Groton woman cited for spraying bear hunters with bear spray

Groton resident Liza Nanni, 61, will appear in court to answer for three criminal charges following the investigation of an incident of hunter harassment, Vermont game wardens say.

Members of the Vermont Warden Service responded to a call from Newbury resident Ellsworth Spear, 61, on Sunday, July 10.  Mr. Spear alleged that he, another adult hunter, and a minor were stopped by Ms. Nanni while driving on Red Brook Road in Groton with hunting dogs secured in their truck during Vermont’s June 1–September 15 bear hound training season.

Mr. Spear alleged that Ms. Nanni blocked the road, instigated an altercation, and used bear spray on him and his companions.  Mr. Spear and companions retreated from the scene and called Vermont State Police Dispatch after returning to cell service.

Wardens interviewed the victims on July 10 and Ms. Nanni on July 12.  Wardens also reviewed videos recorded by both parties during and immediately after the incident.

Ms. Nanni was cited for violations of Title 10 V.S.A. §4708, Interfering with a Hunter, Title 13 V.S.A. §1023b Simple Assault, and Title 13 V.S.A. §1026a Disorderly Conduct.  Ms. Nanni’s arraignment date has been set for September 26 in Caledonia Superior Court.

“Managing Vermont’s wildlife for a public with diverse values is a challenge and a privilege,” said Vermont Fish and Wildlife Commissioner Christopher Herrick.  “I support all Vermonters with their shared passion for wildlife.   No matter how different our practices or approaches may be, we all must remain civil and respectful as we enjoy the outdoors.   I strongly condemn the criminal behavior that occurred in Groton.”

“Vermonters don’t always agree on wildlife management, especially when it comes to big game,” said Colonel Jason Batchelder, Fish and Wildlife’s Chief Game Warden.  “Even so, I ask all Vermonters to respect one another’s constitutional right to hunt.  Intentionally interfering with legal hunters in any fashion will result in court action.”

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  1. Yea ! The Empire Strikes Back ! Take that ! Just because you don’t like something someone else does, not give you the right to interfere with their “pursuit of happiness” !

  2. “Ms Nanni” is : Liza Nanni 61, of Ryegate Vermont .

    Her linked-in account states that she is “Web Coordinator at Global Health Council”

    The Global Health Council states in it’s mission “Mission
    To use the power of the collective voice to improve global health and wellbeing through informed investments and policies
    A world where health and wellbeing for all is ensured through equitable, inclusive, and sustainable investments, policies and services”
    where “Equity: We commit to incorporating racial, ethnic and gender equity into our advocacy initiatives, programs and internal structures and processes.

    Inclusion: We strive to create a collaborative environment where all people, regardless of their race, religion, ethnicity or sexual orientation, are included, valued and respected.”

    WOKE and Progressive.

      • Hey, How about a new cereal, Kellogg’s new Woke Flakes.They don’t snap, they don’t crackle, they don’t even pop. They just lay there and complain about everything !

      • Come on Guy, you know according to people like this, there’s nothing lower than a hunter . After all we are just the ones that have been managing the wildlife so it is, abundant, healthy, and still here for them to “protect”……..

    • “We strive to create a collaborative environment where all people, regardless of their race, religion, ethnicity or sexual orientation, are included, valued and respected.”

      So, in other words, they’re hypocrites who don’t even practice what they claim to want.

      Or is it that they’re just claiming that hunters aren’t “people”?

  3. If I remember correctly, these are the same women (excuse me if I misgender them) who vandalised a man’s truck while he was running his dogs in the woods. The elder, woke globalists who are the self-appointed Groton forest rangers and are above the law. I hear there are many in that area of the same ilk and not good neighbors – quite the contrary. See them stuck in a ditch, leave them there.

  4. I once had the same thing (almost) happen where I was allowed to deer hunt in Troy on 50+ acres after pruning the owners apple orchard & the Flatlander (I’m from So.New England BUT NOT one of “them”) next door came out BANGING on POTS & PANS!. Hubby said she “didn’t LIKE hunters” so I asked hubby (on horseback) if she was a vegetarian? “What’s THAT got to do w/anything?” says he..”Kinda hypocritical to eat MEAT but yet NOT allow ME to shoot jump-steaks?” says I..Anyways..Called Vt. F&W, warden cited her with “interfering w/a hunt”..Hubby returned on horseback to hassle me while tending beehives but a trusty (not rusty) 9mm on my hip kept him at bay..If you don’t like the LAWS then TRY & change them, otherwise shut the heck up & stay indoors talking to your cats! All 23 of them..

  5. Come on now Jim, you know that only dimmest of light bulbs are allowed to illuminate the State House .

  6. She didn’t have a lot of time to harass those who harvest meat from natural sources…she was late for the protest rally to protect her right to pay someone to kill her unborn baby…

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