Hartford CT drug dealer sentenced / MA man dies suspicious death in Swanton / Thieves stole Escalade catalytic converters

Two men were arrested recently in connection with the July 22 theft of catalytic converters in Readsboro.

On July 22, state troopers were advised of a reported theft. Nathan Matys, of Readsboro said advised he arrived at his repair shop and observed a male running away from one of his vehicles on the lot carrying something in his arms.

It was later discovered that the catalytic converters were cut from a Cadillac Escalade (the converters were found behind the building adjacent to the repair shop). A hand print was located on the vehicle which was swabbed for DNA. The swab was analyzed and DNA belonging to Jesse J. Laflam of Rockingham was located on the vehicle.

Investigation revealed that Jesse and Brett Lawton, of Chester were dropped off at the location, cut the catalytic converters from the Cadillac Escalade, and were later picked up from the scene after Nathan located them on the property. During the investigation, Brett provided false information to Law Enforcement.

The two men were issued criminal citations to appear in Vermont Superior Court.

Massachusetts man found dead in Swanton – the man found in a First Street, Swanton home after dying in ‘suspicious’ circumstances was in his early 20’s from Massachusetts, state police say. Police are not releasing the name pending notification of next of kin. No arrests have been made, and an investigation is ongoing.

Hartford, CT drug dealer sentenced – a Connecticut man caught selling an undercover agent drugs in Northfield was sentenced on Monday.

Tirrell Adams, 36, of Hartford, Connecticut, was sentenced in United States District Court to serve 37 months in prison after his guilty plea to one count of possession with intent to distribute cocaine base and fentanyl.

Adams was ordered to serve a three-year term of supervised release and to pay a $100 special assessment.

According to court records and proceedings, Adams agreed to meet with an undercover special agent from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives so he could sell to the undercover special agent cocaine base and fentanyl for $5,500.

On May 10, 2021, when Adams showed up at the meet location in Northfield, Vermont, he was taken into custody.

Law enforcement searched Adams and discovered what was later determined to be 90.9 grams of cocaine base and 16.6 grams of fentanyl.

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  1. Thank goodness for Federal prosecution of the downcountry carpetbaggers bringing addictive poison to Vermont. All of these cases can be traced back to the same problem, a wide open US southern border where cheap chinese fentanyl and it’s precursors flow like wine. Inexplicably, this is what a majority of Ummerican voters apparently wanted. Next time someone you know or care about dies from an opioid overdose or finds part of their car’s exhaust missing, thank Joe.

  2. “3 years of supervised release and $100 special special assessment”? WHAT IS THAT??
    If i speed 10 miles over the speed limit in NY, it’s over $500…this is ludicrous! We need to do something to deter them from coming to VT is the first place. SHAME on our Justice System, who swore to protect the innocent from the criminal!

  3. VT is too soft on these criminals, they know it and that’s why they try to operate out here.
    And, the homeless: VT takes care of them so well it has become a destination for them.
    Here in Chittenden County the DA way too soft as a prosecutor on these people.

    We need prosecutors in VT with a set of balls as big as church bells!

  4. You call that a sentence? 3 years of “supervised release” and a hundred dollar fine? Who’s gonna “supervise” him? His Mommy?