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Heroin, meth dealer busted

Warren Poole

On April 27, in Enosburg, the Vermont Drug Task Force, Franklin County Sheriff’s Department, and Homeland Security Investigations arrested Warren Poole, 41, of Enosburg on suspicion of sale of methamphetamine and sale of heroin, state police say. 

The arrest of Poole was the conclusion of a Vermont Drug Task Force investigation that began in July 2020 in cooperation with the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department and South Burlington Police Department. The investigation revealed that Poole sold methamphetamine and heroin. At the time of the investigation and at the time of his arrest, Poole was under supervision by the Vermont Department of Corrections as a parolee.

Poole was issued a citation to appear in the Criminal Division of the Vermont Superior Court in Saint Albans on July 27.

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  1. He’ll have a spot on the Governor’s “diversity” department (or whatever they call that idiocy) as soon as the state’s attorney let’s him go scot free because he was “targeted” for being black & the drug task force officers were “racist”.

    • You are right on, Vermont does not punish its criminals, so sad! It feels sorry for them! What about the weak people that use drugs, help them!

  2. At the time of the investigation and at the time of his arrest, Poole was under supervision by the Vermont Department of Corrections as a parolee. So he was out on parole was busted again, and is out again. Sweet !

  3. Well, in defense of VT here Patrick – the hoodlum does have an awful lot of customers who rely on him. He’s simply another VT proprietor who is obviously the victim of systemic racism.

    Seriously though, our screaming liberal, Soros-funded, commie state’s attorneys & judges have absolutely ZERO empathy or concern over the thousands of drug addicted kids & adults who have lost their lives to the drug trade. All they are concerned with FORCING “diversity” upon Vermont and whether that is in the form of welcoming inner-city drug dealers or “refugees” that we must financially support for eternity — THAT is their agenda & Vermonters better RISE UP!

    Remember when native rural Vermonters feared the affluent newcomers in their BMW’s from Westchester County & Long Island, NY et al & how they were causing Real Estate Property Values to (OMG) rise?

    I once informed them, though you may disagree, that THOSE were not the “outsiders” or “flatlanders” they NEEDED to fear. They didn’t want to hear me.

    “Can you hear me now”???!!!

    • Gosh yes Batman, I guess I just wasn’t looking at this from the perspective of an independent small businessman. Maybe he should apply for some of that free covid relief money that is being handed out?

  4. Nobody EVER asks the pertinent questions here, was he wearing a MASK? Has he been vaccinated under Scott’s BIPOC 1st program? Seriously, we’ve been here before, during the LAST “prohibition” of alcohol..Do we want more junkies & meth-heads? NO..But if ALL drugs were legal the gang-bangers & dealers would be out of a “job”. Sarah could have her “supervised injection facility” in Burlington & the homeless would only beg for food money vs. drugs/booze AND food cash. Problem solved! And they’ll ALL be guaranteed either a motel room OR some free apartments from the “stimulus funds” Scott will use to build the new “homeless housing”. When the DC money dries up us Vermonters will gladly foot the bill(s). And every boxcar rolling into this state will deliver more as the word gets out that Vermont takes good care of it’s homeless population, what radio host Howie Carr affectionately calls a “Bum Magnet”.

  5. Franklin County celebrates diversity! Maybe his case can be transferred to Chittenden County so Sarah George can treat this 41 year old as a juvenile, since it is apparent that his brain is “still developing”. Its a good thing he was under the “supervision” of the VT Dept. of Corrections…supervision used to mean something different when I was a lad. Now it is simply enabling.

  6. I’m sure he’ll be right there on July 27th for the Court Hearing. Great way to protect the citizens of this state. Things will only get increasingly worse as the commies of this state keep pushing their agenda. Get ready for those illegal aliens coming soon. Wonder how long it will take before the majority of people wake up? We need a Governor like Ron DeSantis!

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