Gunfire riddles Burlington home with children inside

Burlington’s first ‘gunfire incident’ of 2022 occurred Saturday night. No-one was hurt as gunfire struck a home off Riverside Avenue.

According to police, shortly after 9 pm Burlington Police Department dispatchers received calls about gunfire at an apartment in the 600 block of Riverside Avenue. Residents reported there had been several shots from outside the address, some of which came into the residence.

Officers responded and swept and secured the scene. They observed evidence that a firearm had been discharged multiple times, and members of the Detectives Services Bureau’s Identification Unit were called in to collect and catalogue evidence. No one was injured, but rounds struck exterior walls and traveled through a window, striking interior walls, as well. Children were present in the home at the time of the incident.

This is the first confirmed gunfire incident of 2022. From 2012 to 2019, Burlington experienced an average of two gunfire incidents per year; in 2020 there were a dozen; in 2021 there were 14.

A gunfire incident occurs when police have probable cause to believe a firearm was discharged and reasonable suspicion that it was discharged in a criminal manner. Not all gunfire incidents are shootings, in which the gunfire strikes a person, but all gunfire incidents are dangerous crimes in the densely populated city, police say.

Detectives are seeking to identify a suspect. Anyone with information about this incident is asked to contact the Burlington Police Department at (802) 658-2704.

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  1. And yet the useful idiots of Burlington’s student council on all things crazy want to defund, or disarm cops. Yup, that’s would be the logical course for a sane human being to pursue. Wouldn’t it ?

  2. Burlington , now being the Shoot-em-up capitol of Northern New England , has no one to blame except that MINDSET that runs the city and the Proggie-Marxist community that desires to defund and demote the Police. You want lawlessness?? You GOT it.

    • The sad thing is – this IS very much what they want! A chaotic, terrified, depressed public wherein the deluded run the place and the only way in which to even attempt to stay safe & alive is to kowtow to dictatorial rule by the “elites” of the government.

      AS IF….these screwballs in Burlington, VT are going to be “the grand poobah leaders” of ANYTHING once this once precious democracy is destroyed. These are the most ignorant of all – taking their marching orders from Karl Marx, Alinsky, & Soros actually believing they will hold great power when the empire falls.

      Uh… you won’t, morons.

    • Get ready Burlington! You voted for “Lawlessness”. Now you got it! You approved prostitution, drugs, street pandering, civil disobedience, eliminating responsible public schools, decreasing police protection and abdication of responsibility for public property. Whatever decent, responsible citizens remain better hide. Remember, YOU VOTED FOR WHAT YOU GOT!

  3. Yet when these shooters are apprehended they are released by our failed justice system led by sarah george and bj donavan!! The progressive stay silent about these shootings but push gun control laws for law abiding gun owners.

  4. Well we certainly shouldn’t incarcerate the culprets as drive by shootings are another product of our country’s long history of institutional racism. It not their fault they pulled the trigger…..

  5. Don’t blame the Cops, they have likely arrested, AND CHARGED, the guy/shooter several times.

    Blame the “never Prosecutors”, and the unmotivated “Judges” who release
    criminals before the police can finish the paperwork.

    “Justice” seems to be BIG LIE !!

    Next apartment shoot-up scheduled for 3 weeks from now!

  6. Great Burlington! Invite more of these beautiful people into the area! We don’t need more gun laws. We need fewer of these characters infesting our great state. we who grew up in Vermont served our country and raised our families and contributed positively to the state . . and hunted.

  7. Vermont taxpayers get ready to embrace redistribution of State taxes you pay when citizens of foreign nations can legally vote in Vermont. Can you vote in Venezuela, Syria, Somalia, China?

  8. Need a law passed that fines and imprisons lawmakers and council members who vote for defunding the police. This is treasonous and insanity in nature.

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