Happy Veterans Day!

Old Glory raised over Barre in the wee hours of Wednesday, Nov. 10. Bert Saldi photo

Happy Veterans Day from Vermont Daily Chronicle and all grateful Vermonters to our many veterans.

This 30′ x 20′ American flag was raised over Main Street, Barre yesterday (Nov. 10) morning at 5:15 a.m. by U.S. Navy veteran Brian Judd of Barre and several friends and City employees. As with a similar Granite City flag raising on Sept. 11, it was not authorized by the Progressive-led Barre City Council, some of whom questioned Judd’s “intent” in raising the flag.

Gov. Scott issued the following Veterans Day statement:

“Today we pause to honor the brave men and women who served our state and nation in the Armed Services.

“Thousands of Vermonters have served our country over the course of American history, and too many never made it home.

“From the Green Mountain boys who joined the fight for independence; to a war that saved the Union, and two wars that would encircle the world; to Korea and Vietnam and the Middle East, and our F-16s defending the skies above Ground Zero on September 11, 2001; Vermonters have always answered our nation’s call.

“Their sense of duty, and sacrifice, is why it’s so important for us to take the time to not only thank our veterans, but to listen to their stories, as well. They are why we live in the greatest country on Earth, and we must always be grateful to those who made that possible.”

Sen. Bernie Sanders offered the following:

“As we recognize, honor, and remember their service, we must, as a community, do more. We must commit ourselves to keeping America’s promise to our veterans and servicemembers, just as they kept their promise to us. That means making certain that veterans and their families get all the benefits they earned through their service, on time and without delay. That means ensuring access to the best quality health care this country can provide by protecting and strengthening the Department of Veterans Affairs. That means ensuring no veteran goes hungry or is forced to sleep on the streets. And it means ending injustice, including making sure those who served their country are not deported, as well as doing right by those exposed to toxic substances and with bad paper discharges.

“I believe that if someone takes an oath to serve their country, to go off to war, to risk their life or risk coming home wounded – in body or in spirit – then that government has a duty to make good on its commitment.”

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  1. I’m glad that the City Council was able to extricate their heads from their collective butts, and approve the patriotic flying of our nation’s flag and honor those who gave so much, so they could argue over it.

  2. Oh, how rude of me to not ask if any of said councilors had mental breakdowns due to the intimidation factor of a giant American flag, or turned into pumpkins