Illegal migrants from Mexico assault Swanton Sector border agent

by Jennie Taer, Daily Caller News Foundation

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  1. Meanwhile the people who want to come to the U.S. legally have to wait in line and jump thru multiple hoops including vaccination. The illegals should be immediately deported and wait their turn in line. Instead they’re coddled and US citizens pay the price. The Biden administrations’ permissiveness is another symptom of their arrogance and the tone set by the President’s disrespect for the law.

    • A commentor wrote above:

      “The Biden administrations’ permissiveness is another symptom of their arrogance and the tone set by the President’s disrespect for the law.”

      I think they probably missed reading the Juy 11, 2023 article in this publication which noted:

      “In just the past nine months, since the beginning of the 2023 fiscal year on Oct. 1, border agents in the Swanton Sector have apprehended more than 4,600 people from over 67 countries, more than they have in the past seven years combined.”

      I’m pretty sure Joe Biden was president during that 9 month period.

      • Apprehensions are up because the amount of border crossings have drastically risen because the Biden Administration has sent the message to illegal aliens you are welcome to break our laws. In 2020 apprehensions at the southern border were just under 500k. In 2022 they rose to 2.5m, those are just the ones that were caught and then released into a society to collect tax payer funded freebies. I have yet to see the news report that 2.5m illegals were returned back to their home countries.

        This is simply a long term voter registration drive. The Democrats need a constant dependent class of people to make up the majority of their base.

      • Those who condone the process in which the “new arrivals” arrive and cross the border are condoning human trafficking, drug trafficking, human carnage, and crimes against humanity. The criminals involved with this atrocity are of the most sadistic,deviant evil beings among us. The situation at the Southern border is worse, but the process at the Northern border is the same. Robert Kennedy, Jr. recently visited the Southern border and his report was enough to puke a dog. Has anyone heard of the “rape tree?” Has anyone heard the stories of the empty packets of the “morning after” medication strewn about nearby? Has anyone heard the number of dead bodies found left laying in the desert like a discarded candy wrapper? Has anyone heard the stories of the children interviewed by the intake councilors at the border? Of course not, because the Truth is hidden and santizied for public deception. The social justice warrirors turn a blind eye to all of it which makes them complicit, contributors, benefactors, and woefully ignorant beyond the pale! Stand up people! Stop this evil business of death and destruction against humankind and the willful destruction of our country!

    • Any migrant who commits a violent crime such as this alleged assault needs to first be identified with multiple biometric factors and then have it explained, as a courtesy in their native language, that they are now persona non grata and will be immediately deported, and if they are EVER again found to be on American soil, they will spend the rest of their lives in federal prison.

  2. In quick response, Governor Hocum, I mean Hochul, will give the three illegals immediate rights to US citizenship, a lifetime membership to the NYS Democrat Party, and fire the border patrol agent.

    • “Governor Hocum, I mean Hochul”

      Maybe people ought not make fun of other people’s names?

      • Dave, in VDC it’s within guidelines to satirize public figures, especially elected ones, provided no bigotry or profanity is used. But making fun of other commenters’ names is verboten. Thanks for raising the issue.

      • Hey Guy, can we still satirize people’s ignorance and myopic worldviews that are based on a steady diet of Fox News and Righ-wing propaganda?

      • Hey Chris – you are more than welcome to satirize people you disagree with. Unfortunately with the writers strike you will have to do that in your own since you are unable to get repeatable lines from Stephen Corbert(get another clot shot/wear a mask), the Daily Show(which airs on Comedy Central), the Little Jimmy Black Face Show(Jimmy Kimmel) etc…

        As you can see those of us who can actually think for ourselves and do not rely on corporate media to tell us what to believe find liberals to be amusing little creatures. Your comments are not only welcomed but enthusiastically encouraged.

      • I completely agree. I’m 100% confident when Bill Clinton’s wife was in the Senate (for sticking by her womanizing man for her own personal gain) you were just aghast when she referred Gen. Petraeus as Gen. Betrayus.

        What a classy lady. If not for those pesky Russians, she would have been the occupier of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

      • I prefer “Hokum” as it epitomizes the nonsensical and destructive actions of the Halloween Mask whacko governor…and also “Communista” for Sanders and “Yuckerman” for our hippy Lt Gov for the same reasons. Agree with Guy in every way…we as Americans have every right to satirize public officials…just try that in Putin’s Russia or try to find any existing stand up comic from Iran. We have freedom of speech and honor those who fought and died to maintain that cherished freedom…regardless of how many on the dangerous Left are doing their level best to eliminate any kind of speech they don’t agree with. God Bless America.

  3. Like any human, sworn to uphold the Constitution or not, when faced with imminent or actual physical assault, you should be able to assume the worse intent and respond in kind with immediate DEADLY FORCE. A coroner should have handled this case instead of a prosecutor. The only exception should be for those who vote for democrats…they should have no option but to be victims of their own stupidity.

  4. This is what happens when you have unvetted illegals sneaking into our country,
    they are willing to break our laws and don’t care who they accost in the process
    as you can see within this article.

    I know people who have come here the correct way, paid their dues, and are now
    US citizens, the millions of Illegals ” criminals ” should all be deported, as this is
    a slap in the face to those who followed our laws and persevered following our
    laws…………… wake up people, they will destroy our county !!

    Illegals are cancer to our country, not a bonus as the left wants you to believe,
    all migrants are welcome when you come the legal way………………………….

  5. At the very least, we should have a Migrant Exchange Program. For every new migrant coming in, we should send their country-of-origin one of our citizens who dislike Western Civilization.

  6. The Border Patrol should station themselves at the WalMart in St. Albans on Fridays since the illegals are there shipping.