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Homeless housing deal tightens eligibility after May 31

Smugglers Notch Stuckage solution proposed

One of five tractor trailers stuck in Smugglers Notch last year.
WCAXFood advocacy groups look to Farm Bill to replace expiring pandemic assistance
WCAXMysterious respiratory illness has Vt. veterinarians, dog owners on alert
WCAXBCBS agrees to continue with Vt. health reform experiment
VT DiggerHouse, Senate negotiators strike emergency housing deal, restricting eligibility after May 31
VT DiggerFinal Reading: Senators consider new fines to prevent ‘stuckages’ in Smugglers Notch
Mountain TimesAudit to be conducted on student behavioral problems 
WCAXAlternative Milk Marketing: Vt. Senator joins DAIRY PRIDE Act
WCAXVermont border crossings to receive renovation funds

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  1. GPS providers? Seriously? Just put up a steel beam already and hold the INDIVIDUALS who hit it accountable.
    Why are lawmakers in this state sooooo… what’s the word I’m looking for? “Dumb”. that’s the one.

    • Jean Rees, your comment is well intended but a beam is not the answer because height is not the problem, length is. A serpentine with jersey barriers is the solution that Vtrans doesn’t want to install.

      The proposed legislation is an unrealistic idiot’s move. How many truck drivers were using a truck GPS programmed to the trucks specs?

  2. EVERY program that was originated or enhanced by the COVID “emergency” should be back to where they started…our illustrious commander in chief said the pandemic was OVER.

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