Gunshot victim charged as fugitive

By Guy Page

A Holyoke, MA man was charged as a fugitive from justice after being treated at UVMMC for gunshot wounds suffered on Willard Street in Burlington in the early morning of May 15.

Police say Lakeam Bennett, 29, misrepresented his identity to police officers at the hospital. 

He was ultimately identified and discovered to have arrest warrants from both Mass and Rhode Island for firearms violations.

On Jan. 6, 2022, Bennett was charged in Rhode Island criminal court with Felony Assault and/or Battery, Reckless Driving and Other Offenses Against Public Safety, and Resisting Legal or Illegal Arrest.

Burlington police detectives say Bennett was shot while armed and forcing his way into a Willard Street resident’s apartment after engaging in a fight with the resident and others earlier that morning on Church St. He is being held on $10,000 bail as a Fugitive from Justice regarding the arrest warrant from Massachusetts. 

In other Burlington gun violence news, a man was shot in the head early Monday morning in City Hall Park in Burlington. Nobody is in custody yet, WCAX reported. This is the 10th gunfire incident of the year. Two people were shooting at each other. The man who was shot will recover, WCAX reports. Neighboring businesses sustained gunfire damage. 

Many of the recent shooting incidents have occurred in the early hours of the morning, when only two Burlington police officers are patrolling for Vermont’s largest city, due to “Defund the Police” measures undertaken in the aftermath of the George Floyd killing, and also due to a chronic shortage of police in Vermont and nationwide. 

Burlington released a public safety plan to address growing concerns of a ‘wild west’ atmosphere, especially downtown, three days ago.

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  1. He’ll be out in two shakes of a lamb’s tail….after all, according to our Soros-funded prosecutors who hate to prosecute (unless you are white & exercise your rights to free speech & to bear arms) — he is the true victim here.

  2. Let’s take a look at the “root causes” of this shooting……

    Root Cause #1: The Burlington City Council’s “Defund the Police” policy that has made the Queen City less safe and far more dangerous as thugs with guns roam the streets in the absence of police coverage.

    Root Cause #2: The Burlington City Council’s unwillingness to move swiftly and responsibly to correct its past “Defund the Police” mistakes and make Burlington a safe city to live, work in and visit for all.

    Solution: Get rid of those members of the Burlington City Council who put “woke” ideology ahead of public safety and overall community good.

    • Burlington’s voters made it clear in march they approve of the current city council.
      It is no stretch to assume that Burlington voters are therefore accepting of incidents such as this to continue.
      For those that disagree with the current city policy, move if a resident, or don’t go to Burlington.
      Remember, prostitution is condoned now, in the Queen City- and “safe injection sites” are on the list next.

  3. This state has become a haven for out of state drug dealers. They find easy marks and there is slim police coverage that we never needed in the past.

  4. If all the perpetrators of all the recent gun incidents were held to account for their Federal firearms violations, there would be no need for any discussions about any new gun restrictions. No time or taxpayer money should be wasted on these miscreants in a Vermont District courtroom, by any of our inept social justice warrior prosecutors. Enough of the race guilt. Violent criminals need to be be dealt with in a COLORBLIND court system and let our VERY TOUGH, EXISTING Federal gun laws do their job at putting these people away in a concrete and steel enclosure for long periods of time.

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