House to stay remote through 2021 session

The Vermont House of Representatives will meet remotely for the rest of this year’s session, House Speaker Jill Krowinski said.

“Today, the House Rules Committee voted unanimously to extend its declaration of a state of emergency through May 15, 2021, and to keep the House working remotely due to the pandemic,” she said in an email statement.

“A resolution will be introduced tomorrow for the full body to vote to adopt this recommendation. It’s critical we keep the health and safety of the public, staff and members a top priority.

“I recognize it has been difficult to legislate virtually, but l appreciate the commitment by members to take on the hard work and build a recovery plan that leaves no Vermonter behind.”

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  1. The House of Representatives in Vermont claims it is difficult to legislate remotely but they sure bring up a lot of legislation! Not only that,but very burdensome expensive legislation! Where exactly are they,and if a citizen wants to talk with them,how can it be done? Please don’t say email or call,for we all know that doesn’t work,and is exactly why they are not acting from the voice of we the people, and are now serving special interests!!

  2. Will the politicos get their regular $742 a week PLUS the $75 a day for “working” from home. let them have One or the Other BUT NOT BOTH.

    • they are a greedy lot. They will take both and receive monies for their meals to boot. This is outrageous that they actually took the $75 in the first place. Did working from home create some sort of hardship for them?

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