Gunfire in Burlington park / Sex offender released

Burlington PD photo of City Hall Park shooter

Burlington’s third ‘gunfire incident’ of the year took place Friday morning at 2:55 AM on April 15, in City Hall Park. 

An unidentified male displayed a firearm in the park. As the male approached the alley between City Hall and the BCA Center, he raised the firearm into the air and discharged a number of rounds. No one was struck. 

He fled east to Church Street and then continued east on College Street. As officers responded to City Hall Park, they heard—and dispatch received calls about—additional discharges in the Hill Section, in the vicinity of upper College Street.

A sergeant from UVMPD later advised that UVM received a tip, via an anonymous reporting app, that someone discharged a gun in the vicinity of Jeanne Mance Hall on Pearl Street.

Burlington Police Detectives are seeking to identify the suspect. Anyone with information about this incident is asked to contact the Burlington Police Department at (802) 658-2704.

Sex offender released – On April 18, Vladimir Avgoustov was released from the custody of the Vermont Department of Corrections on furlough. Avgoustov had been incarcerated since a 2006 conviction involving a student at a camp where he was a counselor. 

It is anticipated that Avgoustov will live in Winooski. Officials with the Vermont Department of Corrections indicate, compared to other incarcerated offenders, Avgoustov’s risk of sexual recidivism is in the moderate risk category. Based on his history, if he were to sexually re-offend his victim(s) would likely be females under the age of sixteen.

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  1. I’m going to go out on a limb, and guess that alcohol was involved in this decision.