Hartford, CT man and alleged killer charged with dealing fentanyl

A Hartford Connecticut man being held on homicide charges since September 13 has also been charged with dealing fentanyl.

On November 12 Jashawn Hunter, 33, was arrested on suspicion of Trafficking of Fentanyl, Possession of Cocaine and Transportation into the state. His arrest was as a result of the continued investigation into the attempted St. Johnsbury homicide that Hunter was charged with on 9/13/21.

Hunter is still being held behind bars on the attempted homicide charges and was issued a citation to appear in Caledonia Superior Court on 12/20/21 to answer to the new charges.

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  1. He’s very obviously being discriminated against on account of his race & the dangerous & deadly drugs he criminally supplies and pushes – have absolutely nothing to do with his being behind bars —- and I’m certain my views are correct as VT State Attorneys shall likely seek to have him released back into the public ASAP. Oh, and just as an aside: George Soros BITES.

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