Help sought for family of Newport prison guard

by Guy Page

A GoFundMe fundraising page has been started for the family of a Newport prison guard whose newborn daughter Isla has heart problems requiring surgery.

Chris Patton, a COII at Northeast Correctional Complex, recently welcomed Isla to his family, the Vermont State Employees Association announced in a recent newsletter. It was discovered shortly after her birth that she required some significant additional medical care. You can read more about this situation on the GoFundMe website.

The page, which has already collected over $9,086, was started by Rita Donaghy, the sister of Patton’s wife Haley:

“I am fundraising for my Sister and Brother in-law, Haley and Chris Patton as they face the challenge of caring for their newborn daughter Isla, who is currently in the PICU at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center and is currently awaiting transport to Boston Children’s Hospital. Isla was born in late September and two days after coming home from the hospital, the family learned that their 10 year old daughter had inflammation in her brain and she was admitted to Dartmouth Hitchcock for 5 days of treatment. What should have been a time to get to know their baby and rest was instead spent at their daughter’s bedside worrying about her health and what the outcome would be.

Shortly after returning home, they then learned that their newborn daughter, Isla is also sick with an atrioventricular canal defect and will need heart surgery.. Due to complications and her fragile health the family has spent weeks in the hospital and Isla will remain in the PICU until she is strong enough to be transferred and have surgery in Boston.

“My hope is to raise enough money to help my sister and her husband who is taking time off through unpaid FMLA be able to cover their expenses while waiting for Isla’s surgery as well as assisit with their expenses during the weeks of recovery that Isla will need in Boston. Also, as their 10 year old continues to receive treatment and her follow up medical appointments.

“Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 restrictions their other children as well as other family members will not be allowed to visit the hospital and their family will be separated for weeks during the Holiday Season.”

Many of Patton’s DOC colleagues have already contributed to the Patton’s GoFundMe effort. Others have reached out to offer support, contributed gas cards, and assisted with GrubHub contributions, VSEA said. All these efforts are helping the Patton family remain focused on the most important thing: getting their daughter the best medical care possible and helping her to have a speedy and full recovery. The Department of Corrections also collaborated with VSEA to ensure the Patton family has support from the State of Vermont, the VSEA, and the community. The Department will continue to seek ways to help until Chris is back at work and the family is together safely at home.

VSEA members and retirees who want to contribute to help the Patton family can click here to go to a GoFundMe page.

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  1. I pray that this family seeks the Lord for he is mighty, to guide their decisions, to guide the doctors and medical professionals who have yet to administer treatment to the children of this family. I pray the Lord brings them together during this time and gives them peace, comfort, strength and the Blessed Hope yet to come for all who Believe upon the Lord Jesus. Amen.