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House panel picked for Franklin County impeachment probe

Surveillance video shows John Grismore pushing, or kicking, a handcuffed suspect at the sheriff’s office.

The Speaker of the House, Rep. Jill Krowinski, has announced the formation of a Special Committee on Impeachment Inquiry to investigate the conduct and potential wrongdoing of Franklin County Sheriff John Grismore and State’s Attorney John Lavoie. Today she announced the committee roster, which will be chaired by Representative Martin LaLonde (D-South Burlington) and Vice-Chaired by Representative Mike McCarthy (D-St. Albans). The remaining committee members include Representative Matt Birong, Representative Carolyn Branagan (R-Georgia), Representative Tom Burditt, Representative Karen Dolan, and Representative Kelly Pajala.

“The members of the Special Committee on Impeachment Inquiry bring a wealth of experience and dedication to this crucial task,” said Speaker Krowinski. “Their expertise in legislative matters, legal affairs, and commitment to upholding the integrity of Vermont’s law enforcement system will be invaluable in conducting a comprehensive and unbiased investigation.

“The committee will diligently review all relevant evidence, interview witnesses, and carefully assess the allegations against Sheriff Grismore and State’s Attorney Lavoie. Their primary objective is to ensure justice and maintain the public’s trust in the legal institutions that serve the people of Franklin County and the entire state of Vermont.

“It is imperative to note that the Special Committee on Impeachment Inquiry operates independently from other branches of government and will conduct its proceedings under established protocols and laws. This approach ensures the protection of all individuals’ rights while maintaining the highest standards of accountability.”

Further updates will be provided as the investigation progresses to keep the public informed of the committee’s activities. The Speaker of the House encourages citizens with relevant information to come forward.

Grismore was elected after surveillance video shows his kicking or pushing a suspect in the groin. The suspect reportedly was spitting at him. Lavoie has been accused of making inappropriate language and engaging in unwanted, non-sexual touching of staff.

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  1. Have mercy on him Lord. With that virtue signaling bunch, he hasn’t a snowball’s chance.

  2. My sincere hope is both of the accused will drop the dimes on the real goings on inside the Vermont judiciary and law enforcement side businesses. If the Truth is revealed, the court of public opinion is more powerful than the corrupted, compromised bench and complicit, compromised, corrupt Legislature.

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