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Guv, Legislature mum on DHS ‘domestic threat actor’ bulletin

Screenshot of opening paragraph, with link to entire document, to DHS bulletin

By Guy Page

Gov. Phil Scott said he is unaware of the Feb. 7 Department of Homeland Security bulletin characterizing some American online speech about Covid-19, election fraud, and 5G technology as mis- dis- and mal-information or “MDM.” These online communications by “domestic threat actors” threaten US critical infrastructure and undermine public trust in government institutions, the bulletin said. 

The bulletin is entitled Summary of the Terrorism Threat to the United States,. Gov. Scott said the subject was not discussed during a meeting with DHS officials last week. 

The bulletin says DHS will be allocating grants to state and local partners to help reduce this alleged threat. Late last week, Vermont Daily Chronicle emailed every Vermont legislator by name for his/her opinion on the bulletin, and whether the State of Vermont should participate with DHS in tracking down Vermont ‘domestic threat actors’ as defined by the DHS. To date, one written response has been received. Another outreach to all lawmakers is planned, and responses will be published. 

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  1. Let us wait until the truth comes out before calling certain information mis-dis and mal-information. If this goes into effect perhaps the people promoting this could be the ones prosecuted.

  2. Re: “The bulletin says DHS will be allocating grants to state and local partners”.

    And just who might these ‘partners’ be?

    Can I be a snitch too? I mean, after all, if there’s money in it…..

  3. Gov Phil is either a liar or a moron. That aside , I emailed all the reps and senators from Windsor county the 19th in regards to the DHS (facist) memo. Only The Dick has replied . Senator Dick. And his answers are ALWAYS malicious and mocking. Therest of the Windsor county cabal are either ignorant , like Phil or, scared to answer because they have NO clue about YOUR rights and mine.

    • Dick is an arrogant SOB – no clue what REAL VT is – he only seeks to destroy, spread vitriol under the guise of “being woke” & install socialism. GO BACK TO NY, DICK! Run, Dick, Run! (Uh- oh…soon he’ll be looking to have me thrown in the pokey for that!)!!

  4. Throughout history, those who have limited speech for others have been “the bad guys”, n’est-ce pas? But we don’t study history. Canada now; $25 to truckers = frozen bank account for minimum wage worker as per report. I’m still breathless thinking about what penalties our multi-layered Ministries of Truth will impose.

  5. Phil Scott is probably being intimidated, threatened or coerced into playing ball with Mayorkas. He needs our help. He’s a good egg that got his shell cracked. Show him some support and protect his 6.

  6. Scott’s “go to” reply whenever he is asked to give comment about any incident a GENUINE conservative would ravenously take the opportunity to jump on: “I don’t know anything about that”.

    Yeah. Sure. Do you happen to know anything about developing a spine, by chance?

  7. Reminds me of VC’ recent cartoon regarding those wicked violent Canadian truckers in contrast to our Amerikan Antifah losers trying to burn down America for months and them terrorist parents at “Teachers’ Meetings?” insisting on knowing what is being taught to their children.

    • Yup burning down America coast to coast……But let’s blame that on covid and alleged election fraud ….just unbelievable, were those who out of the county???

  8. These hacks have probably NOT read the Declaration of Independence

    Didn’t THAT document sow discord with an untrustworthy government?

    This isn’t the only thing that Phil isn’t cognizant of. How about : Sowing discord and misinformation on citizens , for real reasons, who haven’t been jabbed with an experimental vaccine?

  9. The BIGGEST clampdown on Free Speech in our lifetimes & Guv Picklenose was “unaware” of it? He’s either stupid, lying, or both..When “wrong think” is criminalized only criminals will think, period. He’s SO full of…you know what..

  10. “He’s a real nowhere man
    Sitting in his nowhere land
    Making all his nowhere plans for nobody
    Doesn’t have a point of view
    Knows not where he’s going to
    Isn’t he a bit like you and me?”

  11. Scott will fall in line with the technocrats….he always does. I would suspect, much like Canada, these comment forums following media stories will be closely monitored and then banned.
    When your kin ask you what you did when power mongering socialists were trying to overthrow our civilization what will you say?

  12. With all this public medical data, can someone please check Wag the Dogger Scotty boy for signs of life, i.e. he has a pair, a heart, and is breathing?
    I want a report on my desk by midnight Friday.
    Go get’er gumshoes!

  13. And all of this falls upon the complacency of voters. Nationally and especially here in Vermont we have ceded our interests to a group of petulant liberal/socialists that have taken up the opportunity given by us and now are ensconced as the ruling elite class. balint, krowinski ,sears, baruth and sorotkin didn’t seize control of our government, they were voted into office. james condos did everything he could think of in 2020 to legally assure the liberal socialists stay in power. Reversing the trend? extremely difficult here in the people’s republic. It may take decades- or not happen at all, because “we” are now considered Domestic terrorists, subject to the whims of the elite ruling class. What we are seeing in Canada, Australia, Austria and New Zealand is a precursor to what will be in Vermont, should we not change whom “represents” us in Montpelier. As the socialist gaggle of liberals honks incessantly about firearms legislation, watch out. The 2nd amendment and Vermont’s Article 16 may well be the only barrier to trudeau-like tactics here in Vermont. Whether you own firearms or not, the restrictions on these two declared rights affect every person in Vermont. Don’t buy into that statement? Look north to current events in Canada. They relinquished semi automatic firearms to trudeau in 2020. Look where it got them.

  14. I am giving Gov. Scott the benefit of the doubt on his not giving this the light of day. His focus is on other things. Let the members of the Party of the KKK continue their assault on the First Amendment and other precious freedoms. November 8th is coming.

  15. Thank you so much!!!!
    for following this up, I can’t wait to see responses/ non-responses.
    hoping they are substantiative and not just political-speak.

  16. Aw shucks, why does that big meanie Guy Page ask me all these hard questions anyways???
    399BC Socrates speaks to jury at his trial: ‘If you offered to let me off this time on condition I am not any longer to speak my mind… I should say to you, “Men of Athens, I shall obey the Gods rather than you.”‘

    To Whom It May Concern,
    I am prepared to be persecuted, jailed, beaten and murdered by you and the princes and powers of this world for my speech. My speech can never do any of these things to you, it cannot make you more powerful nor can it make you a prince. But it can kill your lies and destroy you when the people discover your crimes against me…

    Only In God can we trust and live. I hope that is clear enough.

    Capot Turem En Anno Est

  17. So let us all and those around us……write, call, message our Reps in State and Federal level the questions about this “crime against us”…….power in numbers. The arrogant corruption of our elected politicians is beyond belief in my humble opinion, and yes I have an opinion….which I will share freely with every one of them…..Term limits are an absolute necessity at this point…push push for this. and make sure its 2 terms only with NO consideration post “service”…..kills me when called service as is now……It is NOT anything close to it

  18. For someone who is supposed to be “leading” our state…he seems to be “unaware” about a LOT of breaking info that SHOULD be very pertinent to him. He needs to retire.

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