Gun rights group to challenge 72-hour waiting period in court

by Guy Page

The Vermont Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs plans to sue the State of Vermont over the recently passed bill H.230, specifically the 72-hour waiting period, Sen. Terry Williams (R-Rutland) announced this morning. 

Williams is also Southern Vice-President of the pro-Second Amendment advocacy organization.

Sen. Terry Williams

H.230, which passed the House with a veto-proof majority and cleared the Senate just one shy of the necessary 20 votes, imposes (among other restrictions) a 72-hour waiting period before the buyer of a lawful firearms purchase may take possession of the gun. Supporters say it will reduce “impulse-buying” leading to murder and suicide.

Opponents say the recent Bruen decision by the U.S. Supreme Court in effect makes waiting periods unconstitutional. They seem to have agreement from Gov. Phil Scott, who allowed the bill to become law without his signature, and registered concerns about the waiting period’s constitutionality. 

Scott also predicted a challenge in state courts:

“Given the relatively new legal landscape we find ourselves in following recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions, I have significant concerns about the provision’s constitutionality,” Scott said in a June 1 letter to the Legislature. “My struggle with the overall bill lies in the fact that I, and all legislators, took an oath to ‘not do any act or thing injurious to the constitution.’ However, this matter is currently being taken up through constitutional legal tests across the country and will be decided in Federal Court. I would also not be surprised to see a Vermont entity challenge the constitutionality of this provision of the bill, as well.”

Williams urged Vermonters interested in the court challenge to watch the VFSC website for more news.

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  1. Eunuch Phil Scott – King of Castrati – Soprano Supreme, the protector of our gun rights or so he says. Did not even veto this and force them to override it, he let it slide on by.

  2. Did not need to, that is the problem. So I again ask, though I know no answer will be out there. WHO ASKED FOR THEM TO DO THIS? WHO PAID YOU? I did not ask nor demand this, but I bet as unconstitutional as this is, it will take more than 3 days to fix. We need to stop letting them do this stuff then say sorry. They are not sorry and we did not give you permission and you all make me sick. By doing this you have forfeited your seat in any and all state offices. You need to vacate immediately, No there is no law that states “this is what happens when a rep violates the constitution” it is PART OF IT. To violate your oath is a high crime against the people. Be prepared for the consequences.

    • The problem is – if there are often no consequences for selling deadly drugs in Vermont or for committing violent crimes against innocents….what makes these out-of-state-funded Commies believe ANYONE will hold THEM accountable??

  3. H230 is not the only legislation that passed that injures our State and U.S. Constitutions. So much for oaths.

  4. It seems they are making laws for the legitimate legal law abiding citizens but Our Failed justice system gives hunter bidumb a slap on the wrist for a crime anyone of us who receive a prison sentence of 2-5 years for. Two tiered justice or is there something more sinister in this?

  5. It seems like they are making more laws aimed at law abiding legal gun owners while some get a pass. hunter bidumb got a slap on the wrist for a felony anyone of us would have received a prison sentence of 2-5 years for. Why is there this two tiered justice system?

  6. Legislators who write, and sponsor these unconstitutional bills in hope that they or part of them will stick to the wall need to face personal consequences, and I don’t mean at some time down the road at the polls ! After one of these egregiously unconstitutional bills has been stricken, those responsible should be censured, and taken off of all committee assignments. Period !

    • Yes Patrick and you and I know they have a legislative council, full of lawyers that are supposed to guide them on the legality of proposed bills. They know this law as well as magazine capacity and red flag laws are also unconstitutional. The mag capacity law passed in Commiefornia has been remanded back to the 9th circuit court of appeals that let it stand after passage. The supreme court sent it back to be corrected as unconstitutional as well as 3 other cases dealing with illegal gun laws passed by democrats in other states. Here in Vermont, violating their oath of office is routine because even though they swore to defend our constitution they lied under the pain and penalties of perjury but none of them are charged. So, they continue to do what they want which is to disarm the people while they slap the criminals hands and let them go to prey on society at will. The revolving door of the VT criminal justice system is meant to punish those who break no laws by restricting constitutional rights.

      • And the underlying intention was also to disrupt and possibly eliminate gun shows in Vermont. They are interfering in the free exercise of legal firearms dealers and the tradition of sportsman’s shows which are all legal. No one can buy a firearm at a gun show without passing the dealer’s FBI required background check. The gun show loop hole is a lie. The Vermont news media would never mention such a thing and will censor or omit information they don’t agree with.

      • We don’t send them back. We are either outnumbered or the people who just grab a six pack every night and watch the tube don’t vote. I talk to people about this they don’t even know this stuff passed.

      • Perhaps someone with deep pockets could file a class action law suit against the Vermont media. They are unofficially an arm of the dem/prog woke movement here in our once free state. Their FCC licenses are for a free press to point out facts not bury them or omit another side of a policy. Or to carry the water for the liberal clan operating our government. NPR and VPR are sickening as government radio and TV but you can hear them on your vehicle radio anywhere in VT.

      • More often than not it does not “work out”. Usually because, “mine is not the problem, your’s is”.

      • there is no way to send them packing without paper ballots. Its all rigged and they just go through the process to let us FEEL like we actually do something. George Carlin was right.

  7. Yeah, everyone knows that the ONLY way to commit suicide is via a gun….oh wait. You can also ask Vermont State to do it for ya too! So never mind.

    • The last I knew, women overwhelmingly chose to overdose as their preferred way of committing suicide. No three day waiting period for Valium ? That’s sexist !

    • Good call.

      Oh, and my usual comment for the FBI’ers who likely troll sites like these now as part of their newest job to hunt down lawful Americans who believe in the US Constitution:

      Bite. Me.

  8. The Progressive Dems that assure the passage of bills like this into law KNOW the laws violate the US and Vermont Constitutions! Unfortunately they also know that it could be tied up in court for over 10 years before getting repealed. That’s a win in their book.

  9. What I’d like to see is shooting range officers who supervise the range and inspect firearms before people leave b/c we all know that one idiot who doesn’t know WTF they’re doing and misfires. Look above you next time at the range… those ceilings all have holes in them. Guess why the hell that might happen, eh?
    I know people who have made their rifles a “hair trigger” only to eff it up so that it misfires and then goes off unexpectedly… like when the idiot puts it back in his case… and it goes off in some random direction. One motherf*cker almost killed me with one of those.
    So, yeah, we need to do a complete medical background check on azzholes who are on meds b/c they seem to like to fuque with their equipment and also harbor hatred for certain types of population.
    You might not like what I said, but that doesn’t mean it’s not 100% friggen true.
    Just like with pot smoking, no one is gonna rat out a pothead idiot for their car accident… well, none of you saints would rat out your fellow idiot gun owner.
    I don’t care if you hate me for speaking the truth. Especially since all y’all seem to pretend to love the friggen truth, LOL. Yeah, right.

    • Your account of those who are either irresponsible or criminals is precisely WHY we state that guns do not kill people, people kill people.
      Such is the same with knives, people’s fists, razors, automobiles, etc.
      Nonetheless, there remains a Constitutional right specifically to bear arms and the US Supreme Court has affirmed that.
      There are idiots & drug addicts & criminals throughout society, in every occupation, every endeavor, and everywhere.
      One need look no further than Hunter Biden.

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