Hartford, CT man shot dead in Newport

State police announce identity of Newport shooting victim

The victim of this weekend’s fatal shooting in Newport Town has been identified following an autopsy conducted on Monday.

The deceased has been named as Wilmer Rodriguez, 27, originally from Hartford, Connecticut. The Chief Medical Examiner’s Office has concluded that Rodriguez died due to multiple gunshot wounds, officially classifying his death as a homicide.

Vermont State Police completed their forensic processing at the Farrar Road crime scene and released the location earlier on Monday. Preliminary findings from the ongoing investigation suggest that Rodriguez’s shooting was not a random act, but rather a targeted incident. As of now, no suspects have been taken into custody.

VSP is urging the public to assist in the investigation. Anyone with potential information or leads is encouraged to reach out to the Derby Barracks at 802-334-8881.

In connection with this case, the Vermont State Police extended gratitude to Homeland Security Investigations for their collaborative efforts.

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  1. Something tells me he wasn’t in Vermont to see the colorful leaves. Turf wars are heating up. Buckle up Vermont gonna be a rough ride.

  2. “As of now, no suspects have been taken into custody.” A strong suggestion would be to round up the “usual suspects” . . . those from Hartford, Springfield, NYC. Actually, the police may want to check the list of those “released on conditions” for a god starting point for suspects.

  3. Why don’t we have pictures of the supposed victim and supposed perpetrator? Because the Vermont swamp doesn’t want it released.

    Our biggest problems used to be stray cows, horses, bears breaking into bee hives, foxes getting into the chicken coop.

    But we seemed to have adopted big city ideas, big city solutions, big city corruption and look, Vermont has big city problems.

    People closer to God and closer to the land know what is going on, and it’s not right. Thank fully it’s easily solved, because we created the problem it’s also easy to correct, we only need change our direction.

    If we treated criminals like we treat business or more so modest home ownership, our state would be drug free within a month. Free of criminals.

    Drug dealing in Vermont is easy, no permits, somebody gets in your business, just shoot them.

    Vermont here’s your sign, we need to change direction.

  4. They need to send the zoning board after these criminals for operating without a permit! Send the whole government of land us regulation upon them, it will cripple them, bankrupt them and discourage them from ever coming into the state. Then have all the NYMBY’s come out in full force!…..

    Funny how that would happen for somebody trying to open up a soap factor y that makes soap from goat’s milk, but nothing for this.