Guv’s lawyer: unvaccinated employees may be fired once vax gets FDA approval

By Guy Page

Vermont employers may legally fire employees who refuse to be vaccinated once a vaccine receives final approval by the FDA, the chief legal counsel for the Scott administration said today. 

It’s unclear whether Vermont employers may terminate employees now, while vaccines are still classified as emergency treatment, Gov. Phil Scott and his legal counsel Jaye Pershing Johnson said at today’s press conference. (Go to last two minutes of press conference audio.)

Vermont Daily asked: “Governor, is it permissible for an employer to terminate an employer who refuses vaccination? And if so, is a negative antibody test acceptable as an alternative?”

Both Johnson and Scott said the acceptability of a negative antibody test as a vaccine alternative would likely need to be resolved in court. 

As to firing an unvaccinated worker – “That’s a legal question I don’t have an answer to,” Scott said. “I haven’t heard that question as of yet – but I imagine it will.” He then asked Johnson for more information. 

“We have researched this a little bit, whether an employer can fire someone for not being vaccinated,” Johnson said. “The problem with the vaccination is it is an emergency use authorization at this point, and the law isn’t clear. I don’t know of any litigation that has tested it yet.”

“What we’re hoping for is the commercial use authorization, and then employers can make that decision,” Johnson said. 

A U.S. District court judge has ruled against Houston hospital employees opposing mandatory vaccination. The lower court decision will be appealed, the plaintiffs said.

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  1. I guess that explains the high percentage “quit rate” of employees ditching employers in high numbers. Welcome to life in communist China!

  2. How hard it is to find good employees now? Might as well fire the whole lot of them. Rights, freedoms…who needs them?? What is this state coming to? We so need common sense back and backbone.

  3. Forced vaccinations. I knew it was coming. I will not comply like all the good little sheep out there are. Heck, it isn’t even a vaccine! It’s some kind of DNA/RNA manipulation. No clue about long term effects. How about the people having major heart problems or dropping dead after being “vaccinated”? I guess that’s just the price we pay, right? If my employer tried to force me to take the “vaccine” I would quit long before he had a chance to fire me. But you sheep out there just keep going along to get along (you know, like wearing masks that everyone knows are completely ineffective in stopping viruses). Pay no attention to your rights as a citizen to not be compelled/forced to take an experimental drug that may have long term consequences we know nothing about. I’ll risk getting a virus that has a 99.9% recovery rate as apposed to an experimental drug that we know nothing about the consequences of taking it.
    It’s working out great for China though, aye?

  4. what a sad state. This governor could do some wonderful things like other REPUBLICAN governors do, but this once again proves he’s a RINO and rides the fence not making any waves hoping to run for higher office some day I would assume….at the expense of the people he is suppose to represent. He should not 1) allow vax passports, 2) forced to show their vax cards either to work, or do business and 3) our young people and children should not be forced to take this poison. ” Preliminary data suggest elevated rates of heart issues among vaccinated people ages 16 to 24,” according to science writer Alex Berenson. “At a food and drug administration advisory meeting on Thursday, CDC officials shared data covering about 12 million doses given to people in this age range. CDC officials said that they would typically expect to see 10-102 cases of these heart events in this group but that 275 cases had been REPORTED” (how many are not reported….??) I guess THIS loss of life/health is acceptable to Phil. How much money is he getting for each person vaccinated?? Its gotta be money he’s after as he is ignoring everything else

  5. I would not get in to a Snit about this one . FDA will never Approve the Jab . The Death count from Jabs is way to high . Vaers . doing Damage control . Hiding truth . Patriots . Backing up the Facts .

  6. If I was an employer (I’m retired) I would not hire anyone who was vaccinated. And if I found out an employee got vaccinated, and therefore put other employees in danger, they would be fired and sued. Almost 6000 Americans have died of “vaccine” complications, and I am sure that is under-reported. People have died of the China flu AFTER being “vaccinated”. Phil Scott is no better than the mass murderer of New York, Andrew Cuomo. Please, Vermont, get rid of him!

      • Yes John it is an excellent video and it parallels what the true and honest (as well as censored) health professionals who have desperately (and at great risk) tried to sound the alarms NOT to take the “jab” for months now. Those aware need to prepare to be strong and ready for what is coming as a result of this attempted genocide. This was planned as far back as 1956 as documents are surfacing to reveal the plans of the evil ones who will be held accountable for plotting, planning, and pushing a death blow to our families, friends and worst of all our young ones. Hell to pay is coming for all of them. Crimes against humanity carries a death blow itself – only a matter of time now. Good against evil – guess what – GOD WINS!!!

  7. guess more vermonters can shop and work in New Hampshire? Vermont seems to want to drive intelligent people away? make more citizens make difficult choices!

  8. Very interesting reports coming out from employers who are planning succession for employees in big numbers…they are planning to lose half to 3/4 of their staff within 2-3 years. I wonder why an employer would have to make big moves to plan such big losses? It’s not about retirement and it’s not about turnover. There really are some nefarious things going on in the “medical” field and those in the know – are making plans. Say many prayers every one – Big Pharma and Corporate medicine are snot interest in saving anyone this go around….

  9. Attorney Johnson may have created a conundrum for Vermont. The 3 current experimental “vaccines” use mRNA technology to modify the organism (Vaccine recipient)
    thus, making the recipient a Genetically Modified Organism? Perhaps Atty Johnson needed to consult with the Vermont Dept. of Agriculture first, as there are statues for GMO’s in Vermont- Act 120 covers it, labelling has been required since 2016. Is that why some people are still wearing masks? The mask serves as a warning label?

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