‘Hero To Zero’ describes treatment of unvaxxed hospital employee

By Guy Page

Wednesday’s account of a UVMMC critical care doctor venting on social media about unvaccinated patients seeking treatment in the ICU has prompted 95 comments – and counting. 

One commenter notes that Dr. Gilman Allen posted on Facebook – probably in a private group – and then someone else reposted that Facebook post on Instagram. So the headline “VT Hospital doc vents on Instagram” is technically incorrect. So noted, and thanks to “Anonymous” for the correction.

Another commenter – writing under the pseudonym “UVMMC Hero to Zero” – sheds light on what it’s like to be unvaccinated and working at Vermont’s largest hospital and private employer.

Vermont Daily Chronicle has determined that “UVMMC Hero To Zero” is indeed a hospital employee. What follows is the entire, unedited online comment on Vermont Daily Chronicle to VT Hospital doc vents on Instagram against vax refusers

“I am also an employee there and I grapple every day with needing a job and working for an institution that thinks so little of me because I am unvaccinated. 

“I have felt discriminated against and shamed. I have been tested every week since October 15 and been negative every time, while my vaccinated coworkers have been sick and out of work, with URIs or getting covid despite the vaccine, out because of reactions to it, or out because their children have to go home from school due to an exposure or runny nose. 

“I’ve seen coworkers go have Peace of Mind testing DAILY during the holidays who are vaxxed and wonder to myself why on earth they would do this when they are “protected”. But let’s face it, even vaccinated people are getting covid. Don’t let them tell you any different. Most with co-morbidities. Even the CDC Director came out and said 75% have 4 or more c-morbidities.

“Some are truly scared, but some have taken advantage of the fact they got Covid pay for those call outs. Now that they will have to use up their earned time first for these instances, I’m guessing people will be coming to work despite having a sniffle. I do feel bad for those with little kids who constantly have to juggle restrictions day cares and schools have put on them over simple cold or teething symptoms. The cold and flu do still exist, people.

“I take vitamin D3, zinc and magnesium, and Vit C, and have been since this all started. I also take nasal inhalers as needed and bought a nebulizer and solution, because I will not be going to the hospital if I get covid. I’ll take my chances at home and I’m quite confident I will survive it. It does, after all, have a nearly 100% survival rate. And I have plenty of unvaccinated nurse friends who would help me in a heartbeat. With that said, I do support everyone’s right to choose for themselves.”

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  1. Well stated. I hope the brainwashed start to see the logic and stop acting like sheep following the other sheep mindlessly.

  2. The proverbial ‘Catch 22’. Damned if you do. Damned if you don’t.

    The game being played here is serious, irreconcilable, and existential. Not only will there be winners and losers, the difference between winning and losing, for all sides, has become a matter of definitive self-defense. When one side wins, it survives, while the other side ceases to exist.

    Why must the game be existential, you ask – a matter of life and death?

    Because it takes but one side to reject compromise, to insist on the elimination of the other side, in its totality. And when just one side determines to fight to the death, the only choice left to the other side is to submit and be eliminated, or to fight – even when, to them, compromise is a reasonable outcome.

    On one side we have Collectivists. On the other, the Individualist.

    For the Collectivists there can be no compromise. If only one Individualist survives (let alone thrives), the basis for the Collective is threatened. For if just one Individualist can survive, so can others.

    The Individualist, on the other hand, and by definition, can make a gracious allowance not permitted by the Collectivists… to live, and let live. That a Collective exists is no threat to the autonomy of the Individualist – unless, of course, the Collectivists declare the Individualist an enemy of the Collective, to be destroyed at all costs, because the Individualist has committed the mortal sin of rejecting the Collectivist’s order.

    The absurdity of the Collectivist’s dogma is exemplified by the precept that one cannot even choose to be a Collectivist in the first place. We are what we are. Or, rather, we are what the Collectivists say we are… because, merely expressing a ‘choice’ is the epitome of committing the original mortal sin.

    Game on.

    • How do we “fight” in this game? I am excited about the Canadian truckers in Ottawa today. They and other American truckers are supposedly making plans to drive to Washington, week.

  3. Guy…great post. How many other of Vermont’s media would report something like that?

    Besides TNR….I’m guessing zero.

    If one thing covid has exposed are those who choose fear over freedom. Fear always loses.

  4. Beautiful! Many of our best and brightest are unvaccinated at UVMMC.

    I think it went like this – we had very option early on. Many of us, for whatever reason, declined. The majority took the vaccine- it was bulletproof.

    Then we watched. And we have seen the truth – and the untruth reported as far as what is really inpatient. It’s not majority unvaccinated. That’s a “glitch” or “lag” in data we are told when asked. Most have comorbs or are incidentals. We’ve also had front row seats to vaccine injuries- also swept under the rug.

    So we saw enough as time rolled on and decided we were grateful we waited.

    We were forced and we declined. We got exemptions.

    We’ve been belittled by our administration and told to “get off the internet”’ and those views are “quackery”. We’ve been discriminated against by our peers and our organization. But we press
    on and we serve our patients and our community because we are called to do so.

    We have some fine physicians and leaders in our community. Though I’m disgusted that so many jumped onboard so fast, particularly when it comes to children (where are all the pediatricians????), I trust
    we will see a few begin to open their eyes.

    I applaud the many moms that have stood
    up for their kids and said NO. And the moms that are jumping in now. The kids have been used by cowardly adults as human shields for long enough.

    • LS-
      While many of our best and brightest at UVMMC are indeed the unvaccinated, I would say our most stellar character trait, above all others, is our compassion.
      In our hearts lies a “No judgement zone”.
      I too, was waiting for more data to come out before making my decision. The data didn’t come in the form of any report on the news. It didn’t come from the CDC, NIH, or FDA. Instead, like you, I found it with my own two eyes and ears.

      Thank you, Guy, for featuring my story.

      • Can u state what the true numbers are for any deaths due to covid since omicron? And thank u so much for all you do and I’m so sorry you have been treated so badly..

  5. This Dad is the only reason his kids werent injected. Their mother and i compromised and agreed to wait atleast 6 months. I was hopeful and confident the true information would emerge within that time frame. I believe it has. The truth is, its always been there but our mainstream media, government officials and school administrators have refused to accept it, denying the science. It does all seem a little to evil to be possible, but it is real. After new years, our entire family had covid “vaxed and boosted” and “unvaccinated ” . We’re all fine. Three of us are thankful not to have been experimented on, one of us is wondering why the deception?

    • To this day, no one in Vermont under the age of 28 has died of Covid and only a few have been hospitalized. And most were hospitalized for reasons other than Covid. Until only a month or two ago, none of those Vermont kids under 18 years of age had been vaccinated.

  6. Vaccinated persons are emitting Bluetooth Mac addresses for each maccine and booster they took.

    Folks are mostly unaware of what’s happening.
    Televisions and other electronic have patents held by Hendricus G Loos. You’re not only being deceived you’re also being electromagnetically coerced into believing the lies as well.

    Eat zeolites eat organic food , you don’t want the maccines to grow inside of you when they get to their final state you won’t have sovereign autonomy over your person anymore. is. Not a very censored website and I highly encourage you folks to look there and see what’s happening just search Bluetooth and set it to most recent uploads and get a comfortable chair to sit in so you don’t fall over staggering under the weight of what you had no idea was coming
    Iot , 5,6,7G , chem/contrails,GMOs, that stuff they put into water , heavy metals like titanium dioxide in foods , all planned for these little jabs to feed off of in order for them to self replicate inside of you , they’re gepetto and we’re all pinnochios ,

    Watch the trailer for the Hollywood movie Gamer starting Gerard Butler , two minutes you’ll understand the gist. Zeolites clear out heavy metals.from.waterways and are fda approved for human consumption. Fulvic acid is found In Organic soil and organic foods and does marvelously job at restoring health to the body they’re excellent carriers of nutrients like waitresses who carry a table for tens food all at once , organic food , zeolites , research vax repair protocols you can get it out of your body it does not change your DNA it is not what the media says it is at all.

    • “Vaccinated persons are emitting Bluetooth Mac addresses for each maccine and booster they took.”. Sorry, is that three MAC addresses, or one? And when my ass itches is that because those MAC addresses are conflicting? Also, the power sources for these emissions. Was that the battery they placed under my foreskin, and if it is, how do they power the devices in the circumcized?

  7. The best recent example of the myopia, hypocrisy and especially the schizophrenia of the left…

  8. you have to wonder why at the beginning of the pandemic when they learned that a huge %. of those who would get serious illness were those that were elderly or had commorbities like diabetes, cancer, lung function problens, heart issues, and immune problems, they didn’t advice those people to take strict precautions and let the rest of America function as normal? It would have saved trillions of dollars, caused so much less harm to our country and everyone would be much better off today!

    • You mean and do what Europeans do and set up free deliveries of food and meals (as Deliveroo and Doordash were overwhelmed and not taking new clients), make doctors make housecalls, deploy public health teams to visit those in strict isolation for mental and physical health? Then do periodic phone check-ins with all citizens to assess risk and need? Sounds like socialism to me. Much better to just issue gentle advice to the vulnerable to isolate, make it unenforceable through lawsuits saying in infringes on liberty and allow the death toll to rise. At least that way we stay pure to market-driven solutions.

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