Rep. Gina Galfetti's Floor Report

Galfetti: Democrats well-funded and organized, we’re not

But some Dems are breaking free

by Rep. Gina Galfetti

In politics nothing is ever set in stone until a vote. In between times players are constantly jockeying for position. Nothing is ever simple because there are too many personalities colluding and the Democratic Party has been good at getting her members into line.

However there may be a subtle wind of change blowing through the air. Like knots of wood that have somehow escaped the chipper, a few brave souls are breaking step with the Democratic regime. 

What happens when Democratic Party members fail to fall under the yoke? In past sessions, the Democrats have had large but not veto-proof majorities. It was important for them to hold each and every Democratic vote, and if any member dared to vote against the party position, that member was “invited” to a not-so-pleasant “discussion” with leadership. The member might be told that future deviations would result in that member’s bills having no chance of passage, or that being stripped of committee assignments was a possibility, or in extreme cases that leadership might actively recruit someone to run against the offending legislator in the next primary. It was commonly known as “being taken to the woodshed.”

However, this does not mean that the Democratic leadership doesn’t have things under control and carefully planned from a strategic standpoint. They have enough votes to give their new members their heads and let them run. After all, they have enough votes by a long shot. Especially, when they know they can count on the Progs sometimes. This allows them to provide an illusion to the many new members that voting outside of the party line is possible when you are a member of the Democratic Party.

Honestly when Democratic legislators are asked to contribute $350 in dues and meals cost extra who can deny that the well oiled machine is well funded. By comparison the Republican dues are $100…Optional.

Additionally, many of the new female legislators are graduates of the Emerge program. Many of these women have been trained and selected from larger pools of applicants and trained in a program to get elected. Make no mistake, these women are smart, well trained and ready to take center stage. By comparison we have no such program for Republican women or any Republican candidates for that matter.

Which brings me to my next point. Republicans are not well funded and not well organized. We have failed to coalesce around a unified message and all too often only extremist voices are heard. This weakens the party and weaponizes our message against ourselves.

Let’s face it, most people don’t think that mind controlling nanobots are in the COVID 19 vaccine. These outlining messages in the party and their champions do not make good candidates in the general election. As a result we are mired down in a convoluted message. We have failed to recognize the importance of finding common ground and creating a unified front.

The most recent vote is evidence of the potential scenarios at play. H. 429 is an election rules change. The bill would help Democrats to consolidate their power by cutting independents out of the general election. The bill would no longer allow someone that has run in the primary to re-file as an independent.

This would eliminate the potential for a  more moderate candidate to the general election. A candidate that had not won the day during the primary where more polarized voters are heard on both sides. Perhaps a major party candidate that failed in the Primary would have won the day. Now, if H.429 passes, this possibility would be gone.

This brings me to my point. In this vote a number of Democrats voted outside of the party. But it was not enough to win the day. On most legislation, the Democrats have the option to give their members leeway. But – and this is a huge but – perhaps new members pushed back and decided that they are ready to vote their mind and their constituents. Maybe, we will see a new generation of Legislators.

I leave the imagining up to the rest of you and look forward to seeing what is in the comments section.

The author is a Representative for the Washington/Orange District and can be contacted at: 802.461.3520 or

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  1. Just a couple small things:

    Please stop calling it the Democratic Party. The word “democratic” means “Of, relating to, or favoring democracy”. It also means “relating to, appealing to, or available to the broad masses of people”. There is nothing “democratic” about the Democrat Party, which is how it should be referred to.

    So the Democrats send the best, brightest, and most brainwashed to school to learn how to be elected. What are the classes? Lying with a straight face? How to blame Republicans for our own gaffes? How to say in a thousand words what could be summed up more accurately in fifty? Pin the tail on the President?

    Yeah, the Dems are organized and stick together like an oak knot. But is following their example the right way forward? I think not. I think what we need are Republican leaders who get to the point in the fewest words possible, and who use words we can all understand. Who are honest and speak from the heart. Who cares if people think that fauxvid is a real danger and requires shots? If you believe it’s a bioweapon and so are the shots, say it’s a bioweapon. The truth always spread at first by a small minority. Doesn’t mean the rest don’t need to hear the message.

    I’m reminded of Calvin Coolidge, who was challenged by a fellow party-goer who’d bet that he could make Coolidge say more than two words. Coolidge’s reply? “You lose”.

  2. Throwing a COVID political talking point into the mix is unwarranted. Fact: insurance analyst, Josh Stirling, reports high vax regions had 15% higher mortality rate in 2022 than 2021. His report is rather damning and largly ignored by political types and mainstream media. Insurance analysts and actuaries are not political figureheads- they are statisticians. Considering the congressional hearings going on now, I suggest withholding snarky comments aimed at “conspiracy theorists.” Many are being proven right all along as of late. Perhaps the GOP problem is the DNC is living rent free in their heads. Perhaps ask Rona McDaniel (Mitt Romney’s neice) where over $200 Million went after the 2020 campaign. Perhaps ask Mitch McConnel or Kevin McCarthy why funds were withheld from GOP candidates in 2022. Perhaps the DNC is more adept and stealth in laundering money through FTX, numerous duplicated shell nonprofits, or the Ukraine than the RNC? Perhaps the Koch Brothers and the Lincoln Project just don’t have as much flare to lie and deceive as George Soros or the Clinton cartel? Perhaps 81 million votes or more still weighs heavy on the minds of many citizens. Perhaps the VTGOP should stop playing games. Perhaps start dealing in reality and facts instead of dodging and weaving around them in hopes of not being caught colluding with the enemy.

  3. Thank you Rep Galfetti for your assessment. Clearly getting the party dynamics right is dependent on numerous factors, some of which are outside of everyone’s control. But success rarely comes without a whole lot of hard work and preparedness. In addition it needs bold leadership to bring about the kind of consensus and unity of purpose you describe. Perhaps this moment of insanity by the Dem/Props might give rise to an opportunity for a charismatic messenger to deliver a positive uplifting message to emerge as a contrast. Should those conditions emerge, the funding that is clearly lacking may be easier to find. Your leadership is appreciated.

  4. A note: “…mind controlling nanobots” might simply mean mood altering elements. These may be part of the composition of the new “vaccines”.

    • A statement such as “mind controlling nanobots” is a political talking point used as a weapon. Such a statement is used to discredit, squash free speech, discourse, or offer alternate opinions or information. It is a tactic and choosing to use it is very telling. The irony is who’s mind is controlled when clinging to the narrative set forth by the Masters?

  5. Hmmm. Wouldn’t it be nice if Bernie’s charade of being an Independent until he wants to run for president could be stopped.

  6. Thank you for this article, but I think the REAL story in Vermont is that a huge number of citizens who lean to the political right don’t vote. Is it because these citizens don’t want the government around at all and so refuse to participate in government at all? Republicans can’t get elected if the people whose views they support don’t even vote!

    Further, these no-shows don’t lift a pinkie finger to help the Republican Committee in their town.

    In contrast, the dembots are well organized to vote blindly however the local party leaders tell them to vote. In my opinion, THIS is the real conundrum for Vermont Republicans.

  7. Its long past due for VT Republicans to get it together and learn how to ballot harvest, control the drop boxes and such just like the DNC did these last few election cycles. Time for the GOP to get a clue, lean how to defeat the opposition at their own game. If our SoS says it’s okay & legal to harvest ballots and run rough shod over collection boxes, then by all means we should!!!

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