Homeowner fires Sig Sauer to thwart nighttime burglary

Jesse Durkee

By Guy Page

When a would-be burglar forced his way into a Royalton home early this morning, one of the homeowners responded with gunfire. The intruder was not injured but was, shortly thereafter, arrested and jailed, police say.

State police say that at 50 minutes after midnight, they received a report of a break-in at a residence on Route 14 in Royalton. Troopers responded and found that Jesse J. Durkee, 38, of Royalton, had accessed the residence by force through a locked door. 

Home at the time were homeowners Andrew Alinovich, 50, the owner of a real estate and restoration business, and Elizabeth Willhite, 50, a prominent Vermont attorney. 

Durkee threatened the couple when entering the residence. One of the homeowners (police don’t say which one) responded to the active home invasion by firing one round from a Sig Sauer pistol while inside the home.  

Durkee did not sustain any injury from the incident as the bullet traveled through the home and to the exterior. Troopers took Durkee into custody and transported him to the Vermont State Police Royalton Barracks for processing on charges of burglary and criminal threatening. He was lodged at Southern State Correctional Facility. Bail was set at $10,000.

Durkee has an arrest record with local police. This March, he was the key suspect in a violent altercation between 6-10 people wielding bats and guns on Moses Lane in South Royalton. Shots were fired and windows were broken, and Durkee was identified by police as one of the ringleaders. 

10 years ago he was arrested by Royalton police on an out-of-state warrant. A month later he was arrested for domestic assault

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  1. I’m sure some sicko VT DA is gonna charge the homeowner for assault with a firearm. Wait it’ll happen.

  2. I’d like to say that it’s a NEW pattern that many of these offenders have rap sheets that span years. “Defund the police” and “no cash bail” coupled with DA’s that think everybody EXCEPT the victims shouldn’t suffer the consequences … and all we have to do is wait for the Social Worker to show up in their Electric Vehicle ( hopefully,
    it’s charged & ready ).

    I commend the intended victim’s choice of armament. Sig makes a great product. I would recommend adding a set of Crimson Trace Laser grips, and spending a bit of time at the range to be confident that it’s sighted in properly.

    Then, while you’re in a stressful situation, you need only to put the red dot where you want the hole installed. As Col. Jeff Cooper noted, you can’t miss often enough to win a gunfight.

    • Or in the words of Bill Jordan (the law enforcement officer, not the camo clothing millionaire) “there are no second place winners !”

  3. This is what it is going to take to win back the feeling of safety in our homes. The State has left us no choice. Kudos to the homeowner.

    • The Taurus “Judge” revolver… gives the option of birdshot or a large caliber slug. It’s nice to have choices depending on the circumstances…

    • Yes, Judge Colt Forty-five always means business, serious business no bail needed !!

  4. Is he going to be another “catch & release” victim? The homeowners will probably be arrested for having an “assault” pistol. Just sayin…..

  5. He sure has to be getting close to the punch card limit of his get out jail free card where he actually has to stay in prison. Why do Vermonter’s tolerate this lawlessness?

  6. Whether the intent was for a warning shot or the homeowner just needs more time at the range to improve aim…the fortunate result was that the threat was alleviated. This goes to show that you dont need to shoot the dirtbag, or even fire the weapon to deter an attack. Just displaying the weapon or painting the red dot of a laser on an intruder’s chest can be enough, or even the sound of a weapon’s slide being racked from behind a closed door can make an intruder contemplate their life choices…
    I hope that Vermont’s lamestream media will have the courage and comprehensiveness to share this story in the proper context. If they cover it at all, my expectation is that they will interview a public official that tells us that what the homeowner did was foolish and that they should have just called 911…

  7. What I want to know did the homeowners use the same Sig Sauer Police Patrol Rifle (AR-15) that the Vermont State Police use?
    Or did the homeowners use an “assault rifle” or “weapon of war” style AR-15?
    Well, what is it all of you sleezy Vermont communist politicians who are always pushing for gun control?


    • The story mentioned that a pistol was used…or as WCAX or VT Public Radio/TV might refer to it: an assault pistol with a “high capacity” magazine…
      It sure will be interesting to see how the moonbat media in Vermont spins this…

  8. Yup, Mr. Durkee is just another fine example of the trash roaming the street and doing what they please………………Let’s see what our feckless DA does !!

    Kudos to the homeowners, another crime stopped by a law-abiding ” armed ” citizen, I bet Mr. Durkee will think twice the next time, and there will be a next time.

  9. Stefan Molyneux: “If you are for gun control, then you are not against guns, because guns will be needed to disarm the people. So its not that you are anti-gun. You’ll need the police’s guns to take away other people’s guns. So you’re very Pro Gun, you believe that only the government which is of course, so reliable, honest, moral and virtuous should be allowed to have guns. There is no such thing as gun control. There is only centralizing gun ownership in the hands of a small political elite and their minions”.

    Anonymous: If your suggesting sending men with “weapons of war” to take my “weapons of war” then I am fairly certain that’s what’s called an act of war, the definition of tyranny, which coincidentally the reason for the 2nd Amendment in the first place.

  10. Oh that poor ,poor robbing thug how could the home owners traumatize him by fighting back .Maybe just maybe Justice will be done because it was a Lawyer that got robbed this time .

  11. Hey LaLonde & Baruth, good thing he/she didn’t have to politely ask the intruder to please wait while he went to his/her gun safe to access the weapon, load the magazine and chamber a round huh? The only thing that went wrong in this scenario is that the ravens went hungry.

    • You mean he didn’t follow the “Unsafe Storage Act”, for shame. Hey LaLonde & Baruth, that’s why the homeowner is here to tell about it. If it was up to you two it would have been a different story.

    • One thing about mature folks and guns; they’re usually familiar with firearms and they’re not afraid to use them. Good on them!
      Baruth and Lalonde are afraid of their own shadows and things that go ‘bump’ in the night…

  12. We have to stop preaching to the choir, take note LaLonde and Baruth. Got your attention yet?

  13. Baruth, LaLonde, and the other gun-hating whine Azz liberals we have in the state house that know best, they don’t know jack-S !!………………… Vermonters vote these clowns in, this is what you get, look at me, but don’t follow the money !!

  14. Noticed some poison dealers from Pittsfield MA went “missing” around Detby 😂. Sounds like we are starting to fight back finally… Hope somebody finds them (on opening weekend)! More please!

  15. Sleezy anti-constitutionalist communist politicians like LaLonde & Baruth are always trying to tell the people who no better that guns in the hands of the common Americans don’t make us safe. That if we just follow all their silly gun control laws that if just one life is saved it is worth losing our liberties.

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      • Guy, I compiled that list by just reading the various news sites every day and saving the links. I imagine there are more incidents of defense with a firearm that I listed. It probably happens every day.

  16. This thing happened early monday morning and as of tuesday morning, I see NOTHING on the mainstream Vermont/NY TV news. Has anyone seen it pop up ANYWHERE besides Guy’s story here? Sounds just like the kind of story that the liberal VT media would casually ignore…and for obvious reasons.