80% vax reached, SOE lifted – but vaccine passports okay

By Guy Page

Because Vermont reached the 80% vaccination threshhold this weekend, the pandemic State of Emergency declared in March 2020 will end at midnight tomorrow night, Governor Phil Scott said at a press conference today.

What pandemic restrictions, if any, will remain after the SOE expires tomorrow night? The following comments were made by Scott and other officials at the press conference:

  • Children will be encouraged but not required by state order to wear masks indoors. It remains to be determined whether Vermont public schools will require masks and social distancing in the fall. When an under-12 vaccine is approved, Vermont officials will implement a vaccination campaign. Gov. Scott said vaccination decisions will be up to the parents.
  • Masking and social distancing is advised, but not required, for unvaccinated Vermonters in public places.
  • All capacity restrictions for gatherings and events (effective immediately, not tomorrow night).
  • Businesses may require “vaccine passports” for customers, Gov. Scott said. They also may require masks and social distancing of both employees and customers, he said. He compared such requirements to the right to enact a “no shirt, no shoes, no service” policy. The state’s universal guidance for businesses would be ‘encouraged’ for all sectors.

“This is something businesses will have to decide for themselves,” Scott said. “But I’m okay with it.”

  • While he urged employees to “do the right thing” and get vaccinated, it is not clear whether employers will be allowed to terminate for non-vaccination, especially once a vaccine receives final FDA approval. This question is likely to come up at a scheduled press conference tomorrow.

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  1. Guy,

    Can you ask if an employee who has not received this COVID-19 vaccination but has verified that an antibody test identifies COVID-19 immunity that that will suffice as equal to receiving this COVID-19 vaccination?

  2. You do Realize with the Emergency order Lifted , the Jabs are no longer FDA approved .. They were approved for Emergency use ONLY .. The Commie Scott thinks he is going to get ahead of the fallout , because the shit is hitting the fan on this great Covid hoax . MSM and all social medias have been Exposed for pushing lies , that there were no Treatments that worked

  3. And once again this governor has no guts to make a decision and will allow businesses, and therefore, I would assume, employers, to institute vax passports. Thats just outrageous. And how does this all work now, since, for the time being, the SOE is lifted and therefore people can’t be forced/required to get the jab? At least until its FDA approved, which I keep hearing will happen soon for at least one of the jabs.

  4. Any business that requires a person to perform like a trained seal and “show your papers please” should be out of business in short order. The vaccine is not a vaccine #1. Violating HIPPA rights should not be tolerated or encouraged by the State. There is no normal returning to Vermont ever – all we are finding out about our State is we lead the nation in woke-stupidity and corruption.

    • Well said Melissa – the new normal is on the horizon and there will be many “old” players not in that picture – stay tuned!

  5. If I am asked to “prove” my vaccine status, I will most definitely not frequent that business again.

  6. Seems to me we once heard form the Government officials that there would be “no such thing as a “vaccine passport”. Now they say it is up to business on if they require them or not. PEOPLE there is or there is NOT PERIOD

  7. What a goal to brag about! Still maintaining a stronghold – relying on the dedicated businesses to the cause, as with the schools. We should be thankful for the exposure of these criminal elements so we know how to proceed. Thanks for the links saltlightfaith, saves me time! I did support the no passports petition so that one is done. So many fools – makes you wonder how they got to where they are – for the time being anyway. What amazes me is they think they will keep getting away with all this. Petition for forensic audit circulating anywhere? I mean it’s worth the effort just to see how many are still asleep. Who would you vote for on a second round of that 11/3/20 election?

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