‘Great Parent Revolution’ in Essex hears opponents of Critical Race Theory

Sen. Russ Ingalls addresses the overflow crowd at the Essex Grange Hall Friday night.

“In October of 2019 a letter in superintendent’s report introduced Courageous Conversations [program based on Critical Race Theory]. And now I ask myself, how did I miss that? I’m an engaged parent. I look at my son’s stuff. He was in second grade. I was substituting in the school district. And when I pause and think about it, it’s because I had so much trust that the public school system would not try to introduce an ideology into what my son was learning.” – Liz Cady, Essex mom elected to school board March 2021

by Guy Page

More than 100 concerned citizens – a local expression of what conservative commentator Dan Bongino calls “The Great Parent Revolution” – gathered to hear opponents of Critical Race Theory in the Essex School District speak at the Essex Grange Hall Friday night, May 28. An Essex student, a mom elected to the school board, and a state senator all spoke about the introduction of an ideology they say contributes to rather than reduces racial animosity.

The overflow crowd – mostly Essex parents – learned of two more looming developments in the implementation of CRT in Essex:

A new school district “Equity Policy” will be reviewed by the school board Tuesday, June 1, at a Zoom meeting open to the public, registration necessary;

The public may express their concerns Tuesday, June 8 at an “Equity Education Session” 6-7:30 pm, offered online by Essex Equity and Inclusion Director Erin Maguire and another ‘equity’ expert. Registration is required.

Listening to the speakers and learned audience members like Robert Maynard, the audience learned that the Courageous Conversations curriculum in the Essex School District is based on Critical Race Theory, which as Maynard said is based on the Frankfurt School of Marxism. “Your identity is determined by your racial or social distinctions,” he said, which is a stark contrast with the ideas of the American founders that all people are created equal and are endowed with rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It was these ‘self-evident’ truths that launched the abolitionist movement and need to be offered as an alternative to Critical Race Theory, he said.

FAIR, which offers an alternative racial justice vision to Critical Race Theory, is planning a Vermont organizational meeting.

“They’re showing children these political things, then telling them to join them. What else can you call it but indoctrination?”

“Speaking out is not a good way to keep all of my friends. I have found out who my real friends are. Many students don’t speak up. A lot of students fear to do that.”

– Essex High School Senior and CRT critic Alex Katnelson

“We [Vermonters] don’t judge people by the color of their skin, what god they pray to, how much they’ve made or haven’t, what they’ve done or plan to do, what their sexual preference is or what sex they identify with, whether they are big, tall fat or small. Whether they have lots of money or none. All we care about is that you are a good person. If you are that, you are in!”

– Sen. Russ Ingalls, Newport

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  1. Me thinks the fan is about to turn in an attempt to redistribute it’s soil enriching wealth !

  2. CRT appears to RE WRITE History, eliminating much of what we know of our PAST. IT is a BLATENT ATTEMPT to INDOCTRINATE our Children to a LEFTIST manner of thinking .A pox on those who push this theory on us.

  3. Parents should he equally up in arms about the lgbt trans indoctrination that’s been going on for years – tho accelerating in the last 3-4. Parents should be furious that their daughter are sharing intimate spaces with males (bathrooms, locker rooms)—-tho I suspect we won’t see much pushback in towns until boys start joining girls teams and dominating ( it won’t be long).

    For years the govt schools have been laying the groundwork for this (all the way back to Horace Mann!) – we are seeing it quickly come to fruition.

    Take your kids out! All this indoctrination and social justice has also made it easy to miss the gross decline in academics that has happened over the last few years. Only to get worse as we dumb it all down to reach equality or “common” (core) playing field.

    Thank goodness for MOMS that are relentless in the fight for their kids. We need the dads and men joining in!

  4. The people that are pushing the CRT Agenda and other forms of Left Agenda onto the kids must be Fired, Expelled from their positions. They will not change their Agenda. As noted in the article above they will keep pushing it, or will implement it in other ways that will not raise any flags until you dig into it deeper, in other words they will hide it deeper. The only way to fix this situation is to quite frankly “drain the swamp”. You have to get rid of the cause of the problem in order to fix it. No bandaids. Get Tough. This is the future of the children and America.

  5. I’ve been trying to warn people about interconnections between Critical Race Theory, Marxism and occurrences here in VT. The evidence is a convoluted set of emails from Liberty Union Party, actions taken by that Party and others, and references from outside journalists.
    My last comment here wasn’t accepted, probably an internet glitch.

  6. Previous generations produced tangible products in America which led to a robust middle class. In order to design products most successful people need skills learned in our schools. What CRT creators have is an abundance of victimhood which needs no education. CRT promoters are the product of the first wave of education-less graduates of recent years. They make nothing of value. They don’t inspire inventiveness. They have failed at contributing to society via talent so they have created a path to prosperity for themselves by pitching social justice to our kids and worse they do so at the expense of others. These people will be the first to perish when times get hard because they have learned no common sense skills. Why should we and especially our kids listen to such nonsense! I have a good mind to hold back my school property tax on the legal basis of fraud. I’m paying for education. What I’m getting is indoctrination! I demand we fire the people who brought CRT into the curriculum.

  7. Is the Liz Cady address available in its entirety on youtube?

    Social media is already trying to overwhelm the balanced reporting on this issue. Try browsing for the Liz Cady youtube video. Consistently, the first references are to the VT Digger [mis]interpretation.