Hospital treatment for Covid-19 described

Vermont Health Commissioner Mark Levine explains hospital treatment protocol for Covid-19 patients.

By Guy Page

As Vermonters become more interested in and informed about Covid-19 treatment options, many have been asking how people admitted to Vermont hospitals are being treated for the disease. The Chronicle put the question to Vermont Dept. of Health Commissioner Dr. Mark Levine yesterday at the weekly press briefing. 

Vermont Daily Chronicle: “Could you describe the treatment protocol for patients who are admitted to the hospital for Covid 19?”

Health Commissioner Dr. Mark Levine: Usually you don’t get into the hospital unless there’s a problem with your ability to maintain a good oxygen level in your blood. So there are criteria for that from the get-go. And you usually have to have some element of illness beyond Covid that would probably get you there because you’re in a compromised state. 

“But probably the primary modality of treatment I would list is oxygen, given in a variety of ways.  The least common way is because you’re ventilated by a machine, because so many of the ways we can administer oxygen now help prevent you from having to get on a ventilator.

“Medication-wise, most people who are getting hospitalized aren’t on their first or second day of illness; they’ve had the Covid for a while, at least five, seven days, and that’s the point in time when they’re starting to deteriorate, not necessarily related to the virus but related to the inflammatory response that the illness has produced in them, their bodies trying to fight off the virus. All kinds of inflammatory chemicals are being released within their bloodstream to try to do that, so some of the therapies are actually to reign in control of some of that overzealous response on the part of the body. That’s why things like corticosteroids are used in that setting.

“There are also antiviral medications – not the one that Merck is trying to get approved now [molnupiravir, a chemical cousin of ivermectin], that’s a different one – but some older ones that are used to work on the virus part itself. 

“So it’s a whole host of interventions to support people’s ability to breathe and have a good oxygen level without being on a ventilator, hopefully to rein in the inflammatory response and to address the virus itself.”

Chronicle: “Is remdesiver one of those antivirals?” 

Levine:Remdesivir is one of those antivirals. Okay it is the one of those antivirals in terms of the one that would be chosen for the appropriate patient who meets the criteria.”

Chronicle: “Are you using the monoclonal antibodies too?”

Levine: “So, most of the time someone would have gotten into the hospital either too late to use the monoclonal antibodies. The cat’s out of the bag, so to speak. This therapy is used early in the course to prevent you from getting in the hospital so it would be the less common person who’s actually admitted to the hospital who would still qualify for it because they may have passed that point in time when it would be useful.”

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  1. And what is origin of all of this inflammation, coagulation, sepsis, poor oxygenation… that leads to death and/or long term neurological problems? We are falsely led to believe that the cause is spending 15 minutes with another human who healthy, unvaccinated (and uninfected). And even more, we are falsely told the preventative is a toxic, experimental concoction for which the evidence of harm continues to pile up. What total, absolute bullarchy!

  2. This report, coupled with yesterday’s (10/19/21) report in VDC regarding Scott’s answer to the increase in disease in VT really cements the idea that these two- Scott and Levine- are just regurgitating CDC approved talking points. It appears that Vermont’s Executive branch, along with the medical industry (lead of course by UVMMC) want only to follow the CDC prescribed procedures, regardless of outcome. Well, Dr. Levine it appears the outcome is unknown, unpredictable and could go either way. Perhaps a different approach is required. Maybe the ‘vaccines’ efficacy is reduced against the Delta variant and will continue to be less effective against other variants. Maybe if every human being in Vermont were ‘vaccinated’ you will still see SARS CoV-2 disease in this population of allegedly ‘protected’ people.
    Maybe, it’s time to think about something that has already been done in Nebraska- Not charging and punishing doctors for prescribing pharmaceuticals for off-label use. Perhaps, Dr. Levine encouraging Vermont doctors and health care professionals to research and use their knowledge and training to use means not on the CDC/Big Pharma approved list might bring better results than your above described non-treatment treatments. It would seem that evidence of success in India and now Indonesia with off-label use of ‘horse dewormer'(Ivermectin) would at least spur some investigation into the theory. Or are you content with the status-quo and stand on Scott’s ‘personal responsibility’ plea to use ‘vaccines’ of diminished efficacy to solve your problem? Personal Responsibility applies in many situations, including your personal responsibility as Health Commissioner and a Medical Doctor.

  3. In summary, Not one word escaped Dr. Levines lips that did not get vetted by CDC memos he reads. MORE IMPORTANT; no words about encouraging folks to test early after exposure and seek the early treatments and mitigation protocols that are now proving to stop or blunt the virus, even Delta BEFORE Dr. Levine sends you to the ICU for oxygen. No Guidance for Primary Care providers to encourage folks to come to them for early treatments that PREVENT hospitalization and harsher illness symptomology. Bottom Line is It is All Vax All the time with these folks, even while the increasingly flawed and dissipating nature of these Shotz is documented worldwide. Even as we are bombarded with Variant fear-mongering and threats against firefighters and others loosing their jobs. Treatment early and a complete halt to these Vax everyone over 2 years old campaigns. Acknowledgement of Recovered Covid citizens robust and lasting innnoculation against even Delta….. In short, follow the science that has developed in spite of Dr. Fauci and Dr. Levine and their one-trick pony!

  4. Remdesivir – the drug that is causes organ failure and Fauci behind this drug as well. Dr. Levine dances like the monkey while the organ player cranks away!

  5. Ivermectin…….the “cousin” of Merck’s new treatment. Right because Ivermectin is too CHEAP to prescribe. Let them all die!

  6. Still not a word from the commissioner about treating the disease early on an outpatient basis. Everything about this illness points to treating it as soon as possible to stop viral replication. The complacency is stunning–DON’T intervene when symptoms first appear (contrary to how we approach any other disease) and let the virus get a foothold. This will go down in history as the biggest blind spot ever during a public health crisis.

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