Girls’ volleyball game stopped after racial, transphobic slurs

The following statement was published by the Burlington School District.

On Wednesday October 6, an incident occurred during a girl’s volleyball game between South Burlington (SBHS) and Burlington High Schools (BHS) in which racial and transphobic slurs were directed toward Burlington players. The referee was alerted of the incident and stopped play of the match to speak with the coaches and players.

After confirming with coaches, it was determined that significant harm was done and the decision was made to stop the match, with Burlington coaches helping their players leave the court.

SBHS has offered to forfeit the game to indicate support of the BHS team and to show their intolerance of this kind of behavior.

On Thursday, members of the SB volleyball team traveled to BHS so that players on both sides could connect and participate in a restorative circle to begin repairing the harm done.

School officials be collaborating on the creation of a statement that will be shared at the beginning of every SBSD and BSD game that clearly states that any and all instances of discrimination will not be tolerated before, during, or after athletic events or in day to day lives.

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  1. Why would anyone be surprised at this outcome of the hatred indoctrination going on in our (national) public school system. The students are taught that STAR BELLIED SNEACHES are to be distrusted, hated. Thanks to CRT. Good work woke liberals.

      • Ah grasshopper, thank you for asking! A book written by Dr. Seuss titled Star Bellied Sneaches tell the tale of a world where Sneaches where divided only by their appearance. One group was marked with stars on their bellies the other had none, otherwise they where undistinguishable one from the other. They could not get along until they realized that they where they were the same if they ignored the stars! CRT Uses the same premise! Too bad the book was banned by the left.

  2. I’m guessing it would be better if the crowds at sporting events just stuck with the current and apparently universally accepted ” – Joe Biden!” chant…

  3. I’m glad that the SBHS coaches decided to teach their players the importance of good sportsmanship with the game forfeiture as a consequence for their actions. Coaches, it is time to revisit the Jackie Robinson era. Jackie had to swallow all kinds of racial slurs to let his talents be show cased. I hope all coaches will teach their players to keep racial slurs off the field – even sidelining players – talented or not – if they can’t control their tongue along with their arms and legs engaged in the sport. Good sportsmanship is a vital life skill – needed in every work place.

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