over a million plus dollars-was sourced when this was originally reported.
    Despite the incredulous nature of this claim she got a pass ( and continues to get one)from the mainstream news sources in VT and elsewhere at the time.(oh… she and Peter Welch did give back $2900 in more direct contributions from the same source to a charity (named?)of their choice- very conscientious of them ).
    It seems that it may be easy for her to cooperate fully with the FTX investigation as she has no memory of the event, proceeds or anything contiguous to it. Obviously, innocent so let’s move on to something else she may have no memory of.

    Doesn’t take too long to become part of the swamp , does it?

  4. Balint had no knowledge of where roughly 1 million came from in her campaign. Yet she met with the brother of SBF to discuss strategy. Then, she and Senator Welch gave stolen money to charity. The press in VT looks the other way. Nothing like giving stolen money to charity to try and look good. Balint is bought and paid for. She will be a millionaire before Bernie gets there.

  5. Perhaps Balint should be recalled, just like Santos from NY should be for all of his fake credentials and falsifying information.

    • Good idea…along with dozens of others who have misrepresented their credentials, associations and actions, like Blumenthal, Biden, Clintons, McConnell, Ryan, Feinstein, Pelosi, etc., etc., etc.

  6. She is just following in Uncle Peter’s foot steps spend huge amounts to get elected. In VT what working person can spend or have spent 1 million on a campaign. .

  7. She actively solicited contributions from individuals, such as myself. At one point I received a response that she did not receive money from pharmaceutical corporations. She didn’t answer my query concerning her stance on puberty blockers.

  8. I heard a commentator recently opine – Right now, Washington DC is like a sweater with a number of loose threads being pulled from different directions. Soon, they will be naked and exposed. FTX, Epstien’s client list, Hunter’s laptop, J6, et al is all connected to that sweater…word has it once Ukraine falls, it’s game over. The chaos ensuing is the desperate attempts to cover it all up. They are expending all assets and ammo. The Truth is coming it out. They cannot stop what is coming.

  9. The only reason the MSM and especially the VT MSM isn’t all over her is that she’s a gay leftist. If she were straight and a Conservative? They’d have been howling for her resignation already.

    • True that. 7Days of Communism showed a picture of Becca, her partner and their children (not sure how they got them) not that long ago.

      Those kids looked utterly miserable and desperately in need of a father figure.

      The left is eating itself and becoming a complete joke.

  10. Balint is a degusting Human being period folks!! Many of you Vermonters put her in Washington !! so the same goes to you degusting Human being period!! 🤡🤡💩🚽🚮
    Wake up Vermonters wake up period!!

  11. I’d like to see how that 191,000 was spent? Jail time and take Soros funded Sarah George with you!!!!

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