Governor digs out neighbor, thief steals ATM

By Guy Page
Call it a Tale of Two Excavators.

Like any other tool, an excavator can be used for good or ill. Flood-plagued Vermont recently saw examples of both.

Saturday morning, John Quinn of Berlin snapped a photo of the Chief Excavator operating a backhoe. 

“This morning while walking to get to my truck I saw our neighbor helping another neighbor fix their driveway. You may recognize him, he’s also our Governor. You wouldn’t see this on his page because he likes to work behind the scenes more often than not,” Quinn tweeted. 

Scott, of course, had a successful career as a hands-on operator of Dubois Construction. He knows his way around heavy equipment. Both Quinn – former Secretary of Digital Services in the Scott administration – and Scott live off Berlin Pond, where roads and apparently some driveways sustained flood damage. 

On the other end of the Good Samaritan spectrum…..

At 4 AM Friday, state police were sent to investigate a report of a burglar using an excavator to remove an ATM from a Weathersfield store.  

State police say the thief(s) used an orange Kubota excavator to remove the front wall of the store. The operator(s) then removed and transported an ATM, with the excavator.

Investigation revealed the excavator unloaded the ATM into the back of a vehicle on Upper Falls Road.

Anyone with information on the above matter is asked to call Trooper Galusha at the Vermont State Police, Westminster Barracks at 802-722-4600.

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  1. Kubuta wielding thieves take out a store front and clank away with an ATM machine. HILARIOUS 😂!
    Vermont criminals are imaginative.

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