Good Samaritan truck driver kidnapped at gunpoint

A Connecticut man has been charged with kidnapping and other charges after he forced a truck driver to drive him from the scene of an I-89 accident on Friday the 13th, police say. 

Berlin police received a call of a suspicious event that had occurred in the Berlin Mall parking lot involving a possible kidnapping with a firearm.  Police say Barry Perez, 37 of Hartford, Connecticut had brandished a firearm at a tractor trailer operator who had stopped at the scene of an I-89 motor vehicle rollover to check on the operator.

The tractor trailer operator was told to drive by Perez and eventually the vehicle stopped at the Berlin Mall where the operator was able to escape Perez and call 911.

Perez remained on scene in the vehicle. Due to concerns of Perez being armed with a firearm, a tactical response was conducted by officers of several police agencies. Perez was safely taken into custody for Kidnapping, Unlawful Restraint 1st Degree, Aggravated Assault, and Reckless Endangerment.

Perez was transported to the Berlin Police Department for processing and brought to Washington County Criminal Court where he was arraigned on all charges and held without bail.

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  1. God Almighty. That poor truck driver. I hope he realizes, once he hopefully recovers from this trauma, that it was the State of VT lawmakers that enabled this scenario and who endanger the lives of law-abiding VT citizens each day through their reckless policies & radical mentalities. Nonetheless, I know all good Vermonters will still continue to care for and protect one another as this courageous man did – which has always been the way citizens of this state have chosen to live — in keeping with the way God instructed us all to be – “you are your brother’s keeper”.

  2. Let’s hope the US Attorney will step in with charges for kidnapping and/or carjacking.
    Vermont prosecutors only see this kind of behavior as “a cry for help” and roll out the welcome mat for criminals from Hartford CT.

  3. Crossing state lines with a firearm to commit the federal crime of kidnaping. let’s see how Sarah prosecutes this one.

    18 U.S.C. S.922(I) – shipping, transporting or receipt of a firearm across state lines with intent to commit a felony – 10 yrs.

    18 U.S.C. S.924(a)(1)(A) -carrying, using or possessing a firearm in connection with a federal crime of violence or drug trafficking – 5 to 30 yrs. consecutive mandatory minimum sentences

    18 U.S.C. S.924(g) – for interstate travel to acquire or transfer a firearm to commit crimes – 10 yrs.

  4. This incident will make many good people think twice or not at all to help a stranded vehicle or person. The ills of society are entrenched here and we know who to thank for such behaviors esculating on a daily basis. Prayers for the truck driver who endured through such a dangerous situation. For the community, keep your eyes wide open and head on a swivel…there are many unpredictible, unsavory characters running around looking to create havoc and chaos upon anyone who crosses their path.

    • It’s the same reason you rarely see anyone hitchhiking any more and no one with any sense ever picks one up. The total lack of functionality and credibility of our criminal justice prosecutorial system makes people feel that there is little deterrence to committing crime. On top of that, we have public officials that see criminal behavior as a “cry for help” and therefore criminals feel that they are victims of an unjust society so they justify their predations. The positive aspects of our society like being a good Samaritan are being destroyed by marxism/liberalism, and a majority of us voted for it because were were falsely led to believe that democrats are the party of compassion and caring but in reality the opposite is true. No incentive to help a person on the roadside combined with marxist hatred of law enforcement resulting in low availability of police is not a good combination. Hey liberal voters…are you proud of yourselves?

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