Hold China accountable for transparency, Scott says

Wuihan viral research lab – photo credit

By Guy Page

Every week, Gov. Phil Scott and other governors talk with the White House about the rollout of the vaccination program and other Covid-19 related issues. At his press conference today, he said the role of the Chinese government in the pandemic has yet to come up on those calls.

Vermont Daily asked if anyone on those calls to date has “discussed asking the Chinese government to provide transparency on how the virus developed.”

“Not on these calls,” Scott answered. But he agreed the questions should be asked. “I know it is a concern of many. In the aftermath we need to know what happened, I believe. So that it doesn’t happen again.”

So far, the World Health Organization (WHO) has been little help.

On January 20-21 – two days when the government of the U.S.A. was busy transitioning – a WHO team “investigated” in Wuihan, China, the pandemic’s epicenter. The official report is mum on what caused the pandemic but instead “commended the commitment and capacity demonstrated by national, provincial, and Wuhan authorities and by hundreds of local health care workers and public health specialists working to respond to the 2019-nCOV outbreak.”

The press release mentioned a visit to a research lab but offered no further details. (For Chinese government information and photos on the Wuihan virus research lab, click here.)

Asking governors to hold accountable the People’s Republic of China needn’t be limited to Covid. The country emits 29% of the world’s CO2 [2017 stats], more than double the only other double-digit emitter (U.S., at 14%). Yet the Biden-backed Paris Accords exempt China from taking immediate action to reduce emissions. To add insult to injury, Chinese emissions grew steeply last year enroute while it was the only major world economy to see economic growth, NPR reports. Its leaders are shooting for a 6-9% growth rate this year. The country where the economy-killing global pandemic originated has since thrived economically by burning more coal than ever in its power plants. 

Governors also could mention human rights. The PRC government operates a network of 380 prison camps, holding (among others) Muslims, Christians, and followers of Falun Gong, a resurgent form of Chinese buddhism. It also seeks to impose totalitarian rule on thriving, free Hong Kong and Taiwan.

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  1. …taking bets on how long it takes for the Governor to walk back his statement that: “he agreed the questions should be asked”. He will no doubt soon be informed by virtue-signaling legislative leaders about how utterly racist and insensitive it was to make even such a thinly-veiled inference that the government of China may be in some way responsible for the origination and spread of COVID. He will be forced to admit that China and it’s people are victims of this plague like everyone one else. This is life walking on eggshells that a majority of Americans apparently voted for. In our new Ummerica, there must be no unsubstantiated claims of malevolence made against any government, regardless of credible allegations of widespread detentions based on politics and religious affiliations where offenders are sent off to be re-educated using forced labor and organ donations.

  2. I find it ironic that Scott calls for increased transparency from the Chinese government after parroting the Biden administrations narrative that, “we can return to normalcy by July 4th.”

    • Our favorite Governor, recently, couldn’t vote for Trump, but now hopes for transparency from China? Trump who could deal strong with China.

      Since Biden and son Hunter have “special relationships” with Red China –
      Then certainly no harm to China (or Fauchi) for finding a virus, studying and weaponizing it, then spreading it world wide-
      by shipping out thousands of “tourists?”

  3. Gov. Scott needs to be careful…he may be sent back to the re-education camp where he obviously has spent many of his waking hours before….

  4. It’s ironic that Scott calls for increased transparency from the Chinese government after parroting the Biden administrations narrative of “we can return to normalcy by July 4th.”

  5. Maybe the Gov. could check with his buddies at the NY Chinese Embassy to see if it’s OK with Xi to ask these kinds of questions of a friend?
    Because this could well be his last term to be able to run for Gov.?
    You all know how finnicky those Dominion voting machines can be?

    • Be careful what you “wish” for….the next governor of VT will likely be a transgender from the legislature or David Zuckerman.

      The nation is swiftly transforming into a communist hellhole. ALL the signs are there: demoralization, destabilization, crisis, and then…our new “normal” – which will be completely & irrevocably – abnormal.

      THANK YOU progressive democrats!

  6. I would not hold my hand over my butt waiting for the Governor to pop that question, and even if he did why would you (he) expect a straight, and truthful answer ? The Chinese and WHO have not been what I would call a lot of (any) help so far, unless you call developing a new virus to find a cure for help.

  7. I didn’t know Biden gave China a pass on carbon emissions. Does that include Hunter’s smoke and mirror show, and/or sparking up his crack pipe?

  8. I don’t know if Gov. Scott’s raising the CCP issue will go anywhere predicable but the very fact that he (and others) have raised it is encouraging. Will we resurrect the discarded idea that the Chinese Diaspora and the refugees in Taiwan are the future of China and the revolutionary mainland CCP are illegitimate oppressors of Chinese aspirations?

  9. And by the way, there shall NEVER be a reasonable answer from China re: the origins of the Covid pandemic because: this pandemic was biological warfare!

    Call me a propaganda theorist, however:

    1.) The timing was shortly after Trump disallowed China from continuing to mightily profit from former fixed trade deals.

    2.) North Korean leader Jong un informed Trump that “they” had a “present” to punish the United States with that was coming “right after Christmas”. Remember?

    3.) Dr. Fauci was still funding the Wuhan lab & continues to do so to this day despite it not being allowed and vocally discouraged Trump from travel bans claiming they weren’t “yet necessary”.

    4.) The virus targeted the elderly, i.e.: those who are often older, wiser, have life experience, & tend to vote more conservatively. If you believe that’s coincidence or just “normal”, it is not: H1N1 hit the YOUNGER population more severely because older persons had natural immunities – as is the case with many annual influenza viruses that are more dangerous/deadly for children & teens.

    5.) China would NOT allow the U.S. or the WHO in when this first began in order to investigate the lab.

    6.) All the lab’s records, data, etc. related to Covid were DESTROYED by the Chinese government shortly after the “outbreak”.

    7.) Numerous Chinese “whistleblowers” & physicians went “missing” or were “found dead” who were claiming that Covid was potentially released intentionally by the Communist Chinese government.

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