House to vote on Brattleboro 16-year-old voting

by Guy Page

The Vermont House of Representatives today is scheduled to consider H361, amending the Brattleboro Town Charter to allow youth voters ages 16-18 to vote in local town elections.

The House Government Operations Committee voted out the bill eight in favor, three against. The youth voters would not be allowed to vote in federal, state, or school elections, because Brattleboro is part of a multi-town supervisory district.

The bill is sponsored by Brattleboro lawmakers Mollie Burke, Emilie Kornheiser, and Tristan Toleno. If approved by the House today, it will go to the House again for final approval (possibly tomorrow) and then on to the Senate.

Both the Vermont House and the US Congress have had bills introduced in recent years to allow 16-and-older voting. Vermont Rep. Peter Welch co-sponsored such a bill. A similar bill was introduced by a New York congressperson Feb. 4. Today’s vote is the first known vote by a full body of the Legislature to affect any 16-year-old Vermont voters.

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  1. More lunacy from the radical fringe; children voting – what about all the illegal aliens down there? Are they 2nd class citizens or something?? Oh wait…they’re not citizens at all!

    No matter! Voting for ALL in U.S. elections NOW! Where is President Xi when you need him?????????

  2. BTW, this is complete & total age discrimination – who is protecting the rights of 6 – 8 year olds in terms of voting? 1st graders have rights too!

  3. Sixteen huh ? I remember sixteen, the Vietnam War was still raging, young people were protesting in the streets, and our parents were nowhere near as smart as we were. (a little sarcasm there) Remember “don’t trust anybody over thirty?” Do we now think that kids are that much smarter than we were at that age ? Can I tell you a secret? Over the next thirty or forty years my parents got smarter, and smarter, and their wisdom was so prophetic that it elevated them to the level of Solomon. I wish I could honestly say that their wisdom had been and still is being passed on to succeeding generations, but ideas such as this leave me questioning that probability.

  4. I abandoned posting my initial reaction if favor of this:

    If this bill has made it this far then the voters of Brattleboro had to approve this insane idea and sending it to the legislature.

    Perhaps the loons in Brattleboro approved this deserve to get what they don’t realize they’re asking for?

    While it would be quite satisfying to see these fools suffer from their collective stupidity, this is a slippery slope which must be stopped.

    • Alan Sexton, It is part of a larger plan to control VT and turn it into a Marxist controlled State. I speak as a socialist, not as a reactionary. VT is sparsely populated and “liberal”. If it works here, it will spread. Antifa is involved.
      “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.”

      • No question about it, Scott. ANTIFA and BLM as well. It seems we face an uphill battle, but it’s a war we cannot afford to lose. This isn’t a fight we asked for, yet with each passing day there is more tyrannical activity from governmental entities supported by their media and social allies. Our options to stop this trend hedge ever closer to our only option being a militant resolution. Leftists are out-of-control, and we have no other option – indeed we are obliged – to restrain them and reverse course.

  5. NOT all people in Brattleboro want this. Sixteen is nowhere near old enough to understand a lot of what is going on.

    • That’s a given. It’s a similar situation to folks from other states thinking Vermont is progressive from top to bottom, inside and out. We know this isn’t true, yet it’s a stereotype of which we conservative Vermonters are constantly subjected.

  6. In 1971 the Socialists Democrats were able to get the right to vote for 18 year olds passed in a constitutional amendment. It is a scientific fact that the adult brain has not been fully formed on average until the mid twenties. The last area of the brain to fully form is the frontal cortex. This is the section of the brain involved in assessing risk/reward scenarios, problem solving, aggressiveness, impulse control, behavior, emotions, social control etc. Basically it allows us to think things thru and determine how to use information located elsewhere in the brain.
    We can all recall risky dumb things we did as a kid and think how did I ever survive that! I hold myself forth as exhibit “A”. Here in lies the problem with children voting. Who in their right mind would turn over control of the family’s financial decisions to their 18 year old child? We can all only imagine how that would turn out! Yet we are supposed to be at ease with children determining the future course of our nation. Whatever could go wrong?
    In truth what has happened is the Socialist Democrats have by design through the education system which they fully control, are in fact the primary parent of your child. The genetic parents, in today’s society, are merely sperm and egg donors for the State. The State will instill it’s values and social concepts in the child and not those of the genetic parents. This manifests it’s self in the fact that so many of today’s children are disparaging and scornful of their genetic parents views.
    Hey kid! How would like some candy? How would you like legalized drugs? How would you like someone else to pay for your college education? You know what to do kid, you vote for us, right?

  7. These teen voters will just be smoking in the boy’s room, or is it the girl’s room. It doesn’t really matter now, does it? “Smoking in the genderless restroom” by Motley Crue? How gauche.

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