Guv pledges $200 mil for carbon reduction

Chevy Volt gets “refill” at Middlebury charging station

Vermont Gov. Phil Scott (R) April 6 proposed more than $200 million in state-federal climate change mitigation spending.

The governor’s climate economy proposals include $25 million to expand Vermont’s electric vehicle charging infrastructure; $21 million for weatherization and energy efficiency; $29 million to support investments in community resilience and make it possible for more Vermonters to replace fossil-fuel based heating and cooling systems with all-electric or modern wood systems over the next four years. An additional $100 million will support the implementation of the climate action plan under development by Vermont’s Climate Council.

In response to Scott’s proposal, Olivia Campbell Andersen, executive director of renewable energy trade group Renewable Energy Vermont, said there are benefits the governor’s plan offers to Vermonters.

“Every Vermonter and every Vermont community, particularly those with the highest energy burdens, should be empowered to generate and store their own power,” Campbell Anderson said. “The governor’s proposal to accelerate renewable heating, electric vehicles, resilient energy storage, weatherization, and broadband access will save Vermonters money, make their homes healthier and more comfortable, and cut climate pollution.”

Republished from yesterday’s Sun Community News.

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  1. $100,000,000 of taxpayers money to be spent under the planned guidance of an elected Climate Board on projects not yet developed. Sounds like a real urgent COVID recovery investment! Unbelievable.

  2. who authorizes a governor to spend $200 million on something his state residents do not want?

    • He’s not spending anything, he is recommending a plan. It has to go through the legislature. This is to utilize federal money which has limited areas in which it can be spent.

  3. Wow! 25 Million Dollars to build charging stations? Seriously? Only Tesla has the ability to charge their cars at a fast (Under 2 hours) rate. The infrastructure for that is expensive, as the electric requirements are big. Other manufacturers use a charging system that charges at a slower rate, requiring less infrastructure. At home, and at night is the time to charge. At work isn’t bad either- especially if the business picks up the tab. Vermont has no business subsidizing EV charging, which is akin to paying for someone’s gas- or building state run gas stations. Remembering Vermont’s pension funding crisis- do we really need to spend 25 Million dollars to provide a service that really belongs in the private sector?
    Phil’s Electron Filling Stations is something Vermont doesn’t need.

  4. IMHO, this is yet another hairbrained idea that’s going to cost the average Vermont resident too much. We don’t have an economy that supports all these expensive add-on’s the left-winged politicians want. It’s also another clear piece of evidence how far left our RINO governor has drifted. At least if the governor was a Progressive, we still might not like it, but it would be in keeping with that political party. Who is twisting Governor Phil’s arm to go all in on all this ‘infrastructure’ that we can’t afford?

  5. There is a communicable disease in Montpelier that causes people to go wild with other peoples’ money. Maybe Dr Levine should look into this, as it is affecting a whole lot of folks, including the Governor.
    This money Scott is proposing is folly of the first order. No one has addressed individual affordibility and until that is done, there will be little support for this, because pure and simple, Vermonters have grown to NOT trust peculiars in Montpeculiar. It is that simple.

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