Harry Potter author sides with trans assault victim Fred Sargeant

By Guy Page

The author of the best-selling book series in history has tweeted her support for retired police officer and Addison County resident Fred Sargeant, the gay liberation activist who was assaulted by trans marchers in the September 18 Pride Parade. 

“If you’ve found yourself on the opposite side to Fred Sargeant, I would respectfully suggest you can kiss goodbye to being on the right side of history,” J.K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series, tweeted last night at 11:32 pm.

Fred Sargeant

Yesterday, supporters of Sargeant alluded to a personal friendship with Rowling, whose series has sold more than 500 million copies – by some reports the best-selling book series ever. The Rowling connection appears to be more than idle name-dropping, as evidenced by the tweet, which went out to her 13.9 million followers, including Associated Press Vermont reporter Wilson Ring and PBS.

The attack on Sargeant has been reported by the New York Post, the UK’s Daily Mail, and other lesser-known national and international media.

As reported recently in Vermont Daily Chronicle, Sargeant, one of the original Stonewall gay liberation marchers and a retired police officer, was shoved to the ground Sept. 18 by trans activists upset about his verbal proclamations and sign that women (gay or straight) are women and cannot be men. Sargeant, and Burlington GOP leader Christopher-Aaron Felker who filmed the Pride Parade incident, are among Vermont gays who decry what they say is the transgender movement’s hijacking of the gay rights movement. 

Rowling’s tweet includes a link to Sargeant’s YouTube statement on the incident. Rowling’s recognition of the incident, and Sargeant’s silent protest at Saturday’s Outright Vermont fire truck pulling fundraiser, remain completely uncovered by Vermont’s mainstream media. WCAX news mentioned the presence of unnamed protesters at the Outright Vermont event but provided no details, even though fellow silent protester Christopher-Aaron Felker of Burlington managed to wave a sign at the camera while others sought to obstruct the view. 

Burlington police say they attempted to investigate but were unable to contact Sargeant. 

At today’s press conference, Gov. Phil Scott was asked by VDC if he is aware of the incident. “I don’t have all the details,” Scott said. “Any violence of any nature is uncalled for. Everyone should be treated equally.”

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