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Guv unaware of state employee ‘equity audit’

by Guy Page

Gov. Phil Scott stands behind the need for equity and diversity training of state employees, but said he is unaware of any plans to implement an ‘equity audit’ on state employees, as reported yesterday.

Vermont Daily Chronicle asked Gov. Scott at today’s press conference:

“Yesterday we published a first-person account about a state employee who underwent the mandatory equity and diversity training. He said the instructor refused to take any questions, saying questions are self-serving, said that being color-blind is racist, and that the nuclear family was something ‘pushed on us’ by the white power structure. This employee said he has been threatened twice with job termination for questioning this instruction and also says a coming ‘equity audit’ on state employees will feature an ‘inclusion score that measures employee level of belonging in the work environment.’ Do you support an ‘equity audit’ and do you have any concerns about how the equity and diversity training is being carried out?”

“This is something new. I have not heard about this,” Gov Scott replied. “Sounds like an HR issue.” Regarding the need for equity and diversity training, he said, “I think its important. It’s something we need to be aware of and sensitive to.”

“We can always improve,” Scott said. As with the successful statewide vaccination effort, the focus should “not be forcing people but educating them.”

“I am not aware of the equity audit,” Scott concluded. “We’ll take a look.”

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  1. This governor doesn’t seem to be “aware” of many issues in Vermont. Huh. That’s often convenient.

  2. Today’s thinking seems to shift into nouns, rather than verbs or adverbs. “Equity” is an impossible theoretical/hypothetical.
    Genuine equaility or equitability are workable and acheivable goals/outcomes. The differentiation is not negligible.

  3. Plausible deniability? It was a catch phrase decades ago that Phil used well today.
    As the demands of special interest groups to control narratives and public policy toward their self interests accelerates in Vermont, we are certain to see more groups demand center stage for their interests. As a confused government attempts to appease these groups, the resulting anarchy will destroy what has made Vermont a desirable place to live.
    But isn’t that whats happened in most societies and states that have moved to socialism?

      • When Vermont became a desirable place to live for outsiders, it became undesirable for the Vermonters born and raised here.

    • Plausible deniability has been resurrected Frank – KNOWINGLY has come into full view as well so if they want to play with words or instruct and support others to do so – let’s see VT is now up to close to 500 sealed indictments – whoever KNOWINGLY misbehaved here will be quite surprised in the coming months as will be the citizenry –

  4. This new wave of “socialism” came to Vermont via Burlington through Bernie, and now a devious cabal of CRT comrades, their foreheads and right forearms stamped with his approval, are implementing a groovy/revolutionary Bolshevik agenda amongst our state employees. But they do not call it communism. It sounds and looks better as The Rainbow Coalition, Peace&Justice for WHATEVER, CRT, Anti-Racism. Antifah. Textbook anti-Democrat propaganda. The Chronicle is one working alternative to CRT institutionalism, and I want to see this paper compete with “the establishment.” We are now, strange as it really is, the Anti-Establishment.

    • You nailed it, the feel the bern off spring are deeply imbedded in the Burlington council past and present and is in breeding with the rest of what we call Vermont

  5. Phil scott says we can always improve…

    If we mean him switching to the democratic party where he belongs I agree

    If he means the rinos in the state of Vermont I agree

    If he means defending the constitution of Vermont and the United states of America I agree

    Calling vermonters racist is absolutely disgusting..

    Phil you can improve… Stop the racist agenda in the state of Vermont and do something to make us fiscally stable.

    • Actually, I think the governor would be more comfortable in the Progressive party, but he hasn’t sounded or acted like a Republican since shortly after his election in his first term.

  6. Gov Phil is too busy racing at Thunder Road, collecting Biden bucks, taking calls from his pals over at the CCP action desk, and meetings with the new Uni-party. You can’t expect him to keep up with inner workings of State government.

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