How Article 22 would deprive Vermonters of their reproductive freedom

by Jim Sexton

The Article 22 Constitutional Amendment on the Nov. 8 ballot could result in depriving some Vermonters of their reproductive liberty.

Those pushing it only want you to hear one phrase: “Personal reproductive liberty.” Doesn’t sound that bad, right? Except that isn’t close to what Article 22 is about. 

In fact, the promise of reproductive liberty is taken when “State’s Rights” replace the individual’s rights. 

Once the State pushes the chemical, physical and psychological changes on an individual there is no more “Reproductive Liberty.” It is gone forever. No more choice for the individual. It was permanently stolen once the State decided to remove any possibility of the individual to ever reproduce. 

That is just part of this nightmare. Because regardless of age, if your child tells the school nurse or teacher they no longer want to be a boy or girl, the State could immediately take the decision out of the parents’ hands. Little Susie or Johnny are now State property. If you decide to fight for your child, you could be arrested. 

This is what the “State interest” really means. 

Abortion till the moment of Birth, provided by anyone that decides they are an abortion provider. With no risk of prosecution regardless of injury or death to the Woman or Girl. Anytime, anywhere, by anyone.

Giving the State control over your children regardless of what parents want. Criminalizing parents and health care workers who would fight to protect the child. 

In these situations, Article 22 doesn’t guarantee personal reproductive liberty – it removes it. Doesn’t sound so good anymore, does it?

The author is an Essex Junction resident.

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  1. You may recall the book which Hillary Clinton wrote:”It Takes A Village to Raise A Child”.

    Now Prop 5 / Article 22 just might “Kick the Parents Out of the Village”

  2. Jim Sexton, thank you for pointing out the attempted expansion on the usurpation of parental rights that Article 22 presents. Pete Gummere, for quite some time, the mindset of dem/prog legislators, the Vermont Agency of Education, school superintendents, principals, many teachers, “health care” providers and psychotherapists has been that parents should “leave it up to the experts.”

  3. The merchants of death march on with their orders to rid the earth of countless souls in a short amount of time. They serve their Master accordingly. They are fools to think their life is spared. They believe what they reap will not be sown. Their Master is a liar and will desecrate them when they are deemed to serve no purpose. The window is closing and a knock is coming upon their doors.

  4. I imagine the first court case in 2023 will be a man who asserts his Reproductive rights to avoid child support payments for an accidental pregnancy that he does not wish continued.
    He will lose because the state will invoke its “compelling state interest”.

    Then in 2035 when vermont’s Population has declined to two thirds of today’s population and schools are empty. Government will again use the “compelling state interest” to abolish abortion rights and even access to contraception.
    As a reminder “Compelling state interest” was used in the 1920’s Supreme Court case that allowed forced sterilizations.