House ponders Dr. Dynasaur for illegal immigrants, licensing contractors, Winooski non-citizen voting

by Guy Page

Published below: the READABLE Tuesday, March 16 Journal of the House of the Vermont House of Representatives, edited, abbreviated, and faithfully translated from the original Parliamentary.

Three bills approved by the Senate were sent to House committees:

S22 – health care practitioners administering stem cell products not approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. (sent to Health Care Committee). 

S39 – Judicial Branch fee report and electronic filing fees. (Judiciary). 

S117 – extending health care regulatory flexibility during and after the COVID-19 pandemic and to coverage of health care services delivered by audio-only telephone. (Health Care). 

These ‘committee bills’ (introduced by entire committees, not individual legislators) were referred to the Appropriations Committee because they include large spending proposals:

H430, Health Care Committee – expanding eligibility for Dr. Dynasaur to all income eligible children and pregnant individuals regardless of immigration status.

H432, Government Operations – compensation for certain State employees (Pay Act).

H433, Transportation – the Transportation Program and miscellaneous changes to

transportation laws. 

H434, Agriculture and Forestry, establishing the Agricultural Innovation Board.

H435, Corrections and Institutions, miscellaneous Department of Corrections-related


These non-committee bills also were sent to Appropriations:

H153 – Medicaid reimbursement rates for home and community-based service providers.

H183 – sexual violence.

H210 – addressing disparities and promoting equity in the healthcare system

H293 – creating a State Youth Council

Sent to Ways & Means, the House’s tax and fee committee:

H431 – a committee bill from Energy and Technology on “miscellaneous energy subjects.” 

H157 – registration of construction contractors.

H159 – creating the Better Places Program.

H313 – miscellaneous amendments to alcoholic beverage laws.

Joint Resolutions 

J.R.H. 5 – authorizing, subject to the determination of and limitations

that the Sergeant at Arms may establish, the Green Mountain Boys State

educational program to use the State House; put on calendar for vote next day. 

J.R.H. 6 – racism as a public health emergency; sent to Human Services Committee.

Committee relieved of bill

House Education relieved of H152, education property tax; bill moved Ways and Means. 

The House gave preliminary approval to these bills:

H366 –  2021 technical corrections

H10 – expands permitted candidate expenditures to include childcare – and possibly other unspecified expenditures – during campaign season.

H337 – printing and distribution of State publications.

H. 46 – miscellaneous provisions of mental health law, including voluntary admission to mental health facility. 

H. 104 – certain licensed out-of-state mental health professionals to treat Vermont patients using telemedicine.

H. 149 – modernizing statutes related to the Vermont National Guard.

Sent to House Government Operations Committee: H. 227 – approval of amendments to the charter of the City of Winooski, including non-citizen voting. 


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  1. Under H.430, the State of Vermont would violate Federal law which prohibits anyone from assisting illegal immigrants. The relevant section of Federal law is 8 U.S.C. § 1324 (https://codes.findlaw.com/us/title-8-aliens-and-nationality/8-usc-sect-1324.html), which states…

    Any person who… encourages or induces an alien to come to, enter, or reside in the United States, knowing or in reckless disregard of the fact that such coming to, entry, or residence is or will be in violation of law;  or… aids or abets the commission of any of the preceding acts… shall, for each alien in respect to whom such a violation occurs… be fined under Title 18, imprisoned not more than 5 years, or both…

    This bill is being introduced now because President Biden will not enforce U.S. immigration law, otherwise the U.S. Department of Justice would sue the State of Vermont.

    The State of Vermont should not willfully violate Federal law, nor should the State encourage the President of the United States to violate his oath of office, nor should the State reward people who violate our Nation’s laws.

    If organizations such as Migrant Justice, which testified in support of this bill, want health insurance for illegal workers, they should pay for such insurance themselves, rather than working to force taxpayers to bear that cost and to commit, through their State government, unlawful acts.

  2. The consideration of our legislators to treat illegal aliens to Dr Dynasaur is a very nice idea, but I would advise our legislators and Governor what the word illegal means!!It means they are in this country without proper identification etc!Therefore the whole mess is illegal,and should be abandoned!! As for licensing contractors ,it is time the State of Vermont does something for businesses and not put further burdens on them,and more taxes,They are in business to earn a living and profit,while helping people!! As for non citizen voting,this is unconstitutional,what good is it to be a citizen in good standing,and what gives our legislators the right to do anything they want with no voice from we the people that give them their power!! Lastly, H434 ,Agricultural & Forestry Innovation Board is an example of government overreach and abuse from Big Government getting bigger,and more unelected people entering into private lives! Farmers need to run their own farms and forest land watched over by proper stewards,and that for one is not a greedy government taking away all our freedoms!! I truely hope this message reaches many people,especially our Governor and legislators,for I and many don’t think they listen or care for the people they are to serve!!

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